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Monday, May 23, 2011

Armchair BEA Kick Off!!!!

Yes, I DID just decide to join in all the Armchair BEA fun!—Which means it’s not too late for you, if you haven’t done it yet, either!

Why did I wait so long?—Especially considering how I *droooool* over everybody’s Book Expo America pics and posts whenever I see them???

*facepalm*  When I first saw Armchair BEA announced, I think I was looking at some BEA registration info, and I confused the two, thinking that Armchair BEA participants also had a registration fee…And since I’d just been to a super-awesome RT convention this past April, I couldn’t justify another one so soon (justify to my stingy wallet, not my book-breathing soul)(my book-breathing soul is totally cool with multiple conventions)(my stingy wallet, not so much).

But when I saw everybody doing their kick-off posts—I got excited again and wanted to join in!  So, I re-visited the Armchair BEA site, saw all the participants, saw the registration form…TOTALLY FREE!  So SIGN. ME. UP.

So, I signed me up, and now I can’t wait to get started!!!—If I can’t be in New York for BEA (which I can’t) then living vicariously through Armchair BEA is the next best thing!!!!

And without further ado…

Who am I?
I’m nymfaux, a fanatic book-blogger and book-lover.  I would read 24/7 if I could, and sometimes I can, and do.  I mostly read YA right now, but I also love mysteries and thrillers and epic romance, and even day-to-day romance.  I love fantasy and paranormal.  I love everything…but dystopian scares me, unsettles me, disturbs me.  But I will still read it.  I love the way a story can pull a reader in and hold you hostage, the way a story can twist and turn in your thoughts while your falling asleep, or long after you’ve finished reading it.  I love the fun and adventure, the flights of fancy and whimsy, the magical and mysterious.  I. LOVE. IT. ALL.  And my other passion is movies, so sometimes I talk about that. 

How do I armchair?
In my room, at my laptop, in a black rollie desk chair, at my desk, adjacent to my bed.  That’s how I roll.

So, who are you?  And how do you armchair????



Alison said...

Welcome to Armchair BEA! I've always wondered...what does Nymfaux mean?

nymfaux said...

Hi! Thanks! and welcome to you, too!!!--So, my name...well, before I started blogging, I was nervous that people would know me and read what I wrote, and I didn't want what I wrote to be impacted by who I thought might be reading it---Anyway, I was *way* overthinking things, because I wasn't planning on going on any obscenity tangents or reviewing erotica or anything--But all that aside, my ulterior is that it's super-fun to pick out a whole new identity for yourself!...

But also super-hard to find something that no one else has stumbled upon yet...I wanted a name that was fun and unique with a hint of hidden meaning...so I started putting words together, and parts of words together, and changing spellings...I was trying to think of a "pen name" or a pseudonym...and then I thought pseudoNYM...NYM translates to "name," and FAUX (from my 6 or so years of French) means "fake." So, very literally, NYM FAUX translates to "fake name."

Now there is an actual word, a homophone, "nympho," which generally refers to a person afflicted with hypersexuality---And in my mind, I thought to play off this meaning, but ascribe my love of books (and movies), as oppose to a love of various other things...

Plus it sounded fun ;)

And that's how I thought up my name and where it came from! :D

Anonymous said...

welcome to the party!

Maidenveil said...

Haha! I love how you roll. :D nym faux! cool.

nymfaux said...

@Littlereader--Thanks for stopping by!!! :D

@Maidenveil ;) Nice to see you!