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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pretty Little Liars

I am SO SUCKED IN!!!!!!!!  Ok, so ever since I saw the first ad for the Pretty Little Liars tv series based on Sara Shepard's books, I was hooked.  It looked so juicy and mysterious, I couldn’t wait for the show—And I was totally right—TOTALLY juicy and mysterious!!!!!!

But I knew from the beginning that I was going to have a dilemma—Watch the show?/Read the series?/Both??????

Most of my friends think I’m strange, because whenever possible, I watch the movie before reading the book.  Pretty much everyone I tell this to says it’s totally bass ackwords.  But then they’re the ones who are always complaining about how the movie never lives up to the book—So now who’s bass ackwards?

I tried that a couple of times, reading the book first, but like my friends, I was unable to enjoy most of the movies because I was too busy agonizing over missing details, or missing characters, or wondering why they were unnecessarily adding things…But when I watched the movie first, I was able to enjoy both.  I could fall in love with a movie, and then fall in love all over again with the book.  Movies are so visceral and in the moment, there just isn’t enough time to capture everything in a book.  But with the book, you can take the time and relish every little detail….

Back to Pretty Little Liars…I kept going back and forth—Did I want to risk ruining the tv show if it couldn’t live up to the book?  Well, like I said, I kept going back and forth, but I figured that I should at least give myself the chance to enjoy the first episode.

By the end of the first episode, I wasn’t sure if I was patient enough to wait for the finale; I was dying to know everybody’s secrets and find out what happens.  So I went from casually checking the Barnes&Noble website every day, to checking obsessively…which led to another dilemma…an eight book series is a little bit of a financial investment to say the least.  Now that I have a Nook, I try to go digital as often as possible.  But the REAL books came in boxed sets, which made them cheaper than trying to buy digital versions, with no bundle available :(  ….Not that the boxed set was cheap, either—and if you open it and hate the first book, you’re kind of screwed.  It’s a big commitment.  I even checked used bookstores and wasn’t able to find the set any cheaper than the new prices.  And I didn’t want to just buy the first book by itself, because if I totally LOVED the book, then I’d always regret not having bought the set together.  Oh, and the closest bookstore is an hour drive in either direction.

So, after completely analyzing everything to death, I remembered the library.  In general, I’m a book hoarder, which doesn’t go all that well with overall library lending policies, but on occasion, I do find libraries to be the most magical places on earth.  So I went to the library, yes, but my quest for the series did not end there (ok, it kind of did end there, just not on that particular visit).  Because, when I looked up Pretty Little Liars, my library didn’t have it….Pretty much all of their affiliate libraries carried the series, just not my branch, which meant that I would have to put in a request for the book.  And although most of the other branches carried the books, they were all checked out, so I had to add myself to the end of a waiting list of about 30 people.

Well, that pretty much took care of my dilemma.  I watched the entire season of the tv series, and was just starting to go through withdrawal, re-examining all my options for buying the series, when the long-awaited email came saying that my request had finally arrived.

Part 2

So……..any of you who have watched the Pretty Little Liars tv series, but haven’t read Sara Shepard’s books—If you were as pulled into the tv series as much as I was, you are going to LOVE the books!!!!!!

The story is about a group of friends who aren’t friends.  Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily all used to be friends.  Before Alison DiLaurentis disappeared.  Alison was the girl that brought everybody together; Alison was the secret keeper; and Alison was kind of a bitch.  And when Alison went missing, the rest of the girls drifted their separate ways.  Years later, all the secrets that the girls thought had disappeared with Alison are coming back to haunt them, making the girls wonder if Alison might be back, too.

After reading the first book, I really feel that the tv series did a great job of sticking with the story.  The girls’ physical descriptions are a little different, but the characters are portrayed well.  Both the show and the book tell the story from each girl’s perspective, quickly drawing you into the story.  The one thing I will say about the show, though, is that while they kept a good pace with the first book, I don’t see any way that they can keep it up—It’s just math, one book to one year=eight years, and I just don’t know how believable it would be for the four tv actresses to still be in high school eight years from now…

Knowing that this was the first book of eight, I wasn’t sure how much closure I was going to get, but I ended up being very satisfied.  I’m definitely lusting for more, but Sara Shepard was able to end it in a way that I didn’t feel cheated.  I am absolutely IN LOVE with the story—it’s full of scandal and doesn’t hold anything back—drinking, driving, cheating, eating disorders, dysfunctional families—The works, all the juicy secrets you can think of, and it keeps getting juicier!!!!

