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Friday, June 3, 2011

Follow Friday (FF7) and Book Blogger Hop 5

Hoppy Friday Everyone!!!  Or Thursday, as the case may be… ;)

I'm on my way out the door for a midnight showing of X-Men... but this weeks questions were TOO AWESOME not to share.  Which means that, as much as I'd like to go back to my warm cozy snuggly bed...I'm not going to.  I'm going to bask in the fastness of night-time internet which always seems to be (*knock on wood*) infinitely faster than day-time internet, which is slower than the slowest slow thing with one leg, or no legs (I was going to say three legs, but those three-legged things really have a good ability to adapt)—we're talking S. L. O. O. O. O. O. O. O. O. O. O. W.—and much less productive; because you can't say that the ice age didn't accomplish a lot...plus turn into an awesome film franchise with Ray Romano, which again, is saying a lot, because would you have picked him out for an awesome film franchise?  Well, then, that would be your loss, 'cause it's pretty awesome.  Squirrel.

And I'm back.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE midnight shows!!!—Especially ones where you don't have to stand in line!!!  And mmmmm.... mmmmm...Mmmmmmagneto!!!  *drool*

But that's for another time...for now, let's talk about Follow and Feature Friday and the Book Blogger Hop...

For anyone who’s new—Feature and Follow Friday is a weekly meet and greet meme hosted by ParaJunkee, where she features a blogger of the week, and all us awesome bloggers can hop around, introduce ourselves, and meet each other.

This week’s Featured blogger is Amy from Backseat Reader —so be sure to check her out!!!

Book Blogger Hop

The Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Jennifer at Crazy For Books, and goes Friday through Monday.

If you want to join in the fun just hop on over to Parajunkee’s View for Feature and Follow Friday, or check out Crazy For Books for The Book Blogger HopThen just add your name to the list and start hopping!

Easy-peasy ;)
Now for the Q and A portion of this weekend:

Parajunkee asks:

Q. What are you doing to prepare for an upcoming zombie apocalypse and/or the return of Mel Gibson to the silver screen?

(Both of which could be terrifying.)

Is that an awesome question or what?!?!?!!?

Well, I have to admit that I am totally unprepared for a zombie apocalypse.  I've read Carrie Ryan's The Forest of Hands and Teeth, (LOVE), but that's about it.  So I guess I'd just wait for some extreme zombie-fighting-ninja instincts to kick in, and either:

1) Run
  • Away, far away
  • To an undisclosed room, or secure location, possibly a car, shut and board up all the doors and windows
2) Attack:
  • Punch, kick, bite; or maybe not bite, depending on how zombification is spread/occurs
  • Grab heavy, pointy things; swords, bats, planks of wood, stakes, pipes, knives
3) General Knowledge:
  • Try to avoid basements, cemeteries, and woods/forests, because the enemy always seems to get the upper-hand in these sorts of arenas.  Also, avoid arenas.
  • Decapitate and sever as many limbs as you can; chop into little pieces if possible—Now is not the time to be concerned with a serial killer mentality—but it’s been proven that body-parts are less likely to reanimate themselves after dismemberment.  Although, since some beings have the power to reform themselves, until you know what you’re dealing with, it’s best to separate the remains as much as possible—cremation is recommended—and NEVER leave any weapons or scraps near graspy things like hands, fingers, toes or teeth.  And if you are fighting things that don’t have reanimation capabilities, be VIGILANT!—Continue to dismember and burn, because once you stop doing so, that is the time when you are in the most danger of the creatures adapting, or running into an aboration/supreme/boss creature with extra capabilities.  You have been forewarned.

I mean, that’s what I’d do.

Unless they’re peaceable.  Then you should totally disregard all that other stuff.  ‘Cause, ya know, zombies used to be people, too.

And as for Mel Gibson…Well, he used to be people, too.  And he actually DOES have a new movie coming out:  The Beaver, also starring Jodie Foster (who also directs).

