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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Firelight Released!!!!!!!!

In case you didn't notice the zeros on the counter, or in case you didn't have a counter of your own to keep an eye on, today is the release day for Firelight by Sophie Jordan.

I've been waiting for this book, ever since I saw the cover.  And the description only sealed it.  I entered every contest I could find, but in the end I had to download it at midnight the old-fashioned way. ;)

I made myself go to bed at 3:00 this morning, but it's so frakin' good it took forever to fall asleep because my mind was still racing and my eyelids wouldn't stop moving!

I'm not super-big on book trailers, but I actually liked this one, and thought is was kind of cute, so I thought I'd share with you.

Enough sharing, I have to get back to my book!!!!!!



Danielle said...

I know! Isn't it so exciting! I've been waiting forever.

nymfaux said...

I know!!! Right!!!! It's SOOOOOOO good, I'm loving it!!!!!!!! And now I have to get back to it!!!!!! :)

Mary Brebner said...

This book has been at my TBR for a while now--I'm hearing such fantastic things about it and I'm dying to read it!!

nymfaux said...

@Mary--It's SOOOOOOOO good!!!!! if you don't have it yet, I know there are a couple contests going on:



but definitely make sure you get your hands on it!!!!! (I have to go finish, my sis is staring at it a little too closely right now!) ;)