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Friday, April 29, 2011

Hoppy Friday!!! Follow Friday (FF5) and Book Blogger Hop 3

Hoppy Friday Everyone!!!

Ok, so I haven’t done one of Parajunkee’s Follow My Book Blog Fridays or Crazy-For-Books’ Book Blogger Hops in. FOREVER.

But I think I still remember how it works!—And I’m feeling social, so hoping to check out a lot of new blogs today and meet lots of people!!!!

For anyone who’s new—Feature&Follow Friday is a weekly meet and greet meme hosted by ParaJunkee, where she features a blogger of the week, and all us awesome bloggers can hop around, introduce ourselves, and meet each other.

This week’s Featured blogger is Marla from Starting the Next Chapter—so be sure to check her out!!!

The Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Jennifer at Crazy For Books, and goes Friday through Monday.
—And a special Happy Birthday to Jennifer this week!!!

If you want to join in the fun just hop on over to Parajunkee’s View for Feature&Follow Friday, or check out Crazy For Books for The Book Blogger HopThen just add your name to the list and start hopping!

Easy-peasy ;)

Now for the Q&A portion of the morning/afternoon/or evening (depending on what time zone you live in):

Q. Keeping with the dystopian and apocalypse theme that seems to be running rampant on parajunkee.com, I have one very hard question for you: If you were stocking your bomb shelter, what books would you HAVE to include if you only had space for ten?

Answer:  Thank GOD I have my Nook.  And now I just realized my answer only works as long as there is enough electricity or a solar-powered charger to charge my Nook.  So if I REALLY had to choose????

3.  The Bible (I don’t want to be the only one in an apocalypse without The Bible)
5.  If a Man Answers/Ask Any Girl by Winifred Wolfe (they’re really small, so should only count as one)

Those are the easy ones…  I know this is cheating, but I’m gonna hope that if there is an apocalyptic future looming before us, there will be omnibi/omnibuses/omnibi(???) of:
  6.  All of Tamora Pierce’s work
  7.  Harry Potter
  9.  L.J. Smith (the REAL one, no substitutes!!!)

And Crazy for Books question of the week is:  
Q. Summer is coming quickly - what 2011 summer release are you are most looking forward to?

Answer:  Hmmm, if I hadn’t already gotten an ARC of Tera Lynn Childs’ Fins Are Forever, I would still be drooling in anticipation of June 28!  This is really hard, because all I can think of are fall releases—Tera Lynn Childs’ Sweet Venom and Sophie Jordan’s Vanish, and Tamora Pierce’s Mastiff…I just finished reading Y.S. Lee’s A Spy in the House and A Body at the Tower, but the third book, The Traitor and the Tunnel isn’t due to be released in the U.S. until Spring 2012...

Oooh!!!—Found one!!!  Rosemary Clement-Moore’s Texas Gothic!!!—Out July 12, 2011!!!  I was lucky enough to see Rosemary at the Speed-Reading panel at the Romantic Times Convention a few weeks ago, and this sounded A.MA.ZING!!!!—I’m definitely looking forward to this!!!!

So how about you?—What are you looking forward to this summer???—What books would make it into your bomb shelters???

Have a great weekend everybody!!!  And enjoy the hops!!!



Amanda P said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog and for the compliments! I like yours as well loving the scrolly at the bottom! I have not seen to that site you mentioned but I sure will have to now! Thanks for the recommendation! I'm following you now!

-Amanda P
Paranormal Romance
Books, Shopping & Rock N' Roll

nymfaux said...

Thanks for the follow!!! I posted a link to the Supernatural Underground in case you want to check it out!

And I love my scrolly thing too :D I had a lot of fun experimenting and making it--and I've definitely learned a lot from Parajunkee!!!

Sakura Sandra said...

I forgot about Fins Are Forever, the whole mermaid theme has been fun to read lately. :) Anyway, I'm your newest follower, woo! I like the color choices for your blog. :) Once you see mine you'll see we have pretty similar tastes since mine is all dark as well. I like your purples and pinks though. (^_^) Please follow me back whenever you get the chance! Thanks.

-Sandra from http://sandrathenookworm.blogspot.com

Sally Sapphire said...

Hi, hon - new follower! Thanks for stopping by. :)

Considering a lifetime of nothing new to read, I went with books with serious re-readability, and (more importantly) a good variety. I just can't commit to one series or author forever . . .

Sally @ Bibrary

nymfaux said...

@Sally--Thanks for the follow--and I LOVE the bookshelf background on your blog!!!--The first time I saw a picture like that it inspired me to completely re-organize my books by color :D

And I totally agree with you about re-readability!!!

Ange said...

Great choices!! I just finished reading forgive my fins by tera lynn childs and I loved it. New Follower here. Happy Reading =)

nymfaux said...

@Ange--Thanks for the follow!!!:D

I'm a huge fan of TLC's--I just finished reading an ARC of the sequel, Fins Are Forever--It.Is.So.Good!!!! :D

--You'll love it!!!

Marla said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower. I am following you back. :) I love that you also have Jane Eyre on your list. Have you seen the edition illustrated by Dame Darcy? It is so good! In all reality, I would want to bring my Nook, too. Maybe there would be a small generator that could be invented just for charging it. LOL Hope you have a great weekend.

Jen said...

Thanks for the follow! I'm here to return the favor.

Jen at Red Hot Books

Christy @TheReaderBee said...

Great list! I totally should have put the Bible on my list!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm now following you in return!

Bonnie said...

Hi thanks for visiting me at Hands and Home - I'm a new follower. Absolutely great list, I think its ok to cheat a bit - I think if the apocalypse is before us we are allowed to cheat a little when it comes to our books!

BookMarc Blogpants said...

