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Thursday, July 15, 2010

**UPDATED*UPDATE*THE FINAL UPD8*** Contest for Amazingly Ambitious People...


Yes, that's right, the deadline for Shannon Delany's contest of epic proportions, otherwise known as the Contest of Doom Change is Good—Ask a Werewolf Contest was EXTENDED TO JULY 15, 11:59pm.

And I thought I was done.  Of course, as soon as I found out the deadline had been extended I started thinking about what else I could do...which is what this contest is all about, that is WHAT CAN YOU DO?

Here I am, showing off my ebook of 13 to Life.  I originally went to the midnight show, but I didn't find out about the contest until afterwards, so I took some pics when I went back to see a matinée!  
(line was nonexistently shorter by then)

And this is my cartoon version of the beginning of 13 to Life.

So...what else have I been working on???
The Essay Portion, including essays reflecting on
Two Essays Regarding Shakespeare:  Pietr's dislike of Romeo and Juliet and Shakespeare's quote about what's in a name
An essay on a scary change in my life that actually turned out pretty well
The Struggle with Sarah, a look at what clues can be gained about a character by examining her reading list
My transcription of a 13 to Life info blurb into Pig Latin
The Wind Beneath My Wings, a thank-you to all the teachers who have inspired me in my life
My attempt at poetry....
Reviewed 13 to Life
Posted my review on goodreads and Barnes and Noble

In addition, my previously mentioned contest endeavors:
Designed a soundtrack using playlist.com to go with 13 to Life.
Designed 5 mini-playlists for different scenes in 13 to Life.
Created a mini-playlist for what I think might happen in the sequel, Secrets and Shadows
Shared my Easy-Peasy Tuna Fish Casserole recipe with Jess.
liked the 13 to Life Facebook page.
Made an account on ShannonDelany.com.
Follow Shannon's blog.
Follow @Shannon_Delany on twitter
tweeted a pic of my Eclipse movie ticket used as a "Nookmark" for 13 to Life http://twitter.com/moviebunny/status/17459151545

Below, is a collage of my 13 to Life character sketches, in which you can see (left to right, top to bottom) Wanda, Annabelle Lee, Hunter & Maggie, Amy, Max, Rio, Jess's Dad, Jess, Pietr, Sarah, Mrs. Feldman, Derek, Sophia, Stella Martin, Cat, and Alexi.

Some other artwork I've been working on...
Designed an alternate cover for 13 to Life
Designed a cover for Secrets and Shadows, the sequel to 13 to Life
Made a creative interpretation of a scene from 13 to Life in the style of Ivan Bilibin.
It's from a scene towards the end of the book, but I don't think it's too spoilery.



Shannon Delany said...

THESE. ARE. TERRIFIC! I'm racing around and judging today and tomorrow--love the sketches and Eclipse stuff!


nymfaux said...

*BIG SMILE* :) Yea!!!!!! I'm glad you like them!!!!! I couldn't believe how much FUN I had doing this contest!!!!!