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Monday, September 6, 2010

Something Wicked

Is it weird to start a series and not expect a happy ending???  Normally I’m begging and pleading for happy endings, and I don’t want to spoil anything, because I definitely didn't see this ending coming, but I was definitely satisfied.  Darkly satisfied.

I started Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr, thinking of it as the beginning of a series.  But since I’ve finished reading Wicked Lovely, I’m getting a feeling like it’s more of a series of companion novels that fit well together, with the same characters, but can also stand by themselves.  And it’s kind of refreshing.

I LOVE series.  Because if I fall in love with a story or an author, I don’t want it to end—I’m greedy; I want more.  But on the opposite side, it can be really frustrating to invest so much time and emotion being sucked into a story, and left without an ending.  I want closure.  I love the journey, the anticipation, the thrills and surprises.  But in the end, I want to BE somewhere, not just left on the side of the road until the next ride comes along.

I went into Wicked Lovely imagining it as the story of Aislinn, a mortal girl who can see fairies and is sucked into the world of the fey.  But it’s more than just Aislinn’s story, it’s also the story of Donia and Keenan and Seth.  Donia used to be mortal, too.  Now she’s been doomed to warning other girls about what can happen when you fall in love with a fairy king.  Keenan is the Summer King, but he is powerless unless he can find the Summer Queen.  And Seth is a mortal boy who fell in love with a mortal girl who sees fairies.

Wicked Lovely definitely has the feel of a dark fairy tale, both old and modern.  Aislinn would do anything not to see fairies, but it wouldn’t have mattered, because Keenan had already set his sights on her.  I kept expecting Seth or Donia to fade away, for either Seth or Keenan to do something to indicate who she should choose, who she should fight for.  But Melissa Marr is truly an expert at weaving her characters together—Everything they did, just endeared me to the characters that much more.  The story was dark and thrilling and contagious, racing through page after page, each twist more unexpected.  And the closer to the end I got, the harder it was to imagine that I would ever be satisfied—And that was the biggest surprise of all—A very pleasant surprise.


p.s. Thanks to Melissa Marr, I won this book from her contest on the Supernatural Underground!!!!


Melissa said...

I definitely loved Wicked Lovely, but I wasn't too fond of the next book. Great thoughts :)

nymfaux said...

:) Glad you liked it; and good to know. I've seen these books all over the place, but hadn't really heard any specifics--Although from what I have heard, the next book sounds even darker. But I've been getting in a spooky/Halloween mood lately, so it seemed like a good time to read it! :)

Also, if you liked Wicked Lovely, you might like Tam Lin by Pamela Dean, which is kind of re-imagined/re-told fairy tale being played out in modern times (the 70s?)


Next book is Ink Exchange I think and it is very dark and Ash, Seth and Keenan only have minor roles in it as it focuses on a different court. Then Fragile Eternity which focuses on another court and Radiant Shadows on some other characters. It should all be tied up in the final book Darkest Mercies which comes out in February. I think some of the characters die, and it's not all happy endings and roses for everybody. You really need to go to the Rath and Ruins web site and join in the fun. I just read, but they really get into a debate over Seth or Keenan and Melissa slips out little bits of the last book for us to read. And the new cover is out which is beautiful. And really great music lists for songs to go with the books. I've found some great music just by listening to some of them.

Wicked Lovely is my favorite book, for now.

nymfaux said...

Ooooo!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! I'll definitely have to check that out!!!!!! :)