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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Clearing

Ok, if Heather Davis is not on your radar…well, all I have to say is check the batteries, check your warranty, and buy some new radar.  Because SHE. IS. AMAZING.

And I can totally confirm that, because I got to meet her at the recent Romantic Times Booklovers Convention I attended! *SQUEE*  She was super nice—Which only made it a hundred times more exciting when I found a copy of The Clearing in my goody-bag and asked her to sign it!!!
I can’t believe it took me so long to read The Clearing but I am heels-over-head 100% IN LOVE.

I LOVE LOVE LOVED Heather’s first book—Never Cry Werewolf—which I thought was super-cute, lots of fun, and totally at the top of my werewolf reading list:
Translation=sequel please!!!

So…what took me so long to pick up The Clearing?  Somewhat ironically, time travel.

The Clearing is actually more like two stories that intertwine.  It’s the story of Amy who just got out of a bad relationship.  A really bad relationship.  And so Amy goes to live with her great-aunt Mae, hoping a move to the country will give her a fresh start.  She’s hoping for something better.  Something different.  And then Amy meets Henry.

While Amy is hoping for something different, Henry has been praying for things to stay the same…and they have…since the summer of 1944.  Until Henry meets Amy.  All of a sudden things are different in Henry’s world, and he’s not sure he wants them to stay the same anymore.  But Henry’s also not sure he can bear the consequences of the future.

Aside from being a huge Doctor Who and Quantum Leap fan…I’m not a big fan of time-travel—The whole Butterfly Effect, opening up one universe into an infinite of parallel universes and alternate realities—into Star Trek time-warps where people are stuck on never-ending loops.  Every time someone on Eureka is happy, or about to hook up with their soul-mate, somebody accidently goes back in time, changes the time-line, and some jerk from the past shows up to sideline or break-up the relationships that every fan has been waiting for.  There are too many unanswered questions, too many paradoxes (paraducks?).  In my experience, time travel never ends well.

And here is where I completely retract everything I just said in my previous paragraph, because HEATHER DAVIS. IS. AMAZING.

No infinite-time-loops for Henry and Amy.  No loose ends.  No unraveling threads.

I must confess that I did worry about “his time vs. her time” and the people Henry or Amy might leave behind, because just like any good love triangle there weren’t any clear choices—I wasn’t just in love with Amy and Henry, I was in love with Amy’s Aunt Mae, and Henry’s mother and grandfather.  I didn’t want anyone to be left behind…or left in the future…

And I won’t spoil it for you, but I think you’ll be satisfied, too—More than just satisfied…satisfied in the way a gooey slice of molten chocolate lava cake is satisfying and makes you want to inhale and sigh with contentment.  With ice cream.

The Clearing is going on my EPIC list.  Right next to Jane Eyre and The Thorn Birds.

So, is Heather Davis on your radar?  Because she is totally on mine!



Bonnie said...

After reading your review, I almost hate to admit it but this is a new author for me. She has definitely made it to the top of my TBR list though!

nymfaux said...

It was SO GOOD!!!--Seriously EPIC--I really hope you enjoy it!!!--And I just saw that Heather's 3rd book, Wherever You Go is coming out in November--I'm definitely planning to snap this one up right away!!!

daydreamerN said...

I so badly want to read. I have heard great things about this.
great review! cant wait to read this my self :) hope you have a nice day.

nymfaux said...

@daydreamer--:D I LOVE LOVE LOVED this book SO MUCH--I hope you get a chance to read it soon!!! :D