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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Eye Candy

In honor of next week’s fintastic, fintabulous, fintasmic release of Fins Are Forever (6/28/11), the seaquel sequel to last summer’s hit Forgive My Fins by picking up some other über-awesome reads from Tera Lynn Childs.

So I wanted to start with the sweetest one of all—Eye Candy!!!! 

Eye Candy is about Lydia Vanderwalk, a candy-holic living a bitter-sweet life in the fashion world, because all her coworkers, family, and friends can talk about is her ex-boyfriend Gavin.  They broke up two years ago, so why can't everyone else get over it, already???  Lydia has.  And to prove it, she's invented a NEB, or non-existent boyfriend.  But it’s not long before her NEB needs to make a real-life appearance.  Enter Phelps, a yummy male model, and boyfriend-for-hire.

Last fall, Tera began releasing Eye Candy in weekly installments.  (Coincidentally, around the same time I started getting a sweet tooth…)   This book was absolutely D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. 

At first I was a little skeptical about reading in weekly installments, because I generally like to devour my books in one bite.  But since I am in love with all of Tera’s other books, I jumped at the chance to read something new!  And not surprisingly, I fell in love with Eye Candy, too!!!  I savored every mouthwatering chapter, then waited anxiously for the next!!!!

It easily could have been one of those clichéd girl-hires-pretend-boyfriend-to: impress her parents/boss/get a green card story, but instead it was something totally fresh and fun.  Despite her candy addiction, Lydia is skinny and pretty and has a great job—Her life should be perfect, except it’s not.  Three blondes straight out of college seem to be edging Lydia out of her job.  The promotion she’s been striving for is quickly fading from site.  And after two-years, Lydia’s friends, family, and her boss are still going on and on about Gavin—the one that got away—or lying cheating jerk, as Lydia thinks of him.

So, in a moment of complete exasperation, of wanting to simply change the subject after one too many conversations involving her ex, Lydia invents a completely new boyfriend.  But instead of shutting up her boss, the Jawbreaker, invites Lydia (and her non-existent bf) to the social event of the season.  Suddenly Lydia sees her promotion within her grasp again…just as her reputation is about to go up in flames…you know, because she made up a boyfriend…Which is when one of Lydia’s friends suggests hiring somebody for the weekend…which is how Lydia ends up with Phelps.  And suddenly Lydia’s life has flipped upside down, and nothing is what she thought—Could her blond office mates and her boss really be human?  Does she really even want the promotion she’s fought for so long?  Does Gavin deserve a second chance?  Is Phelps more than just a pretty package?  And could she be falling for them both????

Eye Candy is full of wonderfully rich and detailed characters, and though I was always on Lydia’s side, I loved getting the chance to see her really grow as a character.  There were so many fun and surprising things, that it was hard not to fall in love with this story.

And my favorite part of all, was when Tera decided to release Eye Candy as a self-published ebook for everybody to enjoy!!!!  *SQUEEEEEEEEEE*  And of course, it’s a perfect summer read!!!!  And since today *is* the first day of summer….I totally recommend it!!!!


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