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Sunday, June 5, 2011

IMM (20)

*In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi over at The Story Siren* So head over there if you want to check out what everyone else got, or if you want to find out how to participate!!!

Hello, hello!

Ok, so first thing… the thing that actually was in my mailbox...or in my inbox, at least…and the thing that I am absolutely head-over-heels (funny turn of phrase that literally just means you’re right-side-up, when the implication is that you’re upside down) over IN LOVE with…  IN. LOVE. WITH.

It’s my button announcing to you all that I am an OFFICIAL MEMBER of Tera Lynn Childs (one of the awesomest people ever. EVER) SPLASH TEAM—her street team for promoting the awesomeness of her FINtasmic new book Fins Are Forever, the sequel to the FINtastic Forgive My Fins.  I’ll post my review soon enough, so I won’t go on and on about what a super-awesome fun summer read this is!!!!  Yay!  Now I have a matching pair (although I’m hoping to make it a matching SET!)(hint, hint)(*crosses fingers*)

And, in case I haven’t mentioned it, which would make me truly delinquent, Tera was kind enough to go give me a *signed* ARC all my own.  I heart FINS.  But it never hurts to mention it again!

Now onto the bookie-books!

Ok, so I was over at Barnes&Noble…and I happened to look at my profile…and I happened to see this message:

We noticed you recently bought 500 items. Would you like to see them and add them to your library?

Well, to be fair this might be every item I’ve ever bought online…or it may have something to do with trying to acquire copies of all forms of digitized literature available in the public domain… ‘cause I definitely have a way of finding the free, owing partially to the fact that I am SUPER-stingy about actually having to spend money, so

I’m a booklover with hoarder tendencies…And I’m cheap; don’t be a hater.  Plus I am sharing all my good deals and free-finds with you guys, so if I can get it for free, you can, too!!!—And it’s free (and doesn’t take up actual shelf-space), so why not!??!?!?!

Ok, so I haven’t IMMed in a while…which means I have plenty to share! :) 

First off, my super-awesome deals…by which I mean, FREE!!!  Now, as I mentioned, I haven’t posted in a while, so some of the deals may not be available any longer, but just in case, I still wanted to share them!

My Free Downloads:
13 Little Blue Envelopes Free with Bonus Material, Maureen Johnson (I was especially excited to see this one—I had in my tbr pile before I moved last year, but I somehow, I don’t think it made the move with us, and I was especially glad to be able to add it to my elibrary, and finally get a chance to read it!!!)

A friend of mine posted on facebook about finding a really cool, early edition of Anne of Green Gables…which reminded me that I didn’t remember adding any L.M. Montgomery to my e-library. #fail So I immediately had to rectify that!!!!  I found *free* copies of all of these!!!  I haven’t read any of them since middle school, so not positive if it’s the entire series, but pretty close from the looks of it!!! :D

I must dedicate my love of words to another post, but I do so LOVE a good thesaurus!

My New Thesaurus Collection:

E-Store Bought Books:
I’ve had these two for a while, but don’t think I mentioned them in IMM, so they deserve a shout out!
vf vf

Sweet Valley ConfidentialFrancine Pascal—I downloaded this one at midnight, as soon as it was released—I was such a huge Sweet Valley fan, and was super-excited to see a new chapter in the escapades of Elizabeth and Jessica!
Hare MoonCarrie Ryan—I LOVED The Forrest of Hands and Teeth, so when I saw this prequel novella about Sister Tabitha, and for only $1.99, I snapped this one up quick!!!

Now, every once in a while, when I’m able to save up, trade in some books to a second-hand store, or get a gift card, I try to stock up my virtual book-shelves with my favorites.  So I was glad to finally add these to my collection!!!

I made sure Tamora Pierce's books were some of the first ones to be added to my Nook when I first got it, however, I couldn’t find e-versions of these at the time, so I am SO excited to finally have the full quartets for her Protector of the Small and Immortals series!!!!
Emperor Mage (The Immortals Series #3),  Tamora Pierce

Also, I am beyond excited to see L.J. Smith’s name on the bookshelves again!!!—Some of my favorite favorites in high school!!!!—And BEYOND beyond excited to see affordable ebundles of her series!!!  Although, I’m still holding out for The Secret Circle trilogy, which doesn’t appear to be available yet…but since it looks like the most recent of her series to be turned into a CW series, I’m guessing it will probably be (re)released soon!!!!  But these will tide me over for a little while:


vf vf vf

Also at the top of my favorites list—This one goes back to fourth grade, and I’ve been rereading it ever since:

I got hooked on Agatha Christie after college, and used to scour the second-hand stores for her books.  This compilation includes 3 of her novels, and 22 short stories, which I thought made it a great buy for only $2.99!:

And lastly…I’m a little embarrassed to admit it…but though I’ve seen the movies, I haven’t read:
--And this copy has all three books together (as they were meant to be?)—It was a little on the pricey side, but it was a pretty good buy, considering it has all three together; plus, it’s not only comparable to what the other books were selling for, but a little cheaper than buying them individually.  Plus, know that it’s an epic and a classic, it’s definitely worth adding to my library so that I’ll be able to read it over and over again!!!! :D

And that’s all.  *I think* *thinks really hard*

Hope everybody’s having/had/will have a great week!!!! :)



Alison said...

