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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good Night

It’s not even October yet, but the Halloween stores are already popping up, costumes and candy are lining the store shelves, blogs have started getting spookier, and the scary movies have started coming out.  I started getting in the mood for Halloween early this year, but I was trying to hold off since it was barely September (Although Alfred Hitchcock’s birthday is August 13).  But I give up and give in, Halloween spirit can be almost as fun as Christmas spirit—Well, the candy is certainly comparable.  ;)  Although one is filled with darkness and foreboding and the other with songs and presents, both make you expect the unexpected and believe in the unbelievable.  So yeah, bring it on, I am SOOOOOOOOO ready for Halloween!!!!!!
I watched M. Night Shyamalan’s Devil this weekend and it was creepy spooky on-the-edge-of-my-seat good.

I don’t know how you feel about Mr. Shymalan’s work, I’ve heard all the critiques, but I still liked most of his movies—Personally, I can go either way on The Last Airbender.  If you thought he was losing his touch, he’s back.  If you do like his movies—This is better.

The story begins with another story, a story about how the devil walks among us, and how sometimes he chooses to show his presence.  And have no doubt; this is one of those days.  There’s an office building, your normal, average skyscraper.  The building is busy and bustling, seemingly the same as every other day.  Gads of people milling about and a dozen elevators running up and down, seemingly through chance, five people are brought together in one elevator.  When the elevator stops, panic and frenzy slowly seep in.  When the lights blink out, there is a scuffle and a girl is injured—Suddenly everyone starts to wonder who they’re trapped with.

Let’s just say that I don’t plan on riding any elevators for a while.  I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who's already affraid of elevators, but for anyone else who’s getting excited about Halloween; this is the perfect movie to start setting the mood!!!!!



Danielle said...

I'm baby and I don't watch scary movies because they give me nightmares. LOL No, really I'm serious. :)

....Petty Witter said...

Catching up with all the blogs I haven’t had a chance to visit in a while, it was good to hear all your latest news. Like Danielle I'm a baby (no, I just have an active imagination) and don't like scary movies. Halloween, however, I love even if it isn't as big here in England.

nymfaux said...

@Danielle & Petty Witter
--I wouldn't call you guys babies--I'd call you sensible, rational people. Most of the time I hate scary movies, and usually have as much desire to watch them as I do to go on roller coasters---But if someone drags me along, I'll go...hmmm, feels like I could blog more on this ;)

@Petty Witter, I'm glad you still get to enjoy Halloween--is there anything that they do in England to celebrate?