I would ABSOLUTELY 100% recommend this as a fun, juicy, gossipy, edge-of-your-seat mystery—I can’t wait to dig into the next book (which I’m assured is Flawless)!!!  ;)


Sunday, September 26, 2010

IMM So Excited (IMM10)

I actually AM super excited this week, because I get to show off the new cover for Tera Lynn Childs’ upcoming release Fins Are Forever!!!!!  The book won’t be officially released until June 28, 2011—But I’m so glad I have this pretty, shiny, sparkly cover to tide me over until the release!!!!  Or until those shiny, sparkly, pretty new ARCs start making their way into all of our greedy little book blogger hands…you know, whichever comes first.
Come on, you have to admit, this cover is pretty, well, PRETTY.  I don’t normally gush about covers, like this, but I swear it has some sort of hypnotic quality.  I just randomly find myself staring at it for random periods on end.  Its predecessor, Forgive My Fins was the same way—I thought it was absolutely STUNNING on the computer, but when I actually had it my hands I could not stop staring at it.  Or as soon as I would stop, I’d glance over and pick it up again.

Ok, I’m going to stop now.  I’m going to try and stop anyway…because this is only the cover, and I know the real magic is hiding between the covers...

And lest you think I spent all week just staring at a pretty book cover (um, ok, I kinda did)…Tera also released the fourth chapter of Eye Candy, her unpublished super-sweet freebie that I am TOTALLY IN LOVE with!!!!!  It’s absolutely mouthwatering and I’m dying for more!!!!!

Oh, yeah….AND….Just to prove I read other authors, too…. ;)  I don’t know how many of you know Sara Shepard’s Pretty Little Liars series—I LOVED the tv series from the first ad I saw to the jaw-dropping finale.  I was going back and forth all summer debating whether or not I should (or could) read the books while I was watching the tv series.  Would they be close?  Would I get mad at one?  Finally I couldn’t take the temptation and decided to cave and pick up the books…But before breaking into my piggy bank, I had this novel idea that I would utilize the services of my local library.  Yeah….apparently this was a pretty popular idea…There was a three-month wait-list for the first book…which ended up being perfect timing, since I didn’t have to worry about conflicts arising from reading and watching at the same…And the long-awaited email finally came in yesterday…I just picked it up and can’t wait to dig in!!!!

Hope everybody is having a great week (and better luck with their internet connections than I am)!!!!


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Friday, September 24, 2010

See Worthy

YEA!!!!!!!  I hope you’re as excited as I am!!!!!!!!  Because today, Tera Lynn Childs is causing a major splash with the official cover release of her upcoming book Fins Are Forever!!!!!!!

I, for one, am IN LOVE with this cover.  How GORGEOUS is this?!?!?!?!?!  Seriously, you have no idea how much time I’ve spent just starting at this girl’s soulful eyes, and imagining that she is probably up to no good.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the vibrant colors—her hair, her eyes, her lips—you can’t deny that everything about this cover is stunning and eye-catching.  Oh, and those little pink-wave-curlicues around the title?  They’re also kind of cool and have special meaning.  Mermaids look perfectly human, when they’re in human form, so the only way you can tell them apart is by their mermark, a tattoo-like birthmark of a circle of waves that each mermaid is born with.

Fins Are Forever is the sequel to Tera’s Forgive My Fins, the story of Lily, a mermaid trying out life on dry land, falling in love, and getting a lot more than she expected…  In the sequel, I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more of Lily’s trouble-making cousin, Dosinia.  I have a feeling that getting in over their heads just might be hereditary, and I can’t wait to see how Dosinia tries to get out of it!!!!

Of course, I will have to wait….because the official release date of Fins Are Forever is June 28, 2011—So mark your calendars!!!!!!  (or get one of these handy countdown widgets)

Also, be sure to check Tera’s website to see what she and other Splashers are saying!!!!!!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good Night

It’s not even October yet, but the Halloween stores are already popping up, costumes and candy are lining the store shelves, blogs have started getting spookier, and the scary movies have started coming out.  I started getting in the mood for Halloween early this year, but I was trying to hold off since it was barely September (Although Alfred Hitchcock’s birthday is August 13).  But I give up and give in, Halloween spirit can be almost as fun as Christmas spirit—Well, the candy is certainly comparable.  ;)  Although one is filled with darkness and foreboding and the other with songs and presents, both make you expect the unexpected and believe in the unbelievable.  So yeah, bring it on, I am SOOOOOOOOO ready for Halloween!!!!!!
I watched M. Night Shyamalan’s Devil this weekend and it was creepy spooky on-the-edge-of-my-seat good.

