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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Forgiveness is more than human

I don't know where to begin telling you about the AWESOMENESS of Tera Lynn Childs, but I have been completely remiss in not telling you sooner!!!!

Last week was the release of Tera's newest book, Forgive My Fins---There is nothing to forgive, because this book rocks!!!!

If you don't know about Tera...I just don't have words for that!  You should be reading her.  Seriously, stop reading this, and go buy all of her books NOW.  I fell in love with Tera after reading her debut, Oh. My. Gods.  To me, she was like Meg Cabot with a twist--I couldn't put it down, and as soon as I finished, I had to rush out and buy the sequel, Goddess Boot Camp.

A brief intro to those of you who are getting your car keys or calling your parents to drive you to the bookstore right now so that you can buy these books--Oh. My. Gods. is the story of Phoebe, a California girl who gets transplanted in Greece when her mother decides to remarry, and Phoebe's new step-dad is more than meets the eye.  In fact, everyone at Phoebe's new school thinks they are descended from the gods...kind of because they are.  Phoebe is an amazing character, in part because of the awesome t-shirts she's always wearing.  One of my favorite things about Tera's books is the amazing way she has with all of her characters--I grew up reading books where some characters were just background pieces you could skim over, which really creates lazy reading habits.  I could go on and on about her characters--but that's Tera's talent--She doesn't obsess or go on and on, she gives you these little tidbits about someone that make you want to go back and reread everything to see what you've missed.

If you like one of Tera's books, you'll love them ALL--She just keeps getting better!  Which is why I'm still holding out for more installments of the Oh. My. Gods. series--Publishers/editors/agents are you listening????--You need to make her write more books.  NOW.  I need more.

Which is why I've been on the edge of my seat in anticipation of Tera's newest release, Forgive My Fins.  I am seriously addicted to the internet now, because as soon as I heard about this book, I had to find out everything I could!  Forgive My Fins is the perfect summer read, and that is the only good excuse for them not releasing it sooner!  It's the story of Lily, a mermaid who's mother was human.  She's an underwater princess who has decided high school is the perfect time to get to know her human half--How could that go wrong?

I pre-ordered this on my Nook forever ago, and the week before the official release, when I started hearing about early bookstore sightings, the only thing that stopped me from getting a hard copy was that the closest bookstore is an hour away.  So while convincing myself everyday that I could wait a few more days, I kept my Nook handy to press the download button every few seconds...just in case.  By some miracle, 10:45pm pacific, it let me download, and I couldn't read it fast enough--It was so good, I actually had to stop my fingers from automatically pressing the forward button before I got to the end of the page.  And when I finished it, I wanted to shout it's amazing goodness to the world--Except, you know, it was 2 in the morning...

And then I had to reread it.  I'm already looking forward to the sequel, Fins are Forever--There are SO many things going on, I cannot WAIT.

Ok, that's all your getting, I could write about Tera's fabulousness forever--But you have to read it NOW--GO--NOW--FOR REAL!

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