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Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'MM Hooked Up! (IMM11)

Holla!  I meant to post earlier, but my only excuse is that we picked up my parents at the airport yesterday, went to check out the La Brea Tarpits, oh, and then we stopped at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, followed by a two-hour tour of celebrity homes in the Hollywood hillside.  Needless to say it was frackin’ AWESOME!!!!!!!

Of course, my parents aren’t the only things I got InMyMailbox this week…they brought cheese curds.  *SIGH*    Squeaky fresh—Sweet juicy morsels of cheddar that squeak in your mouth.  Yes, that’s right; they squeak when you bite into them, and that’s how you know that they’re absolutely mmm….to sigh for.  They are a delicacy from Wisconsin, and pretty hard to find anywhere else, so they’re always at the top of my list when anyone is visiting.

But, in case you’re not a cheese-a-holic like me, I did happen to procure some pretty sweet swag from the book world, too…In fact, the great TLC, herself, (Tera Lynn Childs) sent me a beautiful batch of bookmarks and temporary tattoos for the fintabulous Forgive My Fins as well as bookmarks for the heavenly Oh.My.Gods. and Goddess Bootcamp….Hmmm….I’ll have to see what I can do about spreading the wealth… ;)

Also, Chapter 5 of Eye Candy, an unpublished novel that Tera has been serializing on her blog, just came out Friday.  Tera has definitely tapped my sweet tooth here, I'm absolutely craving Fridays just to get my weekly dose of candy-coated antics.

I also won a copy of Australian author Trent Jamieson’s Death Most Definitely from Nicole Murphy on the Supernatural Underground!!!!!  Death Most Definitely is the first book of Jamieson’s Death Works series, where the main character, Steve sounds a little bit of a supernatural travel agent, guiding the dead to well, wherever it is they’re supposed to go…unfortunately it sounds like Steve might have some job security issues; all his co-workers are being killed off…I haven’t read it yet, but I am definitely looking forward to it!!!!!

And…through the resources of multiple liebraries I have been able to acquire the rest of Sara Shepard’s Pretty Little Liars series!!!!!!  Let’s just say that cheese curds are not the only juicy mouth-watering delicious morsels that I In My Mailbox this week!!!!

Last week, I got highly anticipated email from my local library, letting me know that my request for the first book had finally come in—I picked it up right away and devoured it.  I was pretty sure that I was going to LOVE this series, but I wanted to be sure before making the eight-book investment.  Let me just tell you, not only was that three-month wait, worth it, but it was SOOOOOOO  worth it!!!!!!  Besides being absolutely IN LOVE with Sara Shepard’s series, when I went to the library I noticed something else that wasn’t there three months ago…While I had been waiting, the library had done some pretty fancy work on their website—Meaning no more waiting for the rest of the series, because I can now check them ALL out and download the ebooks online all from my library’s website!!!!!!!!  Didn’t I tell you I was hooked up?!?!?!?!?!

It’s still like borrowing a library book—You only get them for a certain amount of time before you have to “return” them.  But with digital, you don’t have to worry about due dates or late fees.  They use an Adobe program (free to download) so that you can read it from your computer—From there, I just add it to my Nook.  Voila!  Just make sure you read the book before it expires.  And it’s not super-important, but at my library, they only let you have 6 items checked out at once.  Like I said, not super-important…unless you’re reading an eight-book series.  But since I had already checked out a hardcopy of Pretty Little Liars, I only needed to worry about books 2 through 8.  So I downloaded Flawless, Perfect, Unbelievable, Wicked, and Killer, and was having problems with Heartless, plus having to return one of the books before I could get Wanted, when my sister unexpectedly solved that when she came home from work the other day with Wicked, Killer, Heartless, and Wanted.  Apparently all the time that I’ve spent overanalyzing the best and fastest ways to get a hold of this series, because not only does my library have waiting lists for all the books, but they would have to request them from other branches anyway, my sisters work library just had them all sitting together on a shelf.  Yeah, the air in my balloon deflated a little, when I realized how much time I’d spent trying to figure out how to get my hands on this series and there they were, just sitting on a shelf waiting for someone to nab them.

But the point is that libraries are frackin’ AWESOME, and that is how I have temporarily acquired my hodge-podge collection of Sara Shepard’s supremely-coveted Pretty Little Liars series.

Um, so I’d say I’ve had a pretty amazing week—how you doin’????


*In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi over at The Story Siren*  So head over there if you want to check out what everyone else got, or if you want to find out how to participate!!!


Briana said...

Ha! I'm a cheese lover too.

And I'm glad to see you liked the PLL series! I've been wanting to read those.

nymfaux said...

Yea!!!! :) Cheese-lovers unite!!!! Finally got the pics up, so now you can see what I'm so excited about!!!

And you should DEFINITELY check out the PLL series--I am SO hooked!!!!

Anna said...

Hi!I've got an award for you here http://bookstobrightenyourmood.blogspot.com/2010/10/life-is-good-award.html

Anonymous said...

Haha. Your entries are always so entertaining to read. <3