*sigh*  Ok, yes, Mel Gibson has been kind of weird lately…but I also find myself skeptical when the mud-slingers are basically internet/tv tabloids.  That doesn’t make them or their sources wrong, but I tend to mistrust sources that are known for sensationalism, and also for paying their sources…because I mistrust people who want to tell the “truth” to make the most money off of it.  And again, that doesn’t actually make any of it untrue…but…just a little sketchy.

Now I should admit that I’m a little biased, and that I’ve always liked Mel Gibson and enjoyed his movies—And when I say his movies, I wasn’t that into ApocalyptoThe Patriot was ok, but didn’t live up to the EPICNESS of Braveheart.  And while I did enjoy What Women Want, parts of it did fall a little flat for me.  I LOVE the action movies—The Lethal Weapon movies.  They ROCK.  I love Ransom, and Forever Young, and The Man Without a Face, and Air America.  And my absolute, absolutest most favorite EVER?!??!?!—Maverick.  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good.  I used to watch it and rewatch it over and over again (same day).  I want to go watch it again now.  Back home I have a black and white still from the movie—And while my roommate had her own giant poster of Dave Matthews, Mel’s 3’ square profile, complete with the most fabulous sideburns ever, adorned my dorm walls room throughout my freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years.

And even today, I still melt when I see that picture.  *swoon*

Also, I would like to point out that while many people jeer and shun Mel for slurs attributed to him—actresses like Whoopi Goldberg (who’s African American) and Jodi Foster (who’s gay), continue to speak up for Mel.  And I believe even his ex-wife has spoken up in his defense.  So, at least for the moment, I plan to give him the benefit of the doubt as a man who appears to be going through a rough time in his life.—I absolutely do not condone any hurtful slurs towards any people; ethnicities, religions, gender, sexual preference.  Nor do I by any means condone any mental or physical abuse of any kind.  But I wasn’t there, I don’t know him, or any of the people involved, and though it may be wasted, I would still like to hope and believe the best for all involved.

And that being said…I don’t know what to say about his upcoming movie.  I generally like Mel Gibson’s movies, although I’m not super big on the most recent ones.  And I generally like Jodi Foster’s movies.

But the premise, and the preview for The Beaver, kind of weird me out.  It looks like the kind of movie that generally makes me uncomfortable, or makes me cringe.  I generally don’t like to cringe, or feel uncomfortable.  Just for curiosity’s sake, I’ll probably see it at some point, but I’m not sure if this is one I want to see in the theaters…but you can judge for yourselves:

So, I will probably see his movies, and continue to hold out hope for better ones to come (Leathal Weapon X/Maverick 2).

Crazy for Books question of the week is: 
Share your favorite post from the last month and tell us why it’s close to your heart!

I’m going to keep this answer short, after my rather lengthy one above; my favorite post from last month was my Daddy Long-Legs review—It was so much fun going back and rereading one of my favorite books, and just as much fun sharing it with everyone else!  And you can read it yourself it you want to find out why!!!

Happy Friday everyone!!!  I hope you all have a great weekend!!!!



Christy @TheReaderBee said...

:) Love your answers! And I'm so jealous that you got to see Xmen! I can't wait to see it. I love James McAvoy!

Happy hopping, and have a great weekend!

Christine Amsden said...

Nice, detailed plan. :)

And I'm with you on tabloids. I tend to ignore them.


Chelsey @ Starry Sky Books said...

Very thorough answer! And yes, tabloids rarely post the absolute truth, so they really shouldn't be trusted.

My anxious life said...

You and I MUST meet up when the Zombies come. You totally sound like you have been planning like me. Have you read Cell by Stephen King. Good zombie book!


XOXO Angela's Anxious Life

Susan said...

I just watched MAVERICK the other night. It's so good and Mel Gibson looks delicious in it. I actually got to meet Jodi Foster during the filming, as she stayed at the hotel where I worked. Not sure where Mel was ...

Glad to have found you via the Hop!

Howard Sherman said...

As the saying goes – the best defense is a good offense. I’ve got that covered! My preparations for the zombie apocalypse are not just intricate, they’re stylish. I’m not talking “last stand” stuff here. I mean to lure in the zombies and slaughter them wholesale while we sip champagne and watch.

How am I going to do that? Follow me back to my blog at http://www.howardsherman.net and read all about it.

