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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why I LOVE My Nook...

...And am NOT bitter and angry that it is on sale.

While yes, I do wish I could have gotten the 3G version for $50 cheaper, plus a $50 gift card for buying it around Father's Day...ok, yeah, I'm a little bitter...But I was moving at the time, plus I'd been saving, so I bought my Nook at the right time for ME.  And even though I've only had my Nook a few months, I can honestly say it's more than doubly paid for itself already.


The free books, the endless shelf-space, lighter backpacks, purses, and carry-ons...but mostly the *FREE* books.

While Barnes&Noble has it's own offerings of free-ness, I was MOST impressed by Google.  Google has a project where they take books that have come into the public domain and are putting them into digital format so that EVERYONE has access to them for FREE.  From what I know, books come into the public domain whenever their copyrights or licensing expires.  What this means to you—almost any book you can think of...That was written before the early 1900s.

What this meant to me?  Well, I'm a book-lover with a B.A. in writing, emphasis in English.  I went crazy downloading books (before Napster was illegal and then became legal again, anyone???)—I started searching  for every book I'd ever read, had been assigned in high school, or in college, or any book that I'd ever wanted to read, or had been recommended to me.  I downloaded my first hundred or so on a four hour car ride...before my battery died and needed to be recharged.  Within two weeks, I had over 600 books in my collection.  From Beowulf, to Tolstoy, to the Bobbsey Twins, and more.—I recommend ARCHIVING to anyone interested in having such a vast collection.  Trust me.

My Nook has really become the library that I've always wanted.  Plus it's portable.

And fast.  It's like having books psychically teleported to my Nook as soon as I think about them.  I do a quick search, press, ok--It's either charged to the card on my account, or it's free.  And voila, book.

The instant book feature benefit is three-fold for me.  The first is that I just moved to a town that's an hour away from the closest bookstore.  So when I want a book, I don't have to drive an hour there and back before I can even read something.  And if the bookstore doesn't carry what I want, I can order it on my Nook without having to wait for shipping and having to drive back to the store to pick up my book.  And my favorite part--for books with strict release dates, I can start downloading at midnight—instead of waiting 8 or 9 hours until the store opens (an hour away), and read it immediately.

When I first started doing my massive ebook search, I input “free.”  This got me a lot of free books, but also, a lot of books with “free” in the title.  Then I ended up doing more sporadic searches for pretty much ever book I could think of.  I would als go to the Barnes&Noble website and look under their “free” section.

These methods were unorganized ways of searching, and while I ended up find lots of things that were interesting and I that I wouldn’t have otherwise found, there was a lot of useless stuff mixed in there, too.  I just recently got a tip to search from the Nook store using “0.00” as the search phrase.  This will also give you an onslaught of free books, so use the “advanced” search methods to narrow down your results.

Other benefits?  Ebooks are better for the environment.  No paper.

Also, less eye-strain.  I haven't seen my glasses since we moved, but with Nook, I can adjust to a larger font until my glasses are located.

Bonuse, thanks to the new update, I can now play sudoku and chess on Nook, as well as surf the internet.  Haven't actually tried the internet part, yet, but it's nice to know it's there.  Also, the new update coincided perfectly with my just having learned how to play sudoku (thank you Dora the Explorer sticker sudoku, now it makes sense!).

And the single best moment in reading history ever???

I had just gotten one of my midnight downloads.  I was hungry, but I enforce a strict no eating in bed policy.  Plus, anyone who's ever eaten whilst reading, knows the difficulties of holding the book with one hand and feeding yourself with the other.  To top it off, I was craving cheese and crackers.  Then I had an idea.  I took my cheese, crackers, and knife to my desk, along with my Nook.  I propped my Nook against my laptop, and my Nook just stood there while I spread cheese on my crackers.  And every so often I paused to press the page-turn button, no awkward fumbling, no accidentally getting cheese on my book, no losing my page.  It was pretty cool.  I'm just saying...



My name is Patricia said...

I wanted a Nook but then I held one in my hands a few months ago and was not impressed at how slow the pages turned. HOWEVER, I was told that they are actually working on this right now. I still secretly want one but cannot bring myself to pay the huge amount for it. Plus I have this weird obsession with being able to see my library increasing by being able to see all the books on my shelves. I think the Nook is amazing for people on the go all the time. I use to be one of those people but not right now and I don't know if I want to be again (even though I am busier now, at home at least). I did notice how you can see the book covers in color though - I thought that was a really cool feature, and one the Kindle does not have!!

nymfaux said...

I totally understand, what you mean!--I also posted an article about what I don't like (down below) For me, it was worth the investment, especially because I was moving and no longer live near a bookstore--But I keep hearing about lower prices and better competition in the ereader market, so I'm sure if you keep your eye out, you'll find one that suits you--And my REAL bookshelf is still growing, too--There are some that I've had forever, that are autographed, or that aren't in digital format yet, so I'm definitely hanging on to those for a while!

courtneyreads said...

I have been circling NOOK since it came out. Every time I go to buy it, someone always told me the bad things with it. Which turned me away.
I may just get one now. I like your input on it.

nymfaux said...

I did have some issues, but overall I LOVE it, and would totally recommend it to everyone--I haven't actually seen anyone writing about their experiences (maybe too busy reading my Nook?) ;) And I definitely had a two-week awkward period, but I figured if I wrote about it, that would help people know to get the updates, or be prepared for the price of accessories, and the warranty--which I didn't even include when I was thinking about it. But yeah, I totally LOVE it!!! Let me know if you ever have any questions!