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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Wake of the Lorelei Lee

So I stayed up ALL night last night...And it was SOOOOOO good!!!!!!  And then I slept all day...oops...  But it was TOTALLY worth it!!!!!!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jacky Faber!!!!!!

Jacky Faber is the most contagious, infectious, swashbuckling, brigand of a brigantine there is!!!!!!!!  And I am in love with The Wake of the Lorelei Lee: Being an Account of the Further Adventures of Jacky Faber, on her way to Botany Bay!!!!!

The Wake of the Lorelei Lee... is the latest novel in L.A. Meyer's Bloody Jack series.  I just have to say how epic this series isI had no idea it could go on so long, but I sure don't want it to stop!!!!

A quick review for those of you haven't been following the series:

Little Mary Faber is orphaned when her parents and little sister are wiped out by the Black Death.  Mary joins a gang of other orphans running loose on the streets London.  When their leader is killed, Mary worries that if nothing changes, she will soon end up with a similar untimely fate.  And that's when Little Mary becomes Jacky Faber, Ship's Boy, member of the Royal Navy.  The series follows Jacky's adventures from being a Ship's boy, to her eventual discovery of being a Ship's girl...To her relocation to an eminent Boston school for girls, to her accidentally becoming a pirate, nearly being sold into slavery, a Tom Sawer-esque ride down the Mississippi River, being repeatedly captured by the English Navy (mostly for stealing and treason), her stint as a French messenger/spy, a diver of sunken treasure, and of late, a convict being transported to a penal colony in Australia.

You can always be sure that wherever Jacky is, adventure follows!While Jacky's stories can seem a little incredulous at times, they're always just on this side of real—And however unlikely a scenario Jacky may find herself in, it's never short of an amazing ride!!!!

The thing that's always endeared me to Jacky's character is her amazing fortitude.  While somewhat more adventurous than most, Jacky has had an extremely rough life, filled with hardships.  But Jacky doesn't just sit and let things happen to her—She knows a bad situation won't go away on it's own, and no matter how impossible the impossible may seem, Jacky is just doing whatever she can to survive.  And she's pretty good at it, too.

Jacky's world is filled with amazing characters that I generally either love or hateThe Wake of the Lorelei Lee reads like an all-star cast of many of Jacky's closest and most notorious acquaintances.  We get to revisit some of Jacky's closest friends, such as her beloved Higgins, Amy Trevelyne, Maireid, and a couple of girls from Jacky's old Cheapside gang...not to mention a few of Jacky's past conquests, from her eternally affianced James Emerson Fletcher, to the ever determined Randall Trevelyne, Arthur MacBride, Joseph Jared, and Lord Richard Allen.  Of course Jacky's life wouldn't be complete without a few trouble-makers, like Mr. Flashby, Mr. Blifill, and Weasel.  

Jacky also makes some new acquaintances, my favorites being Enoch Lightner, the Shantyman; and Cheng Shih, the infamous female Chinese pirate.  These are both characters that I hope to see more of—Enoch is blind, and a former ship's Sailing Master, with a mastery of singing and music, which are a perfect compliment to Jacky.  And though Enoch is often present, aside from his singing, he is often silent, and we only catch glimpses of his character.  From what we do see, he seems very wise and observant, and I feel like there's a lot more to his character.  Cheng Shih, is one of those larger than life, larger even than Jacky, type characters that Jacky occasionally runs into.  Cheng Shih is fierce and foreign and exotic.  She's a powerful force with a fleet of hundreds, but can be just as enamored with Jacky's charm.  And with Jacky's history, I have a feeling that we will definitely be seeing more of her!

Seriously, I am SO IN LOVE with this series...I have a feeling the best is still to come, and I cannot wait for more...Unfortunately for the rest of you, you're going to have to wait until September 13, 2010 for the release of The Wake of the Lorelei Lee.  I want to thank Haughton Mifflin Harcourt for the chance to review this book!  (and their permission for the cover picture)

So...any other Jacky fans out there???  I'd love to here some of your favorite parts!!!


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