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Thursday, July 8, 2010

13-ay O-tay Ife-lay

I haven't used my high school French since college, when I took college French...and I would never have called myself fluent...It was always something I really had to work at, and even when I could probably understand enough of it to get by, I still had a fear of pronouncing the French language out loud.  It may sound silly to anyone who hasn't taken French, or even to those of you that have...But it always seemed to me that there were so many consonants you weren't supposed to pronounce, or that you shouldn't pronounce too much.  And it only made it more intimidating that our reference for letters we needed to worry about was "CAREFUL."  It might as well have been "PARANOID," for all it helped me.

Since then, I've also dabbled a little in Italian and Spanish.  I feel like I've had a lot more success with Italian, possibly because of my roots (which are dark like my Italian side, not blonde like my Norwegian side)...However, the unlikelihood of my actually getting to Italy anytime soon has given over to learning Spanish, which might actually be beneficial in the job field, living in an area where a large portion of the population speaks Spanish as a first language.

Basically, what all my rich knowledge of language comes down to is being able to understand a little here and there, without being fluent in anything.  When I saw one of the entries for Shannon Delany's Change is Good—Ask a Werewolf contest was translating a blurb into another language, I was going to pass on it for the aforementioned reasons.

And then Pig-Latin popped into my headOk, so it's not an internationally recognized language...But she wasn't super-specific on that point.  Plus, the contest is really about encouraging creativity, and I figured this would be plenty creative. :)

I used the blurb from Shannon's site to translateSo you can check out the original here.  Just in case you can't pick up Pig-Latin.

Ome-say-ing-thay ange-stray is-ay alking-stay e-thay all-smay own-tay of-ay Unction-jay…

En-whey unior-jay Ess-jay Illmansen-gay ets-gay alled-cay out-ay of-ay a**-clay y-bay Uidance-gay, e-shay an-cay only-ay esume-pray it’s-ay or-fay one-ay of-ay o-tway easons-ray.  Either-ay ey’ve-thay inally-fay igured-fay out-ay o-whay ote-wray e-thay athing-scay anti-ay-ock-jay editorial-ay in-ay e-thay ool-schay ews-nay-aper-pay or-ay ey’re-thay osting-hay et-yay another-ay intervention-ay or-fay about-ay er-hay om-may.  Although-ay ar-fay om-fray expecting-ay it-ay, e’s-shay elivieved-ray o-tay iscover-day Uidance-gay ust-jay ants-way er-hay o-tay ow-shay a-ay ew-nay udent-stay around-ay— ut-bay e-hay omes-cay ith-way issues-ay of-ay is-hay own-ay including-ay a-ay olice-pay escort-ay.

E-thay ewest-nay ember-may of-ay Unction-jay Igh-jay, Ietr-pay Usakova-ray as-hay ecrets-say o-tay ide-hay— ecrets-say at-thay ill-way ing-bray ig-bay ouble-tray o-tay e-thay all-smay own-tay of-ay Unction-jay— ecrets-say including-ay amatic-dray anges-chay e’s-hay undergoing-ay at-thay ill-way urely-say end-ay is-hay ife-lay early-ay.



YA Book Lover said...

That is officially awesome!

nymfaux said...

Yay-ay!!!! :) Thanks for the comment!!!! It was fun, but that totally made it worthwhile!!!! ;)