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Sunday, September 26, 2010

IMM So Excited (IMM10)

I actually AM super excited this week, because I get to show off the new cover for Tera Lynn Childs’ upcoming release Fins Are Forever!!!!!  The book won’t be officially released until June 28, 2011—But I’m so glad I have this pretty, shiny, sparkly cover to tide me over until the release!!!!  Or until those shiny, sparkly, pretty new ARCs start making their way into all of our greedy little book blogger hands…you know, whichever comes first.
Come on, you have to admit, this cover is pretty, well, PRETTY.  I don’t normally gush about covers, like this, but I swear it has some sort of hypnotic quality.  I just randomly find myself staring at it for random periods on end.  Its predecessor, Forgive My Fins was the same way—I thought it was absolutely STUNNING on the computer, but when I actually had it my hands I could not stop staring at it.  Or as soon as I would stop, I’d glance over and pick it up again.

Ok, I’m going to stop now.  I’m going to try and stop anyway…because this is only the cover, and I know the real magic is hiding between the covers...

And lest you think I spent all week just staring at a pretty book cover (um, ok, I kinda did)…Tera also released the fourth chapter of Eye Candy, her unpublished super-sweet freebie that I am TOTALLY IN LOVE with!!!!!  It’s absolutely mouthwatering and I’m dying for more!!!!!

Oh, yeah….AND….Just to prove I read other authors, too…. ;)  I don’t know how many of you know Sara Shepard’s Pretty Little Liars series—I LOVED the tv series from the first ad I saw to the jaw-dropping finale.  I was going back and forth all summer debating whether or not I should (or could) read the books while I was watching the tv series.  Would they be close?  Would I get mad at one?  Finally I couldn’t take the temptation and decided to cave and pick up the books…But before breaking into my piggy bank, I had this novel idea that I would utilize the services of my local library.  Yeah….apparently this was a pretty popular idea…There was a three-month wait-list for the first book…which ended up being perfect timing, since I didn’t have to worry about conflicts arising from reading and watching at the same…And the long-awaited email finally came in yesterday…I just picked it up and can’t wait to dig in!!!!

Hope everybody is having a great week (and better luck with their internet connections than I am)!!!!


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Drackar said...

And lo, I find a new book series to read.

I love the blogverse.

nymfaux said...

:) !!!blogverse is awesome for sharing!!!! Hope you're enjoying your reading as much as I am!!!