So cool that you got Fins are Forever!
If you read The Story Girl, you have to read The Golden Road. It's my fav.

nymfaux said...

@Alison thanks for the suggestion!--I know I read most of the Anne books, but I can't remember The Story Girl at all, so that's probably one I didn't get to--And will have to rectify!!!!

Darkfallen said...

So I was here earlier...I swear...I read all about you IMM...realized we have even more in common with you cheapness...well I try to be cheap and FAIL bc I'm impulsive...whereas Greta has more patients than a damn....penguin they have lots of patients right? I mean they migrate back and forth freezing their asses off. anyways where was I?
*scratches head and stares off in space*
OH YEA!! Greta has patients and knows the power of a coupon so she tends to succeed at the whole cheap thing better then me. Lol;)


Point is I came.
I saw your IMM.
I started to post a comment.
The iPhone decided it would rather do something else of which I already forgotten what it was.
Some squirrels got involved.
My chaos disorder kicked I. Mixing with my ADD.
Then 2 hours later....my OCD kicked in and won over all which it normally does dictating me to check my email yet for the 100th time today and there you were...leaving a comment at PW reminding me of the damn squirrel that distracted me from leaging this comment in the first place.
I am happy to report the squirrel is currently heavily sedated and locked in his cage. I can't account for the others. Those damn things MULTIPLY!!

Dislclaimer: No animals were harmed during this rant so Please!!! Don't call PITA on my ass. Thank you;)

nymfaux said...

@Darkenfallen--lols!!! (I totally stole that from you btw)--you HAVE to youtube "squirrel fishing."

I won't tell PITA...but I wonder what would happen if I told Peeta--who I believe is a character from The Hunger Games--Which makes them sound hungry, so maybe they would eat the squirrel???

--I totally understand the chaos/randomness/OCD/OC/ADD-effect. As for iPhone...my cheapness also denies me from paying for a ridiculous monthly "data" plan, and have to distract myself with a shiny blue phone with a keyboard instead!

Also, it seems reasonable to me that penguins have lots patience--I accept that hypothesis.

p.s. Yea for Greta's coupons!!!--I used to like coupons too, back when I lived near a bookstore... especially when there were like five of them...and each store had a main checkout, an cd/dvd checkout, and a starbucks checkout... I would go CRAZY with coupons. but now I must find other outlets for thriftiness--like *free*, and bundles-of-books-in-one :)

The Book Angel said...

Great IMM this week. I'd be saying oops if I saw that message too ha ha. I try to not buy sometimes but I can't help it! The other day I was just getting one book, ended up buying 6 haha.

My IMM is here:

nymfaux said...

@Book Angel--I SO know the feeling!--I moved about a year ago, and since the closest bookstore is an hour and a half away, I've really curbed my book buying--but sometimes I just *crave* a book, and especially the longer it gets between visits, the harder it is to just pick *one* when I finally do cave in!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!! :D

Darkfallen said...

LMAO I just you tuned it and OMG can a squirrel just get a nut? Lolz

nymfaux said...

I know! Right?!?!?!!!!--Poor squirrel!

Loren Chase said...

Hey! I wanted to leave my response to your comment on your page too in case you didn't see it on my page, sorry it's so long!

I really appreciate your input! Especially as someone coming from the same industry! When I mentioned the lettuce, I was talking in general, not about the McDouble, but I guess I didn't really make that clear. And you are so right, I definitely should complain. I'm usually so miffed I throw away my burger and then hope for better the next time. But I know I can't be the only person this has happened to since it's happened three times. And the people there just don't seem to care that they even have a job, let alone how to actually work at the job. But I'm glad you took pride in your job, I wish more people, whatever their vocation, did that more often. And my mom complained to a Burger King awhile back about a burger and they confirmed something was wrong with the grill but the manager wasn't going to do anything about it. So we haven't back there since. Thank you again so much for your input!

And I LOVED Anne of Green Gables when I was in middle school, I am definitely going to look for those free copies for my e-reader lol! Great haul this week! ;)


nymfaux said...

@Loren--Thanks!--I'm glad if I could help!--I've been on both sides of the counter, so I know when I should expect better!--And as for the BK manager, you should really email corporate--I know it can be a pain to complain, but a broken grill could be a serious health risk!--Plus, you deserve to be treated better!

...As for Anne of GG, I haven't read it since middle school, either, so I'm pretty excited, too! :)