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Friday, October 29, 2010

Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho

With Halloween looming ever nearer, I’ve been spending my time getting in touch with some classic scariness.  And I feel that I would be remiss in not mentioning one of the all-time classic scary movies:


So, yeah, there may have been monster movies before Psycho.  There may have been crime movies and mysteries.  There were even plenty of Hitchcock movies that came before.

But has there EVER been anything before or since that can come close to the mind-bending, gender-bending twists, the surprises, and the phenomenon of Psycho???

I’m a BIG Hitchcock fanyeah, in sixth grade, when everybody else was doing reports on people like Abraham Lincoln, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, Jr. (apparently I had a very civic-minded class), I was doing a report on Sir Alfred Hitchcock.  (I titled it: Presenting Alfred Hitchcock, in case you’re curious.)

So I was absolutely super-psyched to find Stephen Rebello’s Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho.

I’ve watched Psycho beforeOr, that is, I thought I’d watched it.  But reading Rebello’s account was like watching the movie for the very first time.

As a Hitchcock fan, I’d read and heard a lot of behind-the-scenes type stuff before I’d ever watched the movie.  And when I did watch it, in the darkest of rooms (as proper etiquette dictates the watching of Hitchcock movies), as I pressed play, I found myself enwrapped.  And just like the first time I watched Psycho, I thought I knew what was coming, when I picked up Rebello's Alfred Hitchcock and the making of Psycho, that is, until I opened it and found myself forgetting everything I thought I knew.

I was absolutely drawn in from the very first page, from the horrifying real-life inspiration of the story, to the best-selling novel, throughout the amazing efforts that it took to make Psycho into Psycho, and the instant, wide-spread, long-lasting effect Hitchcock’s Psycho had on society.

As a movie-buff, I’ve read plenty of memoirs and behind-the-scenes storiesI LOVE them.  They FEED me.  But I truly found myself riveted, not just by Rebello’s relating of the story, but by the way his own writing was so infectious, that I was hanging on every word and hungering for more.

So, if you’re a movie fan, a Hitchcock buff, interested in mysteries, true crimes, or looking for something to scare you into the Halloween spirit, I would absolutely pick up a copy of Stephen Rebello’s Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho.

And thanks to Open Road Integrated Media for making this riveting read available digitally!!!!


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