I don’t know how you feel about Mr. Shymalan’s work, I’ve heard all the critiques, but I still liked most of his movies—Personally, I can go either way on The Last Airbender.  If you thought he was losing his touch, he’s back.  If you do like his movies—This is better.

The story begins with another story, a story about how the devil walks among us, and how sometimes he chooses to show his presence.  And have no doubt; this is one of those days.  There’s an office building, your normal, average skyscraper.  The building is busy and bustling, seemingly the same as every other day.  Gads of people milling about and a dozen elevators running up and down, seemingly through chance, five people are brought together in one elevator.  When the elevator stops, panic and frenzy slowly seep in.  When the lights blink out, there is a scuffle and a girl is injured—Suddenly everyone starts to wonder who they’re trapped with.

Let’s just say that I don’t plan on riding any elevators for a while.  I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who's already affraid of elevators, but for anyone else who’s getting excited about Halloween; this is the perfect movie to start setting the mood!!!!!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Short and Sweet (IMM9)

Wow, this kind of sad, my last post was last week’s IMM.  Oops!  Actually this was a really slooooooooooooooooooow week for me….mostly because we recently switched internet providers.  We went from outrageously expensive to intermittently the slowest internet I’ve ever had in my life.  My friends are laughing at me, because freshman year of college, when everybody brought computers, I brought—pause for effect—a TYPEWRITER.  Back then, not everybody had computers—I mean, all of my friends had computers, but I didn’t.  I was just planning on being one of the kids who used the computer lab.  Except the first week of class, I already had a paper due, and um, the computer labs weren’t open yet.  Seriously.  (I changed that when I became a lab manager)(yeah, in an epic example of irony, the girl with the typewriter becomes a computer lab manager)(long story)  So my first week of college, I actually hand-wrote my paper.  The second week, my mom shipped me my typewriter.

But when I finally did get my own computer, I was hooked up with some smokin’ fast internet…you know, when it wasn’t broken….Now that I think about it, that’s kind of been my general history with the internet, fast or broken.  College, work, and various places in between.  It’s so easy to take it for granted when it’s working, but it really sucks when it isn’t.  Lately the internet just seems to be rubbing the fact in my face.  I keep checking my signal which says “very good” and “excellent” at the same time my email is telling me that it can’t load certain features (like my email).  And then, when I finally do get a screen, the page starts to reload every time I click on anything (like an email).  I thought one day sucked, because I was only able to check one email within a two hour period….until the next day, when I was only able to check one email. Period.

Um, yeah, so still sorting the kinks out.

Not too much in my mailbox this week, which is good, because I totally need to catch up—I’ve still got some amazing books on my tbr list, but I just have to be in the right mood—I do this for fun, because I love reading, and when my procrastination starts to kick in, then sometimes it’s a sign to take it easy.  I’ve also been getting kind of antsy about the new fall tv lineup—I usually know everything that’s going on, I’m a total tv-holic, but I’ve been totally oblivious about all the new shows, so I really need to get on the ball.  I’m DYING for some Grey’s Anatomy!!!!!!!

Sooooo….as to my tiny little IMM this week…I don’t know if this counts, but I’m counting it anyway, because I LOVE it!!!!!!  So….before Forgive My Fins, or Oh.My.Gods., or Goddess Bootcamp, Tera Lynn Childs wrote a couple of novels that she never published.  So, get ready for the awesome part, Tera has decided to post one chapter from these novels every Friday—kind of what you would call serial-fashion, when the first one is finished, she’ll start with the next one.  The first book is called Eye Candy, and it is YUMMY!!!!!!  The third chapter was posted this week, and as I said, I’m LOVING it!!!!

And I can’t believe it, but I only got ONE free ebook this week.  I don’t think Barnes&Noble loves me anymore. L  Even with the slowest internet in the world, I still managed to check a couple of times this week, but no freebies, no goodies, no love.  The little ebook-hoarder inside me is very sad.

