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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Partial Vanish Cover Reveal

Now You See It, Now You Don't...Kinda...

Yay!!!  So…Thanks to a few amazing blogs out there:

Carrie’s Book Blog                  Mundie Moms
Pirate Penguin Reads        Confessions of a Bookaholic
The Elliott Review                         ReadingTeen

I’ve been able to piece together a little of what Firelight’s sequel, Vanish is going to look like!

A little something like this, as a matter of fact:

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVED Sophie Jordan’s Firelight, the SUPER AMAZING STUNNING first book in her YA series about the descendants of dragons—Firelight absolutely left me breathless, and I’ve been dying to find out what will happen next…And these puzzle pieces are only making me more curious!!!

Especially because the last time I saw Jacinda, she was a red head…and if I remember correctly, her twin sister is also a red head…But, with the title being “Vanish” and there being a whole mess of people out looking for Jacinda, it wouldn’t be unrealistic for her to try a change of color.  Or maybe there's a new girl in town???

Can you see the resemblance?

Second of all…These puzzle pieces each came with secret words:


So, are you as CRAZY CURIOUS as I am?????

If so, you can hit all the hot spots above, collect the words, and head over to:

where you can check out the full cover reveals, along with giveaways you can enter to win *signed* copies of Firelight!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Whoever the model is, she's on her way to becoming recognized as Jacinda in many many places. It must be an interesting experience to have people come up to you and go...hmm...haven't I seen you on a book before? Haha.

nymfaux said...

:) --I know what you mean--I always wonder where book models come from...and where they go---I watch America's Next Top Model, and I know most of those girls get work and keep working after the show, but I don't usually see them again--I know a lot of them change their looks, and part of being a good model is being a chameleon...They just released the full cover, and I keep looking back and forth, because it's the same model!!!