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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


In case you didn't know...LIFTED by (the fabulously talented) Wendy Toliver was released today.

And to that I say, "HOW did you not know????"

I've been checking for weeks to see if I could get it to download ahead of time--no go.

As of 12am this morning, though---Ok, I couldn't make it--I had to call it a night at 11 last night...and after pressing the download option three more times before giving up, I fell asleep.

However, I did wake up RIDICULOUSLY early this morning (7:24am), and DID NOT go back to sleep immediately--instead, I pressed the download option on my Nook and eagerly watched the progress bar load.  And then, of all things, my Nook asks, "read now?"  And I pressed it, because there wasn't a "No, Nook I pre-ordered this book weeks ago and have been obsessively trying to download it ever since, but now that you finally let me, I have changed my mind and plan to read this book at a later time; thanks for asking."

And then I started reading the book.  It was SOOOOOO good, I'm still trying to think of anything I can compare it to.  I almost cried a couple of times, just because Wendy totally hit the right spot.

Lifted is a story of Poppy Browne, a teen who moves to a new city/state/school and her journey of getting hooked on shoplifting.  Wendy Toliver also does an amazing job of bringing her characters and their relationships to life.  At first I didn't want to like Poppy's mom for putting so much pressure on her.  I did want to like the nice girl, who tries to befriend Poppy and orient her to the school.  I didn't want to like girls who shoplift.

But just like real people, all of these characters are more than just one thing; they aren't simply good or bad, and bad choices don't automatically make you a bad person.   Poppy doesn't like all of the choices she's making, but she doesn't know how to stop herself, or who to trust.  I honestly don't know if I've ever imagined shoplifting like a drug before, and how this kind of behavior can affect and change a person's life.  I think Lifted gives a real and honest portrayal of how easy it can be to make bad choices. Wendy also does a great job of giving Poppy a relateable voice, with a sense of humor.  It really endeared me to the character whenever Poppy would say something angsty, right before she shared her truthful feelings with the reader.

And I'm not going to tell you any more, so I suggest you pick up your own copy and see for yourself.

You can stop by the Books, Boys, Buzz blog this week for a chance to win your own copy of Lifted. [CONTEST CLOSED][WINNERS]


Anna R said...

Your fantastic review is the best review I have ever read. I am thrilled you loved Wendy's book- she is so talented and one of the most incredible friend in the universe. You nailed the story and the excitement in reading LIFTED. Wendy is working on more novels. Each is better than the one before. Keep reading and writing, Love anna

nymfaux said...

Thank you Anna!!! I totally agree (evidenced by the glowing review)--And can't wait for Wendy to write more books!!!!!--And I love the way she writes about the friendships in the book, so I can imagine what a good friend you must be!!!

Renata said...

LOL! LOVED your review!
Never heard of this book! It's on my huge "to read" list now!
Just LOVED it!

P.S.: Love the Firelight cover! *-*

nymfaux said...

Renata--I just interviewed Wendy, and it sounds like she's going to be sending a copy my way, so I can have a contest--I'll definitely make sure it's international ;)