But yes, I did say I did get ONE ebook this week, and it was free.  Technically it was from Barnes&Noble, from the thousands(?) that Google has digitized for mass consumption—Thank you Google.  There was a new Lifetime movie on this week, called The 19th Wife, based on a book by David Ebershoff.  The story was set in a cultish sect of Mormons, where one wife (the 19th) was accused of murdering her husband.  One part that particularly sparked my interest was one of the characters reading a book written by another 19th wife—Ann Eliza Young, who was sealed to Brigham Young, the founder of the Mormon Church.

So I did a little searching after watching the movie and discovered that there was a real book, even a digitized one, and so I picked up

That’s about it for me.  When I started writing this, the internet was being good, but as of right now it’s being pretty sucky, so my posts may continue to be sporadic while I’m working this out.

As always, I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!!


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Sunday, September 12, 2010

IMM that good (IMM8)

[UPDATE: FINALLY got pictures to work!!!!!  Yea!!!!!!][NOTE:  I don't know if it's blogger of my connection, or because I broke a mirror a couple weeks ago, or what, but I've been having a horrible time uploading pictures lately, so hopefully I can upload them later, but just text for now]

Well, I sincerely hope that everyone out there had a better weekend than I've had!!!!!! I don't know if you can get drunk by osmosis, but I was seriously feeling the pain yesterday!!!! (And no drinking involved) I had a temp job at a local winery, and I guess I was just not used to the fast pace of the assembly line. Although I totally rocked it, I was so busy not wanting to lose the bottling-zone, that I know I didn't drink enough water, so I was dehydrated…and I'm not sure if the thin wall made of metal siding, next to the big gaping hole door actually counts as indoors, so there may also have been some minor heatstroke involved. Whatever the technical definitions, by the time I got home Friday night I was totally dead…And by Saturday morning I just wished I were dead.

However, don't feel too sorry for me, because on the book end of things, I totally scored!!!!! First off, the second it was released, I purchased and downloaded Firelight by Sophie Jordan—It's incredibly INCREDIBLY amazing!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVED it!!!!
And Bonus—As part of Sophie's Team Draki I also received some pretty freaking cool Firelight Swag!!!!!!

I also won a *SIGNED* copy of The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting, from Kimberly Derting, through the Supernatural Underground…which just arrived, along with some *signed* Body Finder Swag!!!! 
For about two seconds yesterday, I was feeling well enough to let my sister drag me to town. I ended up staying in the car while she scoped out the shops…except when we spotted a previously unknown used book store…that was having a mini-sale. Now I will definitely need to go back there sometime when I'm feeling better, but I did pick these up off the $0.50 table to tide me and my movie-loving heart over for a little bit:

The Goonies, novelization by James Kahn, based on the screenplay by Chris Columbus, story by Steven Spielberg
Back to the Future, novelization by George Gibe, based on a screenplay by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale
Back to the Future: Part II novelization by Craig Shaw Gardner, based on a screenplay by Bob Gale, story by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale
Ghostbusters novelization by Richard Mueller, based on the Motion Picture written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis
I HEART the '80s!!!!!

In the ebooks division, I broke down and bought The Complete Wizard of Oz Collection
L. Frank Baum …Normally I would try and figure out some way to get this for free…And I've done that, but it takes time and effort. And at the end of all the time and effort, while you do get FREE, you usually get what you pay for. And for a grand total of $0.95 I got the whole collection, plus an easy to navigate table of contents for the collection, plus an easy to navigate table of contents for each book. I'd definitely say I got my money's worth!

Not that I'm skimping on the FREE ebooks….Actually, I'm REALLY excited about this week's Barnes&Noble offers!!!!

Here are the highlights:

Forever is a deleted scene from the Maggie Stiefvater books—I haven't read her books yet, but I intend to, and I know I'll be happy to have this around when I do!!!! I'm also really excited about the classics—I've always loved Aesop's Fables, The Odyssey and The Illiad. I've read The Man in the Iron Mask, but not The Count of Monte Cristo (although there is a fantastic Gerard Depardieu miniseries!!!). And I'm soooooo excited about Sherlock Holmes, which I've always meant to read, but haven't.

I'm kind of on the fence with Dickens—I've only read Great Expectations, sometimes I liked it, sometimes eh, not so much. So we'll see.

As for Crime and Punishment…funny story—A couple years ago I read an amazing article about a new translation of War and Peace, so I thought I'd pick it up and check it out. When I got home, I realized that after all the time I spent looking at the shelves and making sure I had the right translators, I'd accidentally bought Crime and Punishment. I did start it, but haven't quite gotten around to finishing it. We'll see how it goes this time.

