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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

To See or Not to See: Atlas Shrugged


First of all, I feel like ANY color pink is the wrong color to be writing this post in…It should be some flavor of grey, or black and white.  Except, my template is in pink, and when I started writing it, well, pink just seemed to emphasize the contrast of Rand's starkness so much more than black and white ever could.  So pink it is.

Last week, when I was looking at movie times, I noticed that Atlas Shrugged (part one) was at one of my local theaters—not the in-town local one, the one an hour away, but still, we didn’t even get Black Swan until a month ago, so I was pretty surprised, and slightly impressed.

But I was just going to ignore it—There are a lot of other movies ahead of it on my list, like Hanna and Scream 4.  No; not kidding.  I have very well-rounded reading and movie tastes, as in I like to read almost everything…and I’ll watch anything once.

But my sister is my movie-buddy, and she’s a little more finicky—I could see her going either way on Atlas Shrugged…but probably leaning more toward not seeing it…And like I said, there were other movies I wanted to see more, so I was just going to forget about it.

Then I was reading an update over at Unputdownables, and Wallace mentioned two book adaptations coming to the big screen—Water for Elephants—which I very much want to see.  And Atlas Shrugged.

I'm very conflicted over Atlas Shrugged—I read The Foutainhead and Anthem in high school, and enjoyed them well enough...but then in college, I had a professor who practically went apocalyptic when he saw a classmate reading Ayn Rand...We were all startled, when a professor who usually had a joke ready, was suddenly crazy-serious about Rand being to the detriment of society, and I actually think he recommend book-burning for her works—It was such a strange moment, not being sure if he was serious or not, and then being very sure that he was.  He was a pretty liberal guy, and I never would have thought that he'd have been for censorship of any kind, let alone book burning...and it may have just been dramatic license—we did have a fire-pit on campus—but his visceral reaction to Rand—when I had found the works somewhat bland, to be honest—completely shocked me...So when I saw that there was a movie coming out for Atlas Shrugged, part of me went right back to that moment in class, with a teacher I respect very much, and wants to not see it out of respect for that teacher...And a little bit of me wants to see it because of that...And part of me remembers my so-so feelings about the books, and the movie adaptation of The Fountainhead, and wonders if it’s worth going to see…so I'm still undecided...

But I am a little curious if anyone else has any thoughts about the movie, or Rand and her work….



thebookwurrm said...

I'm thinking I should read the book first. And pink's an awesome colour. Your professor reminds me of Mark Twain who said something to the effect of hating Austen so much he could do something probably very evil. Hee.

nymfaux said...

mmm... I love me some pink...it's just that there isn't anything about Ayn Rand that feels remotely pink...I would definitely be curious on your thoughts if you end up reading it--It's been a long time since I read any of them myself--it's definitely got that "literature" vibe to it, and although I kind of liked it, more than not liking it, I also remember being kind of detached toward it--interesting if you have time and can read through the propaganda without being converted...

actually, my prof does remind me some of Mark Twain--both had some very interesting things to say and interesting ways of looking at things ;)