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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

DUFF: Delicious Unrivaled Fantastic Fun

Ok, I'm going back to sleep in a minute...But I just finished reading The DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) by Kody Keplinger and I couldn't wait to share it's awesomeness!!!!

I've been hearing about this book for a while now...and I just happened to win an ARC (THANK YOU ELIZABETH SCOTT!!!!!!!)(SERIOUSLY.)(LIKE A MILLION TIMES!!!!).  I LOVE it when people get super excited about a book like this, and then you read it yourself, and it's even better than you hoped it would be!!!!!!

It's hard to get past the title—because it's so catchy and amazing and true all at the same time.  The first time I read the title, I had to reread it, because I was like, "No, they did not put that on the cover of a book!"  And then I thought about how FABULOUS it really is!!!!!  Because who says that???  But it's  so true!!!!

I felt an immediate connection, because I know all too well what it feels like when you see guys doing double-takes for your best friend, and you feel like wallpaper.  Wallpaper that can say whether or not your cute friend is single.

Reading the first few pages was like reading a transcription of the last time I went dancing—I love my friends, but most of the time I'd rather be somewhere else, doing something else.  But whereas, I put up with it for a few hours, go home, go to bed, and that's the end of it...Bianca's story gets a lot more interesting...

...DUFF is the story of Bianca Piper, not the hot girl; the friend of the hot girls.  Bianca likes her friends—So what if they drag her out dancing to noisy clubs—That's what's friends are for.  And Bianca's ok with that.  But when Wesley, the school man-whore, calls Bianca the DUFF her life suddenly begins to spiral into very un-DUFF-like situations.

I loved The DUFF, because while the title may have been what caught my eye, it's not even really about Bianca being fat or ugly, but about a girl who feels that way sometimes.  Kody Keplinger does such an amazing job of making Bianca and her world feel real—from the language, to the situations, down to the thoughts in her head.  I felt as at home with Bianca and her friends, as I do with my own friends.  And when the fat and ugly are peeled away, we can see Bianca has the same insecurities and issues to deal with that we all deal with; wondering if her parents are ok, what should she tell her friends, will she ever be able to communicate coherently with her crush, and how to stop obsessing over her arch nemesis.  Oh, and there are some pretty hot and steamy scenes, too...which unfortunately are not included in my reality.

I LOVED this book...too bad the rest of you have to wait until September... ;)  But Kody Keplinger is definitely going on my authors to watch list.


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