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Monday, July 12, 2010

Love Sucks...

Some times a title just says it all; right?

I'm not ashamed to say I like vampire stories...And I think Love Sucks, a novella by Lauren Hammond  is one of the most fun vampire reads that I've had in a long time!

What happens when you wake up in the 1700s, only to find out you're dead?  Kind of... Um...Not so much...

Ms. Hammond does a great job of sucking you right into the story with her fast-paced narrative.  When Cara wakes up, her entire family is dead...And she is, too.  It appears that Cara didn't die of natural causes.  Love Sucks is packed full of love and adventure seen through the wide eyes of Cara Jones, a newly made vampire.  Told through Cara's point of view, we see her awakening and coming to terms with death as she knows it.

Cara struggles as she tries to accept the life of a vampire and everything that entails.  Has she become a monster?  Can she live with herself?  And what makes any existence worth living?

Love Sucks is brimming with love and romance, but aside from the steamy hot vampire kisses, my favorite parts are the fresh takes on life as a vampire.  Lauren Hammond shows us a unique kind of vampire community.  These vampires are strong, but not indestructible.  They drink blood and live in a world that sees them as monsters.  They live both hidden, and on the run, all of them trying to figure out their place in society.  In a world that doesn't doesn't believe in vampires, can the living and the dead learn to coexist?  And did I mention steamy hot vampire kisses???

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