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Saturday, June 26, 2010


Oh.  My.  Gosh.  Seriously.

I totally have to thank Renata from Rosesnwine for being the Most. Awesome. Friend. EVER!
(for those of you who don't read Portuguese, I recommend clicking on the translate button!)

She totally pimped my blog!!!

Over the past few weeks, I've gone from "header?" to "ahhhh, header," and, now, to "OH MY FRACKING HEADER!!!!!!"

So how did I meet such a wonderful person, who would care enough to make me this pretty header????

In a book chat, of course.

We bonded over Forgive My Fins in a chat with Tera Lynn Childs...and then we started talking about all the other books we've ever loved...

So, I thought it was the BEST. PRESENT. EVER. when I opened my email this morning and found this AWESOME header!!!!!!!!  Just for me!!!!!!  :)



Renata said...

I'm so glad you liked, sugar!
You deserve much more then that!!!

nymfaux said...

You're so sweet!!! That's why you're my book BFF!!!! Thanks so much!!! I just had to tell everyone else how much I LOVED the header!!!!!! and how AWESOME you are!!!!