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Friday, February 11, 2011

Do I Have To Have a Reason?

Wow, just when I feel I have something to say…my internet slows down (inversely proportionate).
It reminds me of when I was a little kid—I was old enough that I could write, but didn’t know cursive yet.  I had a story in my head that I just HAD to get down on paper—but my pencil couldn’t keep up with the speed of my thoughts.  I ended up dictating the whole thing to my mom.

And I feel like that now—The slower my internet connection is, the more I want to write about.  Although, I guess I shouldn’t completely blame the internet… I feel like I have bundles of inspiration coming out my fingertips, and I don’t know where to start—I want to READ, and tell EVERYONE ALL about what I’m reading…I want to WRITE.  I want to read the next thing on my list…Then the gears start turning in my head—I’ve mostly been reading YA, but then I read something not YA, but I still want to share it, because it was GOOD.  And my book budget has been pretty minimal lately, so I’ve been hitting my tbr shelf, many of which haven’t even been released this century…And then I read a couple of COMPLETELY. AMAZING. books.  ABSOLUTELY. FANTASTIC.  And also, kind of on the serious/mildly depressing side, so I’ve been wondering if it’s a good idea to review them so close together—even though I was just in the kind of mood for that kind of reading… I was even wondering if it’s a good idea to put so many good reviews together?—Does that make me sound easy?—Or does it just speak to how many AMAZING novels are being put out there for us???

And then part of me keeps hearing weird whispers and goings on in the book world—questions about whether book bloggers are valuable to the book industry—and also my little rant the other day, about how I felt a particular author was being bullied.  And then I just heard that one of my favorite authors was fired from one of my favorite series???  And does anyone even care what I have to say?—Would it make a difference?

Yeah, yeah, paranoid much?

And then I started realizing that all my indecision has lead to a lack of…what I love.  Because I’m too much in my head, just winding myself up.

So then, I started thinking of what I think about other bloggers, why I like the bloggers I like.

I like the reviews, yes…I like seeing the new books, yes…But I also like the sharing…I like the how to’s, the Q&A’s, I like hearing other people’s opinions, not just about what they like or don’t like, but about random things that are going on.  I have my moments where I cannot physically BE WITHOUT A BOOK—I have this ravenous hunger that only a book can fill.  And I have my slow days, days when I want to watch tv, or have a life (it could happen).  I’ve read a couple of blogs where the blogger said they needed some down-time—And, honestly, it’s a relief!—Because I see some bloggers who do it every day without breaking a sweat.  They are my heroes!!!!  But I can relate to the other bloggers.

And here’s what I would say to any of them—Things happen; don’t put so much pressure on yourself, I like you/think you’re cool, and I’ll be here when you get back.  No worries.

And while I totally plan to see what I can find on the blogger dissing (because I’m of a curious and nosy nature), here are my thoughts:

I blog because I like books, I’ve always liked books, always will.  This would be my dream job, I would be in heaven to get paid to do this—But I do it for free, because I love it, and want to share the stuff I love.  I don’t do it for free books, but that doesn’t mean I would turn them down, either.  Also, if something is free, I’m more likely to try something out of my comfort range (*THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO VEGATABLES*).

Personally, I’m not big on negative reviews—20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, aside, I’ve rarely come across a book I didn’t enjoy.  Maybe it’s not going to be one of my favorites that I’ll read over and over for the rest of my life, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like it or didn’t enjoy it.  But I’m also not going to lie about it—I’ll tell you what I liked, and I’ll tell you what I loved, but whatever I tell you, it’s honest.  And that’s me.

And that’s not saying I’ll never write a negative review, either.  But mostly, I want to share things I enjoy; I don’t want to waste time on the things I don’t.  For example, I never like to read (professional) movie reviews, because they’re almost always negative—I look at them and just feel sorry for the critics—Here you are, a person with the most amazing job in the world, but it’s like you go into the theater planning to pick apart the movie—Sucks to be you!  But book bloggers (or at least the ones I read) are different, we’re full of love and passion, and we look longingly for the next amazing thing that we can love.  And the few negative reviews that I have read always come with trepidation, the blogger doesn’t WANT to be negative, but the blogger has something they want to say, and they don’t want someone else to be disappointed the way they were.  The negative reviews don’t come from people looking to knock down other people; they aren’t thrown together haphazardly—even the negativity comes from love, and it comes with considered thought and reasoning as to why it didn’t sit well with the reviewer.

But that’s just my experience.

And my final thought to anyone who doesn’t like book bloggers is, so what?  I don’t know anyone who’s blogging out of anything but passion, people blogged before there was free stuff, I’m pretty sure lack of free stuff isn’t going stop most bloggers, if that’s your issue.

But I don’t want to just leave you with my words; here are a couple of posts that really moved me, so I’d like to share the links with you and invite you to check them out:

Update—Just found this AMAZING post by Story Siren, Blogging Retrospective and Confessions—Obviously lots of goings on going on in the internet world, but this is definitely a MUST READ!!!

Happy weekend everybody!!!! (just remembered my sis has off tomorrow=3day weekend=Buffy the Vampire Slayer Marathon!!!!)



Anonymous said...

I totally agree with what you said, dude. I don't understand this whole brouhaha too. I kinda prefer not being sent free books cuz then I feel pressured to write good reviews (hee). But I simply can't compromise my integrity and say it's wholly good when it's not. You have to strike a balance between the good and the bad. And do it in a nice way.

But I still think everyone writing should be aware that they have to take responsibility for their words. You kinda have to think about the many way it could be construed. Note for example, Salman Rushdie and his Satanic Verses. That was such a stupid decision on his part. I watched this long interview on the whole debacle and he kept on asserting that he wasn't aware it would be taken in that way. And I was like ... uh.... seriously? Anyway, I'm rambling. Thanks for linking me, lady. <3

nymfaux said...

Thanks!!! :D And no problem--LOVED what you had to say, too!!!

lol Salman Rushdie---very good example---more likely a case of someone knowing what was going to happen and then not wanting to be responsible for it...and then there's also a case for people taking things with a grain of salt

as for the "free stuff" I think most bloggers have a policy of saying, "thank you...as long as you don't mind my being honest"

well...it will definitely be interesting to see what's going on and what other people have to say about it ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about that too! (Insert wailing!) I want to know what's going on! I had a lot of fun with the Stacia Kane/agent/negative reviews debacle. Discord? Ah, Drama! (I knew it was a D.)

nymfaux said...

!!!! Totally agree and dying of curiosity!!!!

Candace said...

LOVED it! I was so excited when I woke up and saw your comment and couldn't wait to read your post! Then the baby was freaking out and scrolling the screen the whole time and I was yelling at him to stop~ so I'm going to reread it again at nap time. Or maybe when he finally finds something to do and leaves me alone.

But really, you said it perfect! I actually have been turning down most books for review and only accept books I'm already highly anticipating.

I guess I don't know anything about the Stacia Kane debacle... Little curious now...

Candace said...

Oh, and I'm always debating how to spread my reviews out for variety. Older releases, YA, adult, etc. I think you just spread them out by genre and age and not worry so much about ratings. I mean, I'm like you, we mostly have good reviews because we pick out books we think we'd like. And I like a variety of books, so I have FAR more good reviews then bad.

nymfaux said...

Thanks Candace!!!! (and babies are cute that way) ;)

Yea!!!--I glad I'm not the only one who worries about that kind of stuff!!!

And I really want to thank you (and bookwurm who's secret identity is Bibliophilic monologues)--Because I read both of your posts at the same time that I had all these thoughts in my head, and once I read you guys, my thoughts suddenly organized themselves and I could write what I wanted to!!!