And then there's Journey to the Center of the Earth. It was free, so I got it. But honestly I think I'm still scarred from reading Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. This one may be sitting on the e-shelf for a long time to come.

Exclusive BN Content

So…how did the rest of you do??? Happy reading!!!!!!


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Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday TLC!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to you!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!! Happy Birthday dear Tera Lynn Childs!!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!

I just want to throw a shout out to one of my favoritist authors and people in the whole world—Tera Lynn Childs!!!!!!

Ok, so I haven't actually met Tera (yet), but I've been stalking her for a while now, and I've got to tell you she's just one of the absolute coolest people there is!!!!!

As a child, I was dependant on the kindness of booksellers for any information about what books were coming out when. Sometimes I only had a book jacket to tell me when a sequel was supposed to come out. I would put the date on my mental calendar, and have to physically go to the bookstore to see if the book had arrived. Sometimes this would require several stops—In one case I've waited over a decade—it wasn't always easy to get a hold of a book, but I was certainly persistent. So, somehow, growing up with this one-sided limited way of gathering information, I ended up with a picture in my head of authors as these magical, elusive, secretive beings. I was completely in awe.

And with the advent of the internet and easily accessible authors, I'm still not sure my original theory is completely wrong—I still believe authors are magical, and I am still in complete awe—but surprisingly, they are nowhere near as elusive or secretive as I thought—which actually kind of adds to my awe—and Tera is a lot to blame for that.

It actually wasn't that long ago, that I thought I would do another futile book search. I was IN LOVE with Tera's Oh.My.Gods. and Goddess Bootcamp Books and I was dying to read more. I thought I'd do a quick google and spend the rest of my day crying because I couldn't find anything. Imagine my surprise with the massive abundance of goodness I found!!!!!!!

It turns out Tera is one of the most tech-savvy authors out there!!!! I found her blog, her other blog, and info on the (then) upcoming Forgive My Fins. At that moment, Tera became my superhero!!!!

Tera's blog had all kinds of bloggy goodness, from a list of her books (current and upcoming), her bio, some short story/companion pieces to her published books, and just some cool blog posts about what she was up to, her writing, and general good bloggy fun!!!!! Tera's other blog, Books, Boys, Buzz... was a collaboration between her and a handful of other (completely amazing) YA authors (or Bees). The Buzz is filled with fantastic discussions, updates on what the Bees are working on, when their books are being released, and, oh yeah…contests!!!!!

And not long after I found those, the Supernatural Underground was launched—Another fabulous blog, featuring a mind-boggling star-studded cast of authors—almost one for each day of the month—with insightful/fun/interesting discussions, often fraught with man-candy and contests. I don't have any proof, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Tera was a huge force behind the development of both the Buzz and the Supernatural Underground…I'm just saying…'Cause she's THAT AWESOME!!!!!!

And if you're like me, and can't wait, because you're panting in anticipation of this summer's release of Fins Are Forever (the sequel to Forgive My Fins), or the upcoming release of her new series about a set of triplets who discover that that they're the descendants of Medusa…you can get some minor relief from the wait by making sure to check Tera's blog every Friday—Tera has two previously unpublished books and every week she's posting a chapter for us to read—FOR FREE!!!!!! She posted the first chapter of Eye Candy last week, and let me just say, it's SWEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!

But her awesomeness doesn't end there—This chick has some serious good karma!!!!!!—Because, besides being one of the friendliest, most approachable authors ever—she's a kind, giving person, and a real role-model and inspiration. An inspiration of course for being such a fantastic writer, but also, because when the oil spill happened, Tera pledged money out of her own pocket to an ocean charity. And that would have been cool all on its own, but Tera always goes beyond—She used her blog to spread awareness about the spill. Tera made her posts interactive, so that even though she was pledging her own money, her fans could participate in helping such a good cause. And recently, when the issue of censorship came out over a book conference, Tera took a stand, along with a handful of other authors, to say that censorship (in any form) is not ok. Tera's also big on giving back by sharing her experience and wealth of knowledge with aspiring writers and fans.

And to top it off, in case I didn't mention it—Tera is SOOOOOOO cool!!!!! I don't know why, but I never dreamed that an author could be such a cool person—A real person. Of course, getting to know Tera through her blogs, tweets, chats, and one of my most favorite interviews…I've realized that her sense of humor and amazingness isn't just confined to her books, but rather, her books are the overflow of an amazing person.

