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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday's Weekly Word

Wednesday’s Weekly Word:

Ok, so yesterday, while I was trying to decide on today’s post…or picking up another good book….I stumbled upon an awesome post by The Young1…you know, because I do my best thinking and decision-making while checking my email. ;)

The Young1, herself, had read a post by Sophisticated Darkness, which was a reflection of some of *her* favorite posts of the week, one of which was on Lifehack60 Small Ways to Improve Your Life In the Next 100 Days.

Follow that?  Well, The Young 1 took the idea of making little changes to improve your life, and was inspired to learn something new every day and post a word of the day for the next 100 days.

And I absolutely LOVED that idea—I felt so energized and inspired and refreshed after reading it—that I asked The Young 1 if she’d thought about doing a weekly meme where people could join her in her self-improvement quest and, do their own weekly posts and link-up with her.—And then this morning, inspired by my suggestion (*blushes*)—She did!!!!  How cool is that!?!?!?!?

I LOVE the word idea—It’s simple and easy, and you’re learning something new every day.  And also, for anyone who read my IMM last week, you’ll know that I’m a bit of a thesaurus freak (thesaurophile?) and last week I downloaded 13 thesauri from 1854 to 1916 (free!)(Yay public domain!!!!).

Now, I’m also thinking about trying some of the other little things, because I don’t ever think it hurts to be a little more organized or to better manage my time.

So, how’s it going for me?  Well, today I:

—Set my alarm one minute earlier than the day before. (If this continues, in 100 days I’ll be waking up an hour and forty minutes earlier than I have been).
Result:  Actually, not so bad—I felt more excited about waking up and getting my day on—Usually, I’m consumed with thoughts of my snuggly comfy bed.  So far, so good!
—Limited my internet to a half-hour
Result:  For the first half-hour, great! ;)  It was maybe a couple minutes extra, but I did pretty well.  My inbox went from 46 to 4!—Yay!  I sorted everything first:  went through all the quick ones, marked the coupons/ads to delete, and marked the ones I wanted to reply to, and replied.  My internet even cooperated this morning, so everything went really smoothly!

Result of Day 1—I’m already ahead of my normal pace, being very productive, and working on (current and) future posts!

And, my Word of the Week?

While I do have 13 new (to me) thesauri that I’m excited to dive into, this word is coming from my favorite thesaurus of all, the one that means the most to meone my mom use to use, and then gave to me when I started college! :)

And without further ado, *closes eyes, picks up book, fans pages back and forth, and stops on…*: 
EXCITEMENTN. excitement, agitation, ferment, fire, flurry, fluster, flutter, frenzy; intoxication, thrill, titillation, tingle, twitter, tizzy, dither, whirl; effervescence, delirium, ebullition, ecstacy; ferver, febricity, fury, hysteria, red heat, white heat, oestrus, furor; dramatics, melodramatics, hoopla, to-do, stir, racket; rage, rampage, seethe, simmer.

The New Roget's Thesaurus, 1868

Word to my mother. ;)

So, what’s your word? Anything you’d like to improve/work on?—Then stop by The Young 1 and link up!

Happy Wednesday!



Young1 said...

You are such an angel! And that post was absolutely amazing! Thank you :D

Team thesaurus!

nymfaux said...

:) Thank *YOU*! It's something fun and different and I'm so excited that you've decided to do it!!!

:) Glad you liked my post :)

Team Thesaurus!!!