You're not the only one who hadn't blog hopped in a while. I done my first in months and months a couple of weeks back and now I'm on my third in a row. It's a miracle of sociability I tell you! Bow a new follower. :)


Tribute Books Mama said...

Just hopping by.

Stop and see mine.

bex said...

Okay, I officially love your blog! It's awesome. And I'm a new follower for sure! Will have to go through those books I haven't heard of. Oh, and I'm also hoping to be able to take all HP books with me. ;) On my list I had to choose though and picked the last one.

My list can be found here!

Rebecca @ kindle fever

My anxious life said...

Cool blog... i will by stopping by all the time to see what you are up to!!!


pussreboots said...

The truth of the matter is I don't really keep a list of release dates. But there are a few authors with new books coming out that I'm excited about. Come see who they are.

Sharon said...

Thank-you for stopping by my blog :)


Have a wonderful weekend!

Book Addict said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Following you back.

Aaron (Dreaming About Other Worlds).

Anti-Drug Reads said...

Great choices! This really was a tough one! Check out mine too :)

- New Follower, Cory from Anti-Drug Reads

joder said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. I love the look of your site and look forward to reading more of your posts.

The Scarf Princess

Elizabeth said...

Interesting header.

Hopping by from the blog hop.

I am finding so many books that I haven't heard of.

Stop by my blog if you like so you can see my answer to this week's question and to enter my giveaway of DANCE LESSONS.



Anonymous said...

Harry Potter! Yes! You have impeccable taste :)

& You cheaters make me sick! And jealous at the same time LOL Please share your books with me in the bomb shelter! Pleasee!

nymfaux said...

@Marla--I haven't heard of the illustrated edition, thanks for mentioning it--don't know if it'll fit in the bomb shelter, but I am very intrigued!!! :D --And will definitely look into a generator for the bomb shelter!!!

@Jen--thanks for stopping by!!! :D

@Bonnie--thanks for the follow :D I definitely agree that, should the apocalypse come, we must assume we're in it for the long haul and save as many books as we can!!!

@BookMarc--yay for bloggers being social!!!--I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who hasn't hopped in a while--but I'm so excited about all the shiny new blogs I keep seeing!!!

@Tribute Mama, thanks for hopping by!!! :D

@Bex--Thank you SO MUCH!!! That means a lot to me :D --I can't wait to check out your list!!! And if you get a chance to check out any of the ones on my list--they are all my absolute favorites--some of them are kind of old (from the '60s?)--but I love the fun and exuberant voices from authors like Helen Gurley Brown and Winifred Wolfe!!!

@Book Addict thanks for the follow!

@Anti-Drug Reads--love your blog title ;) and can't wait to check out your list!!

nymfaux said...

@Christy--I just don't feel like it's an apocalypse without a Bible ;)

@Anxious Life--Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for stopping by!!!

@pussreboots--love your name!! ;) It's hard for me to keep track of release dates, too--I can't wait to check out your list!!

@Sharon--thanks--I enjoyed stopping by your blog, too!--And hope you have a good weekend, too!!! TGIF!!

@Joder--thanks--I think your blog looks pretty cute too! ;) I'm looking forward to spending some more time in your archives!

nymfaux said...

@Elizabeth--Thanks for stopping by--and I hope "interesting" means you like my header ;) --I know what you mean about finding so many new books!!!--I've definitely seen a handful--The Stand and Anna and the French Kiss that have been been getting listed a lot, so I'm moving them to the top of my tbr list!--Can't wait to check out your page/answer!!!

@Honey--Harry Potter :D :D :D apparently we both have impeccable taste!!!--Also your blog name makes me smile :D And you will always be welcome in my bomb shelter with all my contraband books ;)

Anonymous said...

IKR dangit! i was like well this is easy i`ll just put my nook! but oh wait...Will there be electricity? ahah :3

New follower :D

Here`s my FF: http://www.theyafairy.net/2011/04/follow-friday.html

Have an awesome weekend!

-Romona @ the ya Fairy


Ellie said...

I guess if you had an exercise bike connected up to a battery you could use that to power your Nook!

nymfaux said...

@Ramona--SO TRUE!!!--Hopefully Nook designers will begin immediately working on an apocalypse-ready e-reader!!!

@Ellie--an exercise bike?--*looksaroundsuspiciously*--what are you trying to say??? ;) --while I admit the idea does have some merit, I have yet to ever successfully pedal an exercise bike and be able to read at the same time--not coordinated enough...and also, after some further thought, I'm thinking that after gas runs out, bikes will be a prime mode of transportation, and I don't know how I would feel having an exercise only version instead of the real thing--and then we're back to the coordination thing again--so what if I survive the apocalypse, only to be horribly disfigured in a bicycle accident while trying to read a book/nook ;)

Maidenveil said...

thanks for dropping by my blog. :) returning the love. <3

oooh! I got some Tamora Pierce's books here. I really need to read them.


-Len of Musings of a Reader Happy

Chelsey @ Starry Sky Books said...

Thanks for stopping by! I don't think I've read many of your choices, except for Harry Potter. An omnibus of those books would be huge. New follower. :)

Fiction Fool said...

Thanks for the follow! I returned the love! What better time to max out your credit on books than at the dawning of an apocaplypse, right?

nymfaux said...

@Len :D *big smile* Tamora Pierce is one of my all time favorites!!!

@Chelsey a Harry Potter omnibus WOULD be huge--but totally worth it. And yeah, I kind of wasn't sure how many other people would know Helen Gurley Brown or Winifred Wolfe, but they both have such fun, infectious writing voices that I fall in love over and over again.

@Fiction Fool --I totally agree that perfect time to spend all your money is right before it becomes useless!!! :D

Thanks for the follows!!! :D