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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Waiting On Wednesday: Vanish

Hello All!

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme, highlighting upcoming releases that we're impatiently eagerly anticipating. It’s hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine, so head on over to check it out and link up your own keenly anticipated reads!

This is my first Waiting on Wednesday—I feel like I’m always waiting for something…or the next something to come out…  But I have to admit, this particular something, Sophie Jordan’s Vanish has been on my CRAVE list since I closed the very last sentence of the very last chapter of Firelight.

I’m simply beset with the anticipation of finding out what’s in store for Jacinda and friends after their narrow escape at the end of Firelight. Considering both the similarities and differences between Firelight’s cover and Vanish, I have a couple ideas about what may be coming up next…and I was fortunate enough to be able to run my ideas past the author when I met her at April’s RT convention.

She was elusive enough not to actually confirm or deny any of my suppositions, but I got the feeling I was on the right track!!!—And I can’t wait to see for myself!!!  Vanish will most certainly be on my midnight download list, come September 6, 2011!

And lest anyone forget when Vanish will be available, Sophie Jordan has provided us with this gorgeous countdown widget to stare at, whiling away our days until the release of Vanish.  *drool*



Jules (The Great, The Good and The Bad) said...

I love the WOW meme's I always find so many books to add to my Wishlist.

Great post!


erikasbuddy said...

OMG!! I can't freaking WAIT for this book either!!! OH snapple apples!!

Paranormal Wastelands' WoW:

Jill said...

Yea! Welcome to WoW!!

Bonnie said...

I don't usually participate in the WOW meme, I'm too busy checking out everyone else's lists and enjoying all the new finds! I have added both of these books to my TBR list!

nymfaux said...

@Jules--Thanks!! :D Glad I could share!!!

I just checked out your pick, Something from Tiffany's looks REALLY good, I'll definitely have to keep an eye out for it!!!

nymfaux said...

@erikasbuddy--OMG--your blog is totally hilarious!!! Thanks for stopping by!!! :D

nymfaux said...

@Jill--thanks so much!!!--This has been a lot of fun!!! :D

nymfaux said...

@Jill--thanks so much!!!--This has been a lot of fun!!! :D

nymfaux said...

@Jill--thanks so much!!!--This has been a lot of fun!!! :D

Darkfallen said...

Love your WoW pick. We did this one last week and OMG you thought ours was funny this week? Girl Greta pooped a poptart!!! No joke. A freaking poptart!

Just so ya know the wastelands is now stalking you too so don't be scared when you see us hiding around the corner, or following to carlinks behind with our lights off;)
Also I LOVE you header! I am the queen of rambling, so I'm told, and me and Greta have serious ADD issues. We blame it on the squirrels but call I what you will *shrugs*
if you ever get time head over are take a look at my first post The Girl Behind The Mask. It will give you the tools you need to survive my rambling wasteland chaos! Lol like a life vest for instance *winks*

nymfaux said...

@Darkfallen--YAY!!! SQUIRRELS!!! ;) not that I'm saying you should google/youtube "squirrel fishing," but you should...

I LOVE meeting fellow ADD ramblers!!!--And will definitely check out your archives!!!--So glad I found you guys!!! :D

question: can my seat also be used as a flotation device?

btw--have you guys tried the s'mores poptarts?--good stuff!