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Monday, June 21, 2010

Why LEVERAGE is the new A-TEAM...

Leverage VS. The A-Team

Tonight was the third season premier of Leverage (on TNT, they know drama.)

So, in case you live in a vacuum, the series resolves around a gang of mercenaries, accused of crimes they didn't commit, forced to stay underground until they can clear their names.  In the meantime, they take Robin Hood-esque jobs, helping people that don't have anywhere else to turn.

--Sorry--My bad...That was the description of The A-Team.

On Leverage, the team is a gang of mercenaries who DID commit the crimes they were accused of, so they have to lay low so they aren't caught, meanwhile helping people that have nowhere else to turn, performing Robin Hood-esque jobs.

Still don't believe me?  Leverage even has a high-tech version of The A-Team van, minus the red pin-striping.

Nathan Ford, Sophie Devereaux*, HardisonParker, Eliot Spencer.

Hannibal, Face, Murdock, B.A.

Nathan Ford?--He makes all the plans.  His vice is drinking, but he's occasionally known to smoke cigars.  And he can often be seen dressed in costumes, wigs, make-up, etc...a la Hannibal.

Sophie is Face, the attractive persona that can con anyone with charm, some sexy, and a stolen ID badge.

...And Hardison is Face, procurer of information, via high-tech infiltration--computers, bugs, wires...Not that The A-Team didn't have similar equipment, but there's was a tad...um...bulkier.

Now, I'm going to go with Parker as Murdock.  While, she does have certain Face-like qualities, in that she's a thief, she also errs a little on the side of crazy.  She doesn't fly planes or helicopters, but she'd jump from one without a second thought (and possibly without a parachute).

And Eliot?  He's Mr. T--You wouldn't want to mess with either of them.  You may be saying, "but Eliot doesn't have a mohawk."  No, he doesn't.  But that doesn't mean he doesn't have the best hair on the team.  Seriously, watch the show; whether it's pulled back in a pony-tail, or he's wearing his shoulder-length tresses down, Eliot's hair always maintains an enviable a glossy sheen.  Eliot takes a more martial-arts type approach to his fighting, but, like B.A., he's still known to knock some heads together in a rough-and-tumble way when the situation calls for it.

Both teams take a non-violent approach to getting the job done...To which you may be saying, "Um, The A-Team used machine guns and hand grenades, and missile launchers, and cannons, and tanks..."  And while The A-Team often shot at people, it is remarkable how often they missed and only ended up shooting around people and scaring them away.  In fact, if they were in close enough proximity, the team was much more likely to start a brawl than to bring out the guns.  And despite all their crafty maneuvers and cons, the Leverage team is just as likely as their A-Team counterparts to end up on the wrong (or right) side of a gun, or in an impromptu brawl.

When it comes down to it, both teams actually resort to shock-and-awe type theatricalities of trickery than overt violence.  Bad guys get their comeuppance, whether they land in jail, or just end up all the poorer for their misguided endeavors.

And did I mention the vans???


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