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Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday TLC!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to you!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!! Happy Birthday dear Tera Lynn Childs!!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!

I just want to throw a shout out to one of my favoritist authors and people in the whole world—Tera Lynn Childs!!!!!!

Ok, so I haven't actually met Tera (yet), but I've been stalking her for a while now, and I've got to tell you she's just one of the absolute coolest people there is!!!!!

As a child, I was dependant on the kindness of booksellers for any information about what books were coming out when. Sometimes I only had a book jacket to tell me when a sequel was supposed to come out. I would put the date on my mental calendar, and have to physically go to the bookstore to see if the book had arrived. Sometimes this would require several stops—In one case I've waited over a decade—it wasn't always easy to get a hold of a book, but I was certainly persistent. So, somehow, growing up with this one-sided limited way of gathering information, I ended up with a picture in my head of authors as these magical, elusive, secretive beings. I was completely in awe.

And with the advent of the internet and easily accessible authors, I'm still not sure my original theory is completely wrong—I still believe authors are magical, and I am still in complete awe—but surprisingly, they are nowhere near as elusive or secretive as I thought—which actually kind of adds to my awe—and Tera is a lot to blame for that.

It actually wasn't that long ago, that I thought I would do another futile book search. I was IN LOVE with Tera's Oh.My.Gods. and Goddess Bootcamp Books and I was dying to read more. I thought I'd do a quick google and spend the rest of my day crying because I couldn't find anything. Imagine my surprise with the massive abundance of goodness I found!!!!!!!

It turns out Tera is one of the most tech-savvy authors out there!!!! I found her blog, her other blog, and info on the (then) upcoming Forgive My Fins. At that moment, Tera became my superhero!!!!

Tera's blog had all kinds of bloggy goodness, from a list of her books (current and upcoming), her bio, some short story/companion pieces to her published books, and just some cool blog posts about what she was up to, her writing, and general good bloggy fun!!!!! Tera's other blog, Books, Boys, Buzz... was a collaboration between her and a handful of other (completely amazing) YA authors (or Bees). The Buzz is filled with fantastic discussions, updates on what the Bees are working on, when their books are being released, and, oh yeah…contests!!!!!

And not long after I found those, the Supernatural Underground was launched—Another fabulous blog, featuring a mind-boggling star-studded cast of authors—almost one for each day of the month—with insightful/fun/interesting discussions, often fraught with man-candy and contests. I don't have any proof, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Tera was a huge force behind the development of both the Buzz and the Supernatural Underground…I'm just saying…'Cause she's THAT AWESOME!!!!!!

And if you're like me, and can't wait, because you're panting in anticipation of this summer's release of Fins Are Forever (the sequel to Forgive My Fins), or the upcoming release of her new series about a set of triplets who discover that that they're the descendants of Medusa…you can get some minor relief from the wait by making sure to check Tera's blog every Friday—Tera has two previously unpublished books and every week she's posting a chapter for us to read—FOR FREE!!!!!! She posted the first chapter of Eye Candy last week, and let me just say, it's SWEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!

But her awesomeness doesn't end there—This chick has some serious good karma!!!!!!—Because, besides being one of the friendliest, most approachable authors ever—she's a kind, giving person, and a real role-model and inspiration. An inspiration of course for being such a fantastic writer, but also, because when the oil spill happened, Tera pledged money out of her own pocket to an ocean charity. And that would have been cool all on its own, but Tera always goes beyond—She used her blog to spread awareness about the spill. Tera made her posts interactive, so that even though she was pledging her own money, her fans could participate in helping such a good cause. And recently, when the issue of censorship came out over a book conference, Tera took a stand, along with a handful of other authors, to say that censorship (in any form) is not ok. Tera's also big on giving back by sharing her experience and wealth of knowledge with aspiring writers and fans.

And to top it off, in case I didn't mention it—Tera is SOOOOOOO cool!!!!! I don't know why, but I never dreamed that an author could be such a cool person—A real person. Of course, getting to know Tera through her blogs, tweets, chats, and one of my most favorite interviews…I've realized that her sense of humor and amazingness isn't just confined to her books, but rather, her books are the overflow of an amazing person.

I've always been grateful for the amazing, fantastic throngs of stories and books that I have been lucky enough to read over the years, and this is my way of saying thank you to one of my favorites!!!

Happy Birthday Tera!!!!!!


p.s. For anyone else who wants to say Happy Birthday to Tera…don't be shy—look her up on her blog, facebook, and twitter (@teralynnchilds)!!!!!



MsFairyFreak said...

Awesome post Jill. :)

GREYZ said...

Dropping by and following via the friday hops. :)

Melissa said...

hahaha what a cute and sweet post :)

Anonymous said...

I have this out from the library and if it's as awesome as you say, I'm going to be a very happy reader. :D

nymfaux said...

Thanks for stopping by everybody!!!

@Bookwurrm I hope you enjoy it!!!!--Tera has such a fun bubbly way of writing, and I'm really looking forward to the sequel!!!!