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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

13 to Life Review

So...In all my frantic frenetic craziness to to win Shannon Delany's Change is Good—Ask a Werewolf contest...I just realized I never mentioned how good 13 to Life is....

Must. Rectify. Immediately.

13 to Life is the story of high-schooler Jess Gilmansen, and how her life suddenly becomes very interesting.

Shannon actually wrote 13 to Life as a textnovel and was Textnovel.com's 2008 winner!  I'm still trying to fathom how a person can write (or even have the patience to write) an entire novel from their cellphone...not to mention, I don't even want to guess what her cell-phone bill was like!  Still...I am insanely curious!!!!

13 to Life is told from Jess's perspective, and I have to say Jess is a great characterShe's brave when she's scared, full of eye-rolling humor and teenage-ness, and she's an ace kind of friend.  But even though we see everything from Jess's point of view, there's still a lot about Jess that is a mysteryWhat happened to Jess's mom?  What's the deal with her friends Sarah and Sophia?  And why of all people is Jess, specifically, picked to guide the hot, mysterious, Russian, [endless list of adjectives] new guy around school???

Before Pietr moved to town, Jess already had great makings for an angsty YA novel...After Pietr, her life starts to turn kind of epic.  It's hard to say if Derek, Jess's unrequited crush would have eventually taken notice of her, but boy does his head turn when Pieter takes notice.  Without Pietr, would a boy have ever come between Jess and Sarah?  Without Pietr, would Sarah have ever started coming out of her shell?

One thing I definitely have to give props to Shannon for, is her ability to keep you wanting more and still give a satisfying ending!  There's so much juiciness going on here, and it's only getting started, because Shannon has a minimum 3-book deal for 13 to Life...I say minimum because she's hinted that she might be willing to write more!!!


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