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Monday, May 3, 2010

Bacon and Eggs

Had a long road trip this weekend and Sibling thought it would be nice to have bacon and eggs before we left.

Sibling made a cute little reminder on her phone's calendar.  Set the alarm for 3:00 am, May 1.  Alarm goes off.  Sibling makes eggs and bacon.  (\__/) is happy.  All is good.

Four hour car trip, with an hour-and-a-half stop for lunch, a 16 minute nap in a gas station parking lot, the time it takes to eat an ice cream cookie sandwich, and two rest stops, somehow turns into eight hours later.  Don't ask me; I don't do time-warp math.

And for some enchanted reason, Sibling's phone has become super-obsessed with bacon and eggs.

Acknowledge reminder.  Check.  Physically go back to appointment and undue alarm.  Check.  Turn off alarm. Check.  Turn off alarm again.  Check.  Delete the freaking appointment.  Check.  Power down the phone.  Check.  Physically take the battery out of the phone.  WTF!?!?!

Yeah, for real.  And every time the alarm goes off, it says it's scheduled for every 15 minutes.  Does it go off every 15 minutes?  No.  Thank God (in an honestly thankful way, non-blasphemously way).  We'd go crazy.  It doesn't even go off regularly; it could be an hour and a half, 3 hours, just random.  Bacon and eggs.  All weekend.

Sure, we'll take the phone in, now that we're back, and get it checked out.  But Sibling will probably never cook breakfast again.


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