I've always been grateful for the amazing, fantastic throngs of stories and books that I have been lucky enough to read over the years, and this is my way of saying thank you to one of my favorites!!!

Happy Birthday Tera!!!!!!


p.s. For anyone else who wants to say Happy Birthday to Tera…don't be shy—look her up on her blog, facebook, and twitter (@teralynnchilds)!!!!!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sharing the Love

Soooooooo…Out this week are some super amazing books that I am just CRAZY about right now and I thought I'd share the love!!!!!

I know I've been talking about Sophie Jordan's Firelight all week, but it was just released, and I'm absolutely dying over it. You should get a copy. Now!!!!

Also out this week, Cate Tiernan's Immortal Beloved, and Heather Davis's Never Cry Werewolf is in paperback.

Cate Tiernan has been one of my favorite authors ever since I read the first book in her Sweep series…For those of you that didn't get into Balefire, or haven't read her before, that's ok, because Sweep and Immortal Beloved are AMAZING!!!!!! And those of you haven't read these should!!!!! When I first read Sweep, it reminded me of one of my other faves—L.J. Smith. Immortal Beloved is everything I was hoping it would be, and totally epic, besides.

I found Heather Davis through the fabulous Books, Boys, Buzz… blog. And Never Cry Werewolf was one of those books that just called to me…I saw a couple comments; I liked the cover; I was hooked by the description. I didn't pick it up right away, but when I couldn't stop thinking about it, I knew I had to get it. Now I'm a super-fan!!!!!! I know there are more and more werewolf books lately, but I would definitely throw this one in the ring!!!!

And for any of you who are interested, I've got some more love to go around—Because of the release of Firelight and paperback birthday for Never Cry Werewolf, there are some pretty cool contests going on!!!! Heather Davis is giving away 5 copies of Never Cry Werewolf at the Books, Boys, Buzz... blog—Just comment on this week's blog posts to enter. And you can check out both Sophie Jordan's blog and Tera Lynn Childs' blog for Firelight contests.

Never Cry Werewolf

Never Cry Werewolf was one of those books I didn't buy at first. Mostly because I wasn't actually anywhere near a bookstore when I first saw it. I found it online, the cover pulled me in, and the blurb interested me. But I didn't pick it up. Instead, I just found myself looking it up every time I visited the Barnes&Noble website, until I finally realized that I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it until I gave in and read it.

I was SOOOOOOO not disappointed!!!!! I'd never read Heather Davis before, but I'll never hesitate again!!!!

Never Cry Werewolf is kind of a wicked-stepmother type modern fairy-tale mixed with werewolves. Shelby can't seem to stop herself from getting mixed up with the wrong boys, and Priscilla, her stepmother, won't let her forget it. When Shelby is caught breaking curfew with yet another boy, Priscilla's solution is to send Shelby to boot camp. Shelby has every intention of following the rules, but she never expected to meet Austin Bridges.

But Shelby's problems extend beyond boy trouble, or straightening out her priorities, while her father has seemingly moved on, Shelby is still struggling to deal with the death of her mother. I loved the relationships between the characters and the setting, and the way the whole story fits together. Davis does a great job of making relatable characters in a paranormal story, but more than that, she created characters and relationships that I really started to care about (or in hate in Priscilla's case). My favorite part is how Davis doesn't let the characters gloss over the werewolf aspect, like so many books do. I also like the fairy-tale aspect, with Shelby caught between her stepmother, a werewolf, and a hint of Little Red Riding Hood on the side.

Never Cry Werewolf is currently celebrating its paperback birthday—I haven't heard anything about a sequel, but I would love to see more of these characters!!!!!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I don’t ever remember being blessed with such an abundance of good books.  In fact, I remember a number of times where I’d get to the mall, and make a beeline for B. Dalton—I’d head all the way to the back and turn left.  I’d like to say I spent hours perusing the YA shelves, (and over all the years, I’m sure I did), but in truth I’d skim the familiar shelves top to bottom, left to right, as fast as possible.  I was always in a rush to find something new to take home with me.  I was absolutely filled with excitement and adrenaline whenever I found something.  And filled with disappointment and longing when I didn’t, searching the shelves, hoping that I had missed something.  But I was a fast reader and it was a small bookstore, it didn’t take long to clean them out.

