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Monday, February 21, 2011

Miss Match

I HEART Wendy Toliver!!!!

*SIGH*—I just finished reading Wendy’s second book, Miss Match—which would have been completely perfect for Valentine’s Day!!!!  If I had only known!!!!!!!

Soooooo….I dragged my sister to the library the other day, only to find the book I wanted was already wanted and checked out by someone else.  But by the time I’d figured it out, my sister had been abducted by the cooking section…And in the face of the undefined period of boredom, watching my sister oooh and ahhh over cupcakes tauntingly decorated to look like asprin, balls of yarn, and brains—an experience akin to going shopping with my skinny friends and pretending that there’s anything in my size… I told her to pick me up in the YA section when she was done.  Win/win.

And when I say win/win—I really mean *SCORE*!!!!!  I started meandering the shelves, going past the stuff I’d already read, when I was attacked—And by attacked, I mean a cute, outward facing cover that I’d been coveting, suddenly popped out from nowhere and I snagged it immediately!!!!!

I found Wendy through the Books, Boys, Buzz... blog, last year, right before her third book, Lifted, came out.  Lifted was one of those books that was love at first sight—The cover totally pulled me in, and the blurb—how a  girl named Poppy, who moves to a new town and gets sucked into a shoplifting addiction—completely sold me.—I HAD to have that book.  Except I HAD to wait until it was released.

So, in the meantime, I picked up an ebook copy of Wendy’s first book, The Secret Life of a Teenage Siren.  I’m a total sucker for the mythology thing…And everything about Wendy’s writing makes the book so easy to love!!!  It was a super-cute, super-fun read—and I LOVED the twists that Wendy added!!!!

I was SO IN LOVE!!!!—On the high of finding a brand-new GOOD author!!!—I could tell that Lifted would be a completely different tone and atmosphere than The Secret Life of a Teenage Siren.  But that’s the thing about a good author—they can take you anywhere!!!

And I was SO NOT DISSAPOINTED—in the way that I was absolutely BLOWN. AWAY. by Lifted.  It was everything I hoped for—It pulled me in, twisted my insides, and was the first book since my recent discovery of blogging, that made me go, OH. MY. GOD.—I have to TELL people about this!!!!—People NEED to know about this FABULOUS AMAZING AUTHOR (and also one of the coolest people EVER)—And really kicked off my book-blogging journey into wonderfulness.

Back to present day, or as I like to call it, yesterday, at the library.  Sitting there, right on the shelf, Miss Match—the missing piece in my reading of all things Wendy.

Like I said—It attacked me.

So I grabbed it, just as my sister happened to remember my existence, and pull me toward the checkout desk.

Now, I would have devoured it right away…if I’d had the chance…But I had a previous bowling commitment, involving sucking really bad at bowling, followed by a round of sucking slightly less bad at bowling.  My 4th grade bowling-league-glory-days are no more than distant memories.

So, Miss Match would have to wait one more day.

Except I woke up in the middle of the night…and thought I’d read for a little bit.  And then I thought I’d, you know, DEVOUR the entire book.

I was expecting good, you know, because The Secret Life of a Teenage Siren was super-cute and Lifted was just absolutely on a whole ‘nother level of AMAZINGNESS!!!—But this was GOOD!!!!

Miss Match was super-cute, in the same kind of style as The Secret Life of a Teenage Siren, but again, it was so much more than I expected…

And at this point in my gushing, I realize some of you may be curious about what the book is about—Sasha has an innate skill for matchmaking; she’s so good at it, she’s turned it into an after-school (and during school) business.  And everything is fantastic…until the guy Sasha likes, wants her to help get a date with her sister…you see where this is going?

First of all, super-fun!  Sasha wasn’t the over-the-top crazy-antics type of girl; she was the hopeless romantic who loves to help people connect with each other.  She was cute and funny, but also self-conscious—she was a good friend, and the kind of girl, that you’d like to be friends with (or at least I would!)—I loved all the characters—Sasha’s bff Yasmin, was actually a good friend, no flaking/no being flaked on drama.  Sasha’s sister, was a teensy bit on the flaky side, but kind of outstanding on the sister-side.  The boys were completely crush-worthy, none of those losers who just look good in a pair of jeans.  And even though her parents had some divorce issues going on, they still took time to be parents.

But the book really had so many layers to it—while most of the book had a fun upbeatness to it, there was a particular spot, where Sasha and her Sister are trying on bridesmaid dresses—something I myself did not that long ago—while Sasha’s sister could actually go down a size, Sasha is faced with one of the most humiliating, tortured moments any girl can have—Her dress won’t zip.  Here, she’s already self-conscious, and what could be more deflating—especially next to the sister she idolizes?  And especially when I know for a fact that that those dress gowns are NOT true to size!  I wanted to cry for Sasha, because even though none of the other characters seemed to get it—I TOTALLY got it.  And I really loved the way Wendy helped Sasha resolve some of those issues.

And my other FAVORITE part????  Sasha’s concert concoction and then her realizing that the concert is sold out, and she has to find the tickets some other way…Definitely my favorite scene—But I don’t want to spoil it—You should totally pick up Miss Match and read it for yourself!!!!!


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