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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I don’t ever remember being blessed with such an abundance of good books.  In fact, I remember a number of times where I’d get to the mall, and make a beeline for B. Dalton—I’d head all the way to the back and turn left.  I’d like to say I spent hours perusing the YA shelves, (and over all the years, I’m sure I did), but in truth I’d skim the familiar shelves top to bottom, left to right, as fast as possible.  I was always in a rush to find something new to take home with me.  I was absolutely filled with excitement and adrenaline whenever I found something.  And filled with disappointment and longing when I didn’t, searching the shelves, hoping that I had missed something.  But I was a fast reader and it was a small bookstore, it didn’t take long to clean them out.

And it seemed that as often as not, I left the store empty handed.  And even these days, it still seems like I’m racing through books—I have plenty to read, and never enough—Because as much as I’m reading, and enjoying the books I’m reading, my mind keeps wandering to the books that I don’t have.  Yet.  The ones that haven’t been released, the ones I can’t quite get my hands on.

Of course, now that I’ve moved and the bookstore is a (freaking) hour away, instead of pacing the isles, looking for early releases (hey, it’s happened), I’ve become dependent on my Nook.  When something new is coming out, I start checking it daily…a couple times a day…And by the time midnight is approaching release day, I’m checking obsessively, just because you never know what time-zone it’ll be released in and let you download.  And thank goodness for my Nook—Without it, I’d be waiting another eight hours or so to get a hardcover at the bookstore, plus another hour driving back home before I could actually read it.

So instead of lying in my bed last night, dreaming of Firelight, Sophie Jordan’s newest release—I was lying in bed, holding my Nook in a white-knuckled embrace, reading as fast as I could.

Jacinda lives in a world where the descendants of dragons have evolved the ability to transform into human shape as a protection from the very humans that would hunt them down and kill them.  But hunters aren’t the only things Jacinda has to worry about.  Jacinda is the first fire-breathing Draki in centuries; her pride is not only very proud of her, but very interested in making sure Jacinda has lots of little Draki to carry on the tradition.  Jacinda feels trapped by the limitations of the pride, the fear of hunters, and she certainly isn’t ready to settle down and have kids—She rebels, but when Jacinda is almost caught by hunters, this just makes the pride put more pressure on her.  When Jacinda’s family flees to try and save her, Jacinda only feels more trapped, trying to fit in at a normal high school, with normal people.  And Will, the one guy who could make it all worthwhile for Jacinda, might be the most dangerous guy of all.

Firelight was absolutely consuming—From the first page I was breathless.  Firelight is such a vivid book—The colors and characters seem to pop right off the page and take you for a ride right along with them.  Jacinda and Will were my favorites, but I couldn’t help being surprisingly mesmerized by Jacinda’s sister Tamra.  I kept wanting to love Tamra, and alternately throw things at her (not unlike my own sister).  There were just so many good things about this book.  And the only bad thing is that we have to wait for the sequel.  But I’m not complaining (much)—I’m just so glad that there will be a sequel—These are definitely characters that I can’t get enough of!!!!



Danielle said...

You are so funny.

I can't wait to read this one either. I'm jealous. :)

nymfaux said...


It's SOOOOOOOO good!!!!!!!! Don't wait!!!!!!!!

Tiffani said...

Haha nice review!!!! :) I can't wait to read this book!!! Oh yeah, and do you like nooks better than the actual paper books? Haha that rhymed lol :) (just wondering cause I'm not sure if a want a nook) :D

nymfaux said...

@Tiffani Thanks!!! :) Glad you liked it!--You'll LOVE Firelight, trust me!!!!

As for my Nook, I wouldn't say I like it BETTER, but I do love it--It totally spoils me.

I've always loved the feel and smell of a paperback book in my hands, and I always will. There isn't anything else like that feeling.

That being said...Not that I travel A LOT (or as much as I'd like), but I travel enough--and I don't even have to think about what books to pack, or how I'm going to fit them all, 'cause I don't know what mood I'll be in to read, or how fast, etc...With everything on my Nook, I'm totally set.

Also, I just moved and it made the moving process SOOOOOO much easier, I've always had a hard time getting rid of books, but now I just kept the ones that are REALLY important.

AND, since the nearest bookstore is an hour away in any direction, Nook has REALLY been a life-saver!!!!

AND, I take advantage of all the B&N ebook offers, and am able to read digital ARCs/galley copies of books, so those have been amazing bonuses!!!!

I know it's not for everybody, but it's been perfect for me!!!!

Let me know if you have questions--I can go on and on about this forever (and I did a couple posts on the pros & the kinks, too)