And it seemed that as often as not, I left the store empty handed.  And even these days, it still seems like I’m racing through books—I have plenty to read, and never enough—Because as much as I’m reading, and enjoying the books I’m reading, my mind keeps wandering to the books that I don’t have.  Yet.  The ones that haven’t been released, the ones I can’t quite get my hands on.

Of course, now that I’ve moved and the bookstore is a (freaking) hour away, instead of pacing the isles, looking for early releases (hey, it’s happened), I’ve become dependent on my Nook.  When something new is coming out, I start checking it daily…a couple times a day…And by the time midnight is approaching release day, I’m checking obsessively, just because you never know what time-zone it’ll be released in and let you download.  And thank goodness for my Nook—Without it, I’d be waiting another eight hours or so to get a hardcover at the bookstore, plus another hour driving back home before I could actually read it.

So instead of lying in my bed last night, dreaming of Firelight, Sophie Jordan’s newest release—I was lying in bed, holding my Nook in a white-knuckled embrace, reading as fast as I could.

Jacinda lives in a world where the descendants of dragons have evolved the ability to transform into human shape as a protection from the very humans that would hunt them down and kill them.  But hunters aren’t the only things Jacinda has to worry about.  Jacinda is the first fire-breathing Draki in centuries; her pride is not only very proud of her, but very interested in making sure Jacinda has lots of little Draki to carry on the tradition.  Jacinda feels trapped by the limitations of the pride, the fear of hunters, and she certainly isn’t ready to settle down and have kids—She rebels, but when Jacinda is almost caught by hunters, this just makes the pride put more pressure on her.  When Jacinda’s family flees to try and save her, Jacinda only feels more trapped, trying to fit in at a normal high school, with normal people.  And Will, the one guy who could make it all worthwhile for Jacinda, might be the most dangerous guy of all.

Firelight was absolutely consuming—From the first page I was breathless.  Firelight is such a vivid book—The colors and characters seem to pop right off the page and take you for a ride right along with them.  Jacinda and Will were my favorites, but I couldn’t help being surprisingly mesmerized by Jacinda’s sister Tamra.  I kept wanting to love Tamra, and alternately throw things at her (not unlike my own sister).  There were just so many good things about this book.  And the only bad thing is that we have to wait for the sequel.  But I’m not complaining (much)—I’m just so glad that there will be a sequel—These are definitely characters that I can’t get enough of!!!!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Firelight Released!!!!!!!!

In case you didn't notice the zeros on the counter, or in case you didn't have a counter of your own to keep an eye on, today is the release day for Firelight by Sophie Jordan.

I've been waiting for this book, ever since I saw the cover.  And the description only sealed it.  I entered every contest I could find, but in the end I had to download it at midnight the old-fashioned way. ;)

I made myself go to bed at 3:00 this morning, but it's so frakin' good it took forever to fall asleep because my mind was still racing and my eyelids wouldn't stop moving!

I'm not super-big on book trailers, but I actually liked this one, and thought is was kind of cute, so I thought I'd share with you.

Enough sharing, I have to get back to my book!!!!!!


Monday, September 6, 2010

Something Wicked

Is it weird to start a series and not expect a happy ending???  Normally I’m begging and pleading for happy endings, and I don’t want to spoil anything, because I definitely didn't see this ending coming, but I was definitely satisfied.  Darkly satisfied.

I started Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr, thinking of it as the beginning of a series.  But since I’ve finished reading Wicked Lovely, I’m getting a feeling like it’s more of a series of companion novels that fit well together, with the same characters, but can also stand by themselves.  And it’s kind of refreshing.

I LOVE series.  Because if I fall in love with a story or an author, I don’t want it to end—I’m greedy; I want more.  But on the opposite side, it can be really frustrating to invest so much time and emotion being sucked into a story, and left without an ending.  I want closure.  I love the journey, the anticipation, the thrills and surprises.  But in the end, I want to BE somewhere, not just left on the side of the road until the next ride comes along.

I went into Wicked Lovely imagining it as the story of Aislinn, a mortal girl who can see fairies and is sucked into the world of the fey.  But it’s more than just Aislinn’s story, it’s also the story of Donia and Keenan and Seth.  Donia used to be mortal, too.  Now she’s been doomed to warning other girls about what can happen when you fall in love with a fairy king.  Keenan is the Summer King, but he is powerless unless he can find the Summer Queen.  And Seth is a mortal boy who fell in love with a mortal girl who sees fairies.

