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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Never Cry Werewolf

Never Cry Werewolf was one of those books I didn't buy at first. Mostly because I wasn't actually anywhere near a bookstore when I first saw it. I found it online, the cover pulled me in, and the blurb interested me. But I didn't pick it up. Instead, I just found myself looking it up every time I visited the Barnes&Noble website, until I finally realized that I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it until I gave in and read it.

I was SOOOOOOO not disappointed!!!!! I'd never read Heather Davis before, but I'll never hesitate again!!!!

Never Cry Werewolf is kind of a wicked-stepmother type modern fairy-tale mixed with werewolves. Shelby can't seem to stop herself from getting mixed up with the wrong boys, and Priscilla, her stepmother, won't let her forget it. When Shelby is caught breaking curfew with yet another boy, Priscilla's solution is to send Shelby to boot camp. Shelby has every intention of following the rules, but she never expected to meet Austin Bridges.

But Shelby's problems extend beyond boy trouble, or straightening out her priorities, while her father has seemingly moved on, Shelby is still struggling to deal with the death of her mother. I loved the relationships between the characters and the setting, and the way the whole story fits together. Davis does a great job of making relatable characters in a paranormal story, but more than that, she created characters and relationships that I really started to care about (or in hate in Priscilla's case). My favorite part is how Davis doesn't let the characters gloss over the werewolf aspect, like so many books do. I also like the fairy-tale aspect, with Shelby caught between her stepmother, a werewolf, and a hint of Little Red Riding Hood on the side.

Never Cry Werewolf is currently celebrating its paperback birthday—I haven't heard anything about a sequel, but I would love to see more of these characters!!!!!



anjohnston said...

I enjoyed this book too. It was a quick easy read and I wasn't sure how it was going to end. Glad to read you liked it too!

nymfaux said...

:) I was really happy I picked this one up!!!!!! I know what you mean--By the time I got close to the end, I wasn't sure I had enough pages left, but I really liked what she did with it!!!