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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Soooo…I may have mentioned that I moved not too long ago.  Well, it doesn’t seem like I’ve been here that long, but it’s easy to lose track of time when you live in a place that doesn’t have seasons.  So it’s been a few months now, and I’m as unpacked and settled as I’ll ever be, but I still have absolutely no idea where my glasses went.  The more I thought about it, though, I realized that my prescription was at least two years old, which means that even if I found them, it’s not to say they’d do me much good.  Time to get a new pair.

I’m not blind, by any means, which is why I’ve been able to go so long without them.  But I’m on the computer a lot, or reading all the time, which is pretty much what I need my glasses for.  Not to mention I seem to run into things more often without my glasses.  Oh, and the fact that whenever I’m looking at a screen, or trying to read things, everything is blurry.  No big.

The last time I went to get glasses I had my appointment, picked out the frames, an hour later, voila!

This time I had a really hard time finding frames that I liked—Almost all of them seemed really dark, or were too small, or blah, or a combination.  I went to three different stores.  Then back and forth to each of them, and back and forth again.  And after I finally settled on a pair, it took a week before they were ready.

And after all that?  Completely worth it!!!!  I LOVE them!!!!!!  I’m not sure how much you can tell from the picture, but they’re kind of a dark, marbled green, with some cute little detailing and sparklies on the bows.  Everything looks super crisp and sharp when I put them on.  But my favorite part is how much they bring out the green in my hazel eyes!!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!

Also snagged a fantastic deal for the most kick-ass sunglasses I’ve ever had!!!!—And in the end, my two pairs were the same price as any one pair I could have gotten at either of the other stores!!!!  SCORE!!!!  ;)
Sooooo….the first thing I had to do with my pretty eyewear was take them for a test-drive over at the $1 Bookstore.  And boy, did I get a haul!!!!

I had a hard time deciding the best way to share these—About half of them are old favorites (Island of the Blue Dolphins, Zia, Jacob Have I Loved, Maniac Magee); half turned out to be award-winners (Island of the Blue Dolphins, Jacob Have I Loved, Rascal, Maniac Magee); I had two pairs by like authors (Island of the Blue Dolphins and Zia by Scott O’Dell and Jacob Have I Loved and Lyddie by Katherine Paterson), and randomly found two books about raccoons (Rascal by Sterling North and A Raccoon to Remember by Harriet E. Weaver).  Since they ended up being such a mix-and-match group, I decided to let them stay as they are.

My bookcases are starting to get a little crowded again, but B&N is still being kind of stingy on their freebies lately, so nothing new for my Nook right now.  I’m definitely keeping an eye out for day after Thanksgiving sales—I’m very thankful for all I have, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t be thankful for a little more!  ;)

OH!!!!  And any of you who haven't indulged your sweet tooth lately, seriously need to check out Tera Lynn Childs  and her super scrumptious Eye Candythe story of Lydia, a business exec with a compulsive candy habit...and now the Whopper of all lies—No one believes that Lydia has gotten over her ex, and no one will let her...that is, until she invents a NEW (slightly nonexistent) boyfriend.  Now that she has a new boyfriend, candy isn't the only thing giving Lydia a rush!!!   Tera (author of Oh.My.Gods., Goddess Bootcamp, Forgive My Fins, and the upcoming Fins Are Foreveradds a new, mouth-watering morsel, er, um, chapter, every Friday...And the most delicious part????  It's absolutely FREE!!!!!!  (And ZERO calories!) ;)  So, while I'm absolutely breathless in anticipation of Fins Are Forever, I'm still getting my TLC fix every FridayChapter 12 was just added this week, and I am absolutely buzzing!!!!!!

I hope everyone has an amazing holiday—I’m very much looking forward to this one!!!!Turkey and Tofurkey for all, and all a good night!!!!


*In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi over at The Story Siren*  So head over there if you want to check out what everyone else got, or if you want to find out how to participate!!!


Emma Michaels said...

Yeay! This is my first week of IMM!

Emma Michaels

Alison said...

What a great stash of classic books. And I got glasses this week too.

West Coast Beach Wife said...

I've been in SoCal for a few years now, and can never tell WHEN I am. Time just files! I love your new frames. You are brave. I put on my reading glasses a few years ago, saw dust after cleaning the whole place, and took them off. Time for me to get a calendar and new frames! -Westie

nymfaux said...

Hi guys!!!--Sorry I got behind on commenting--But thanks for stopping by!!!!
@Emma--Congrats on your first IMM!!!!--I just checked your blog and was so thrilled to see The Thirteenth Chime!!!!--It's been on the top of my tbr list, and now even more so!!!!

@Alison---I LOVE classics!! :) And I hope your new glasses are working out as well as mine are!!!!

@West Coast Beach Wife--lol, I love the idea of housework disappearing as soon as I take off my glasses (maybe if I had my sister's prescription) ;) which reminds me of dishes sitting next to the sink right now.... But I'm so glad that I'm not the only one in SoCal who loses track of time!!!--As for a calender, may I recommended an Advent calender?--They come with candy!!! :)