Wicked Lovely definitely has the feel of a dark fairy tale, both old and modern.  Aislinn would do anything not to see fairies, but it wouldn’t have mattered, because Keenan had already set his sights on her.  I kept expecting Seth or Donia to fade away, for either Seth or Keenan to do something to indicate who she should choose, who she should fight for.  But Melissa Marr is truly an expert at weaving her characters together—Everything they did, just endeared me to the characters that much more.  The story was dark and thrilling and contagious, racing through page after page, each twist more unexpected.  And the closer to the end I got, the harder it was to imagine that I would ever be satisfied—And that was the biggest surprise of all—A very pleasant surprise.


p.s. Thanks to Melissa Marr, I won this book from her contest on the Supernatural Underground!!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ghost Huntress: The Counseling

So, if any of you are Ghost Huntress fans or have been watching the Books, Boys, Buzz... blog, you would know that this past week was the release of Marley Gibson’s fourth and newest installment, Ghost Huntress:  The Counseling.

I’d been hearing things about the Ghost Huntress series, good things, for a while.  So I put it on my ever-growing TBR list, until I could finance a series…Books prices tend to add up when you want to read everything in the world.  I’m just saying…

Then I heard that the setting for The Counseling was in the Sierras.  [SIDENOTE:  I used to work at a camp outside of Yosemite, and I’ve been getting homesick for it.]  And everything I was reading about The Counseling only made me want to read it more, leaving me with a tough decision.  I LOVE series, but I HATE reading books out of order.  And that pretty much made up my mind—As excited as I was about The Counseling, and as much as I REALLY wanted to read the series, my tangible TBR list was sitting here, staring at me, telling me to just be patient.

Yeah, so I was patient for about two seconds, when I found out that NetGalley had a galley copy available for request.  All my arguments went out the window as I downloaded with the speed of light, and tore through it almost as fast.  Ok, I cannot read at the speed of light, but I raced through it.

*sigh* I love good books, good authors, good things…and The Counseling was definitely all of those.  While I would definitely recommend reading the entire series, which is what I plan to do, I think starting at the end is almost as good.

One problem that usually comes up with starting in the middle of a series is that you don’t know the characters, or their bffs, or any of their relationships, story arc, etc…  But it turns out that I picked up the series in the perfect spot.
Kendall Moorehead ghost hunts with a group of her friends.  But Kendall isn’t just any ghost hunter, she’s psychic.  She sees and hears ghosts, and knows what they’re feeling.  In The Counseling, Kendall has just gone through some major life-and-death trauma and her parents have decided to send her to a retreat in the Sierras for Spring Break, a camp for extra-special kids with psychic abilities like Kendall.  And there, Kendall can get perspective and guidance from some authorities on the topic…and meet some new friends.  :)

Like I said, if I was going to jump into a series, this is the perfect spot—Marley was great about giving the background for the character, but I didn’t have to worry that I was missing any innuendos, because Kendall was in a completely new place with completely new characters, and I could get to know everyone at the same time.  And speaking of great timing, this is the perfect book if you’re starting to get into the Halloween spirit!

The Counseling is a fun, fast-paced read that kept me flipping the pages as fast as I could to see what was going to happen…And now that I know…I can’t wait to pick up the rest of the Ghost Huntress series to catch up on everything that’s already happened!!!!


*Special thanks to NetGalley and HMH books, cover courtesy of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.*

MEMEba me? (IMM7) +Award

Another successful visit to a second-hand shop—It’s actually one that I’ve never been to before (mostly because it has the worst hours ever—It closes at five and isn’t open weekends or holidays).  Anyway, I finally managed to stop by when it was actually open, and this book made it well worth the trip!!!!!!  I haven’t seen Rent a Third Grader by B.B. Hiller in ages!!!!—I’m not sure if I still have it anymore, but I do now!  :)  I used to LOVE this book when I was a kid, and it’s been making me smile all day, just thinking about it. :)

Also, I joined my first blog tour and was actually supposed to post a couple days ago, but my ARC of The Education of Bet by Lauren Baratz-Logsted only just came in the mail.  Can’t wait to read it, though, it looks amazing!!!!!!

Oh, and did I mention that Jenn @ No Rest for the Wicked (awesome name and SOOOOO true) gave me the One Lovely Blog Award????  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! :) :) :)

And lastly, for my ever-faithful Nook, more *FREE* ebooks from Barnes&Noble!!!!!  They spoil me so good!!!!!

Hope you're having a fantastic Labor Day weekend!!!!!


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