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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Immortal Beloved (or Forever Your Girl)

Seriously, I can’t believe how jealous of me you are right now!!!!!!!!  And if you’re not, you SHOULD Be!!!!!!!!!

I just finished reading an ARC of Immortal Beloved by Cate Tiernan, and it’s good in so many ways I can’t even tell you!!!!

I’m a HUGE fan of Cate Tiernan’s SWEEP series, so when I heard about Immortal Beloved, I practically started drooling!!!!  SWEEP caught me up in the beginning and I found myself looking forlornly into bookstore windows every month to see if the newest book had arrived.

Well, when Immortal Beloved arrives in September, it will not disappoint.  I was swept up into Nastasya’s story more than any I have read in a long time!!!!

—And I’ve been reading some pretty awesome books lately!!!

Nastasya is an immortal.  But not in the undead way.  She’s been living it up for the past four and a half centuries.  Then one night, when Nasty is out partying with her friends, she sees something she doesn’t like, about them, or herself.  Is this dark side something new?  Or has she been ignoring it?  All of a sudden, Nastasya is wondering if she’s really been living, when she spends every day trying to numb her existence.  In one night, Nasyasya begins to wonder if her friends are really her friends—Nastasya panics—She’s suddenly afraid of what they’ve all become.

Nastasya has only one hope; a few decades ago, River, another immortal offered her help.  Now Nastasya is looking for refuge, but she’s not sure if she can be saved.  She’s not even sure if she wants to be saved.

I still have a rush from reading this book, and I want to go back and read it all over again!!!

Nasty was more human than any other immortal I’ve seen in a long time.  She’s the classic definition of hard to kill, but she’s not invulnerable.  While these immortals don’t get the big things, like cancer, they’re not immune to getting sick from the flu or a cold.  They get broken bones.  And they recover, but not overnight.  And they do feel the consequences of their actions—A binge-drinking session that might kill a human is going to leave an immortal with a hangover wishing they were dead…until the next night, or the next party.

Immortal Beloved is full of mystery and intrigue, and romance, with a little magick thrown in.  I love the magick, but it’s very subtle, because the story is really about a lot of characters who have been lost for a long time and are trying to find themselves.  Tiernan gives us a rich cast of characters to interact with each other.  Everyone is coming from someplace, with some history—There are no background characters, Tiernan makes them each feel important, like they each have a story.  And with centuries of history, you just know there’s a lot more to come!!!!



Leilani @Leilani Loves Books said...

Hmm ive heard many things of this book. Not to jealous....yet.
How'd you get the ARC?

nymfaux said...

Trust me you should be jealous!!!! I'm SOOOOOOO IN LOVE with this book!!!!!!!--But I guess it's ok if you're not, jealousy being on that mortal sin list and everything ;)

I won it through a contest at Moydrook Reads blog http://moydrook.blogspot.com/

jane gallagher said...

hoorahhh great review - so glad you liked it! i totally agree with you about nastasya - a total breath of fresh air on the immortal scene.

nymfaux said...


Tiffani said...

Nice review!!!! Oh yeah, and I'm hosting a blog hop!!!! So stop by sometime!!!!!!!!


nymfaux said...

Thanks!!!! :)

I just stopped by and joined your hop!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooo I look forward to reading this. I, too, am a fan of her Sweep series though her Balefire etc books weren't impressive at all. So, I'm hoping the hiatus did her good and she's back. In good form. :D

Jenn said...

That looks really fantastic. I'll definitely have to check it out!


nymfaux said...

@thebookwurrm I had trouble getting into Balefire, too--but Immortal Beloved totally brought me back to my love of Sweep--Its definitely a different story, but I got the same feelings of anticipation and everything I loved about her first series---I think you'll be really happy with Immortal Beloved!!!! :)

Natalie (Mindful Musings) said...


I found your blog through Parajunkee's Follow Friday!

I'm REALLY REALLY jealous that you got to read this one. I haven't read this author before, but Immortal Beloved looks fabulous!

New follower! :) Have a great weekend!

nymfaux said...

Thanks Natalie!!!! I'm going to try and have a contest, soon, so you may get your chance ;) ---I LOVE LOVE LOVED this book, but now that I have a Nook, I'm trying to be good and keep my bookshelves clear, plus I won it, so it feels like good book karma! :)

I would also recommend Cate Tiernan's Sweep series, when I first read it, it reminded me of L.J. Smith, another one of my faves!!!

Thanks for hopping by!!!