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Saturday, February 5, 2011

!!!!GO PACK GO!!!!


!!!GO PACK GO!!!

Um, yeah….so have I mentioned that I’m a PACKER FAN?

Let me clarify, I know what a football is.  That’s about the extent of my knowledge of the intricacies of football.

It was one of those sports that they taught the boys in gym class, while the girls had to do jazzercise or something.

Honestly, it doesn’t particularly interest me…I rather be…doing anything else than watching a game.

That being said—Would I turn down a trip to the Super Bowl?—Hell no!  I’d love to go to a game, or even join a pick-up game—Again, I’d have no idea what I was doing, but unless it’s the Olympics or American Gladiators, I start to zone out when I see sports on tv.  They just don’t capture my attention.

And all that being said, I am a lifelong GREEN BAY PACKER fan.  I would never have picked this color scheme for myself, but it’s what I was born with.  I grew up in the land of GREEN and GOLD, and while I may not bleed GREEN and GOLD, when injured, I do make certain to use official Green Bay Packer band-aids (or Strawberry Shortcake, whatever’s handy).

We are a proud and loyal people, and yes, we like cheese.  But the Packers are more than any other team out there—and Packer fans are like no other.

Church services are known to get out early on game days—Because the clergy are just as much fans as their congregations.

We show up in the bitter, below-freezing cold, and we like it.

The news once showed traffic footage during a game—Not a car in sight—The streets were empty, while the stadium was filled—Every tv and every fan tuned to the game.

We are the heirs of Lombardi—The trophy is named for us, our people, our team.  The first two Super Bowls are ours.  And every thereafter is just waiting to bring it home again.

And yes, we like cheese.


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