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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blogiesta! Olé!

Sooooo….  In either an amazing feat of coincidence or good timing…it turns out that there’s this crazy little thing called BLOGIESTA!  And it’s going on this weekend starting Friday, January 20 and going through Sunday, January 23!!!!

Blogiesta! is a 3-day blogger-spring-cleaning event hosted by Natasha at Maw Books Blog.  Well, it’s not exactly SPRING cleaning, since it’s only January…Let’s just say it’s more of a sprucing-up, beginning of the New Year, and all that…

And…Since it is the beginning of the year, and all that, I have been trying to do my own bloggie sprucing up…I guess great minds think alike.  ;)  And I wasn’t going to worry about Blogiesta!  But, the more I looked at Blogiesta! and all the funness and mini-challenges, and ideas…the more I realized that I was doing half of it anyway, so I might as well join up!!!!

Blogiesta! To Do and To Done List:

Clean Up Sidebars
-Organize Button/Badges and make awesome fun scrolling widget
-Update (\__/)Must See Movies
-Update Goodreads Book W*Sh L*sT
-Make REading Challenge Progress Bars

Make REading Challenge Page
Link update Reading Challenges with hosts
Make a Valentine’s Day Header/Banner
Make fan art for some of my favorite blogs that don’t have their own badges
Clean up labels/tags
Update profile/about me/review infaux
Update blog design colors for Valentine’s

Suggested Blogiesta! Mini-Challenges
-Make Favicon/Gravitar
-Add Copyright thing to Page Footer
-Back up Blog so I don’t lose it if I lose it
-Back up uploaded Blog pics, so all is not lost if they’re lost

Anyway, not too shabby.  I meant to just check out some of the Blogiesta! links and ideas last night, and, um, got a little sidetracked (as in I worked on it until, like, four am.) (oops!)—But, hey, I did get a lot done (despite the internet slowness which is will be the everlasting bane of my bloggie existence)!!!!!

I’ve been having a lot of fun, and really learning A LOT!!!!  I’m a little scared that when I see html code, I kind of understand it a little.

My first year of blogging has been so amazing yearI’ve made so many amazing new friends!!!  I’ve also made my own Blog button, with a take-away html code for anyone who likes me:


And I’ve made two fan badges for two of my favorite blogs that didn’t have their own:

Tera Lynn Childs and the Books, Boys, Buzz... girls—Both of whom have been so awesome and amazing and inspiring to me, both as a reader, a blogger, and a fan!!!

I made a scrolling widget to clean up and organize the buttons on my sidebar—Thanks to Small Bird Studio!!!

The Story Siren

Candace's Book Blog

The Book Vixen

I made progress challenge bars for my 2011 Reading Challenges!!!—Thanks to Parajunkee and the Book Vixen!!!!

And now thanks to Blogiesta!  I’ve done a whole bunch of other things that I didn’t even know I could or should do:

-Changed my favicon from the orange BLOGGER one, to my own little (\__/) (look at the top of the page and you’ll see it!!!!)

All in all, I’d say I’ve been VERY productive!!!!  Good luck to the rest of you out there who are blogging it up fiesta-style!

Blogiesta!  Olé!


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