Thank G-d it’s Follow Friday!

Howard Sherman, Implementor

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Totally clueless about Zombie Apocalypse. Perhaps that is as it should be....

I'm stopping by via the Hop. I hope you will visit my blog, Readerbuzz. I always follow back.
And I am doing a monthly giveaway. This month: Anna and the French Kiss!

AsianCocoa said...

Run far away! I didn't even think of that! I'm following you back from FF. And in answer to your question. I don't listen to audio books and drive at the same time. It's much faster for me to just read the book. :-)


joder said...

Old-time follower wishing you a happy weekend! Great answer to the FF question too.

The Scarf Princess

bookbitereviews said...

Nice list!! Following back

bex said...

LOL, I love your post! It's awesome. :D I'd never be prepared I think, even if I were to sit down and plan, haha. I'd probably break down and/or panic. ;)

Happy weekend! Old follower hopping by. :)

Rebecca @ the new kindle fever

Loren Chase said...

I LOVED your list! Your entire post just about made my day! I love how prepared you are, you've got a plan of attack at the ready lol. Thanks for stopping by and I'm really sad I missed out on some jelly beans! Thanks for saying my header rocks! I worked really hard on it:) Have a great weekend, new follower! ;)


Diana (Book of Secrets) said...

You are kind to give Mel the benefit of the doubt. It try to remember him like he was before the craziness - as Braveheart. :)

Have a great weekend!

nymfaux said...

@Christy-- :) Thanks! --I was excited about James McAvoy, too!--And then I saw Magneto *swoon* Thanks for hopping by!

@Christine ;) Yes; it's *all* in the details!--I actually didn't think I had any hope of surviving the zombie apocalypse, but I thought, I'll just start with my first instincts, and go from there!

nymfaux said...

@Chelsey ;) lol--Until I started reading other people's answers, I didn't realize how thorough I was! #tendency2overthink ;)

nymfaux said...

@Anxious life--Agreed!--Although, I must tell you, I had not been planning at all, but as soon as the question was posed, I began to rack my mind for all the horror/survival books I'd ever read, and movies I'd ever watched, so that I'd no what to do in the clinch!

And I HAVE read Cell!!!!--King is the King!!!! :)

nymfaux said...

@Susan OMG--I want to watch Maverick again so much!!!--I seriously used to spend weekends watching it over and over--It's delicious!!! :D

That's awesome that you got to meet Jodi Foster!!!--What a treat!

Thanks for hopping by!

nymfaux said...

@Howard--So true! I think you're the only one I've seen who's had an idea about luring and trapping the zombies!--Great idea!

Thanks for hopping by!

nymfaux said...

@Deb--I thought I was clueless, too!--but you never know when those survival instincts will kick in!!! lol ;)

Thanks for hopping by!--And especially for your giveaway!--I keep hearing awesome things about Anna and the French Kiss!

nymfaux said...

@AsianCocoa thanks for following me back!

I agree, I'm not much of an audio book person, either--but I saw you say they make you fall asleep, which would be really bad if you were driving!!!

nymfaux said...

@Joder--Thanks for hopping by, you're always welcome! And glad you liked my answer, I had fun with it!!! :)

nymfaux said...

@Bookbite-- thanks for the follow back! :)

nymfaux said...

@Bex--awww thanks! :) I didn't think I was prepared either...I'm not sure any of us can ever be completely prepared!

Hope you have a great week!

nymfaux said...

@Loren--awwww :) It wasn't intentional preparedness at all--I had no idea how much valuable info I'd gleaned from all the books and movies I've read! ;)

And your header IS totally awesome!!!!--*I love pretty colors*

nymfaux said...

@Diana--*sigh* I always hate to think the worst of anybody--and it's certainly easy to get on the band-wagon and bash him (or whomever is the topic of the moment)--But liking his work and his movies doesn't make me know him any better than reading the tabloids or watching him on tv makes me know him--It definitely looks like he's having a tough time right now, though, so while I definitely don't condone anything, I still wish him--and all who are involved--the best, and hopefully he and they can turn everything around and get through this.

And make super-awesome-fantastic movies again!!!! :)