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Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Nobody Told Me About My Nook

There.  I admit it.  It's not perfect.  I mean, it's mostly perfect.  But it's still got some drawbacks.

So what don't I like about my Nook?

It doesn't glow in the dark.

I kind of thought it would...I just kind of imagined it would be back-lit, or something, so that I could read in bed at night.

What else?

The price.  And all the other prices.

I got my Nook just a few months ago, and was assured that there weren't any upcoming sales or coupons I could use...But I was prepared for that, no biggie.  *sigh*

But even with all my research, I guess I didn't think about all the extras, like the warranty.  If you don't want to buy the extra, 2-year warranty for another $70, you have two weeks to decide to return your Nook.  The end.

However, with the warranty, I was told that pretty much anything can happen to your Nook and they'll fix it or replace it.  Even if I decide that I hate Pride and Prejudice and in a fit of rage, through my Nook on the floor and it is smashed into a million pieces.--That was the actual example given to me by a store associate.  Bye $70.

Next a book cover.  While Nook has a very readable screen, similar to reading words on a page, Nook actually doesn't look like a book.  And it doesn't have a front cover to protect it.  So, if I didn't want to worry about Nook's screen vs. my keys in a competition in my backpack, and at the same time wanted to get the complete book-simulated experience I had to get a book cover.  Now, I am a very crafty person, and actually thought about making my own cover, but decided against it after estimating the cost of the materials I would need, and the time it would take.  Maybe someday, but for now, goodbye $25.

Anyone who has a smart phone or anything with a touch screen, knows about fingerprints and scratches.  Hello matte screen/touch-screen cover and protector; au revoir $13.50.

And the reading in the dark thing?  Add another $13.50.

I ended up spending *mumble mumble* close to $400 (including tax), almost double what I had planned on spending...And after that, you can't forget the cost of the books, themselves.  Although there are TONS of FREE books available, most books DO cost money, or at least the new ones...

Nook does come with three FREE books, but they're already pre-loaded, so you don't have a choice--I was cool with Dracula, an old favorite.  Not so cool with Pride and Prejudice, which brings back bad memories form high school.  And as for the third book, um, I don't remember what it was...so that's probably not the best endorsement.  It would have been nice to be able to choose my own three--Even if it was from a pre-selected list, that would have been cool.

And coupons.  As a long-time Barnes&Noble customer and rewards card carrier, I was used to finding at least one coupon in my email every month, usually more.  When I looked at the fine print, I noticed that while you can use them online, none of my regular coupons are usable on  Nook products and accessories or  ebooks.  You can only use coupons specifically designated for ebooks.

What about all the FREE ebooks they keep talking about?  Not a myth, but not without restrictions, either.  Barnes&Noble does offer a lot of free ebooks; the catch is that the new ones are usually short stories, rather than novels.  And they are usually part of a series, often in the middle--And if you've already read the series, that's great...If you haven't, and you get sucked in...It kind of reminds me of those after-school specials where a kid would get offered a free drug sample, become addicted, and have to become a drug-dealer to pay off his own dealer.  They get you hooked so you want more, and I can't really blame them.

The other FREE books...some sci-fi, lots of romance, and, um, erotica.  Honestly, sometimes I like a good romance novel--But I'm wary, because these romances are a mix of regular novels and short stories, and sometimes it's hard to tell the difference when you pick them up.  Not that I'm against either, but I prefer the regular-length novel in general, and find myself disappointed to start reading something, only to be finished with it 10 minutes later...

And the, um, erotica...I've got nothing against it.  But I just feel kind of creepy when I go on to do a general search for books and am confronted with an onslaught of, um, well, erotica.  But it's really an onslaught of everything, you have to use the advanced search settings to narrow everything down (not a bad thing).  I guess my argument is more about the transition from looking at books in a store vs. online.  In a store, you can wonder around, browse, and pick up things that interest you. Online, there is SO MUCH...And if you narrow your search, is it too narrow?  What will you miss?

And the OTHER other FREE books...Google has a program, and this is actually one of my favorite features...I love it, as long as you don't mind reading any book written before the early 1900s, you can pick it up for free!

How about the 1,500 book limit?  I hit the 600 mark right after the two week return period.  And that's when my Nook froze.  I went crazy downloading free ebooks, and after 600, they stopped showing up on my Nook.  Let's just say I'm now a fan of ARCHIVING.

So, yeah, there have been a couple things here and there, but overall, my Nook has by far paid for itself, and double.

Although, I can't wait until the Nook comes out in paperback!


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