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Friday, June 25, 2010

Not Until I Have 25 Followers Contest


Hello, hello!

Contest you say?

Why yes, I am talking to myself!—But hopefully not for long!!!!

Once I have 25 followers, you will have the chance to win one of these amazing prizes!!!!

—Grand Prize
One copy of Lifted, *SIGNED* by Wendy Toliver
One bottle of Official Lifted Hand-Sanitizer
("to relieve sticky fingers")
One *autographed* Lifted bookmark

—SWAG Prize
Five people will win one *autographed* Lifted bookmark

So…How do you enter?
Since this giveaway is thanks to Wendy Toliver and Lifted...and Lifted is all about the rush and addiction of shoplifting...Comment on what gives
YOU a rush.
*Make sure to include your email address in your comment so that I can contact you if you win.*

Bonus Entries
+1—Follow this blog.
+1—Follow me on Twitter @moviebunny
+1—Link to this post on Twitter (and leave a direct link to your tweet).*
+1—Link to this post on Facebook.
+3—Link to this post from your blog or sidebar (leave a link to your blog).
+1—Do the math.  Add up all your points and let me know the total.

Contest Guidelines
—This contest is open INTERNATIONALLY.
—This contest will remain open until June 30, or until this blog has 25 followers.
—You must be 13 years or older to enter (or have your parents' permission).
—Winners will be picked through some sort of randomness
(names in a hat/randomness generator).
—Winners will be posted on this blog once the contest closes and notified via email.
—I reserve the right to fix or amend anything if I need to.

*I just learned this, so for anyone else who is new to Twitter, this is how you find the direct link for your tweet:
Go to Twitter.
Under your tweet, you will see something that says when the tweet was posted.
You can click on it if you scroll over it (Click on it).
You will see your tweet, and in the browser bar you will see something that looks like this:  https://twitter.com/moviebunny/status/16979050629
Except instead of moviebunny, it will have YOUR name.
Copy the link and paste it in your comment.
Voila, easy!


Harmony B. said...

+1 twitter status: http://twitter.com/AMBeaufort/status/17071327371

+1 following the blog: harmony B.

+1 following you on twitter: AMBeaufort

+1 math:



courtneyreads said...

What gives me a rush? A fantastic book. One of those that you cannot put down, even after you read it. The kind that stays with you forever.

+1 - Follow the blog (courtneyreads)
+1 - Follow on Twitter (@courtneyyrae)
+1 - Twitter post @courtneyyrae
+3 — Post and sidebar Courtney Reads
+1 - MATH!!

= 7 points!

Love the contest!

--Courtney Rae--

Jeremy West said...

Roller Coasters give me a rush! I love them!!!

+1—Follow this blog
+1—Follow on Twitter (@JeremyWest)
+1—Link to this post on Twitter (http://twitter.com/JeremyWest/status/17073436272)
+1—Link to post on Facebook (www.facebook.com/JeremySWest)

+1—total: 4

Awesome contest!
Jeremy West

Harmony B. said...

I forgot the rush part, didn't I?
urgh, #fail
Ok, the thing that gives me a rush is A. a good ride && B. A GREAT BOOK!

Renata said...

What gives me a rush: checking my mailbox and having a brand new book waiting for me to read it! Car races also give me a rush! LOL!

+1 follow the blog (rosesnwine.com)
+1 follow on twitter (@rosesnwine_com)
+1 tweeted (http://twitter.com/rosesnwine_com/status/17092991567)
+1 facebook (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1410743170)
+3 sidebar link (http://rosesnwine.com)
+1 for doing the math

TOTAL: +8 bonus entries

Renata Chaves

Anonymous said...

Walking around bookstores looking at books to buy gives me a rush. I walk around for hours. then I get all giddy about buying a new book.
+1 follow this blog
#1 follow on twitter (@sandyg02)
+1 tweeted http://twitter.com/sandyg02/status/17107748339
+1 doing math
total: 5

Anonymous said...

A thing that gives me a rush is the tension of a book as you read through the pages. Then I get to the end and almost want to re-read the book.

+1—Follow this blog.

+1—Do the math. Add up all your points and let me know the total.

total = 2
- Darla

Vierelements said...

+1 following blog
+1 following on twitter-veierelements
+1 posted link on twitter
+1 posted link on facebook
+3 posted link on blog
+1 math
+8 points
Thanks for contest

Kate said...

Hurray! I did it. I get a RUSH from meeting and sharing plots and challenges...honestly, I get a RUSH out of my critique groups. They keep me hopping more than I could ever do alone!
NYMFAUX - wish you were in NW Arkansas and could work with us! We're rush-kind-of writers!

1- http://twitter.com/katelacy/status/17133242388
1- link on facebook - done
1- following blog - yes
1- following on twitter
3- posted notice on Subject to Change, my blog
1- math
8 points Yea!!

nymfaux said...

Yea!!!! I am totally LOVING the comments everybody!!!--and we only need five more people, so it's definitely looking like this contest is going to be a success!!!!

I am totally agreeing with all of you who get a rush from reading, and walking around bookstores, and checking your mail for books!!!

@Jeremy--I always go w/my friends on roller coasters and close my eyes as soon as we get on!--It's definitely a rush--But I'm always thankful I'm not dead! ;)

@Kate--I totally wish I could work with you guys!!!--I actually just started working on a couple things (besides my blog)--I know what you mean about the critique groups--I really miss that from college, and I'm still looking for a group ;)

Abhishek Duggal said...

Roller Coasters!

forsurveysonly at gmail dot com

Wendy Toliver said...

Way fun, Jill! xoxo

nymfaux said...

SWEET 25 Followers!!!!!!--Yea!!!! This contest is SO on!!!!!!

@Wendy ;)

Anonymous said...

If this contest is still on, then
+1 blog follower
+1 follow on twitter @gubuchu

nymfaux said...

@gabry this contest is TOTALLY on!!!! It's open until June 30th, and since I have met my 25 followers goal, I don't have to postpone the deadline! Best of luck!

Spav said...

Usually doing something new and exciting gives me a rush (visiting another country, going on a roller coaster, ...).

+1 Blog follower
+1 Twitter follower: (@Sparima)
+1 Tweet: http://twitter.com/Sparima/status/17204238764
+1 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=661586209&v=wall&story_fbid=105362169513849&ref=mf
+3 Sidebar: http://fictionkingdom.blogspot.com/

+1 Total: 8 entries


Joyce Lansky said...

I get a rush when I win contests! Thanks for holding this contest.

+1 blog follower
+1 Twitter follower Joyce_Lansky
+1 retweet
+1 math

Total = +4


monogodo said...

What gives me a rush?

Leaning out the window of my solarium to look down at the ground, 23 floors below.

Anonymous said...

+1 I did the math. I have 3 nows.
What gives me a rush is a very intense scene in a book, something intense that exhilarating, and the time when I looked down when I was on a mountain, very scary.

nymfaux said...

Contest is Closed and the winners Tallied!
Sandyg02 won the grand prize
and the bookmark winners are:
Abhishek Duggal
Joyce Lansky

I have emailed all the winners, but please make sure I have your mailing info so I can get everything in the mail!!!!

Thanks everyone for entering!!!!!! I hope you all get a chance to read LIFTED, because I really LOVED it!!!!!!! And of course, thanks to Wendy for sharing her SWAG!!!! ;)

I also posted the winners here!!!