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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday's Weekly Word (4)

Hello Everybody!!!!  Happy Wednesday!!!!

I'm super excited!!!!! Because this week I'm hosting
Wednesday's Weekly Word

Wednesday's Weekly Word is a new meme created by The Young 1, inspired by the idea of learning something new everyday and making little changes to improve your life.

The Rules:
Find a new word to yourself
— Post the meaning of the word
— Link your post to the link tool at the bottom
— That's it!


I was all excited, because The Young 1's word last week was nocturnal.  I used to work at a summer camp, and the Camp Director used to have nature questions posted on the bulletin board.  If you gave him the correct answer, you'd win an ice cream cone!
My favorite question was, “Animals who sleep during the day are called nocturnal; what do you call those that sleep at night?”

Answer: Diurnal

And if I hadn’t been so excited about knowing the opposite of nocturnal, maybe I would have noticed the last part of the definition…which is “as oppose to diurnal.”

Well, since the challenge is actually supposed to be learning words that are new to me, instead of flaunting ones that I already know… I suppose it serves me right!!! lol.

Ok, new word:

INIMICALadj. [LL inimicalis, fr. L inimicus enemy] (1573) 

1:  being adverse often by reason of hostility or malevolence
2a: having the disposition of an enemy: HOSTILE <~ factions>
b:  reflecting or indicating hostility:  UNFRIENDLY

ex: "the Pendletons are naturally conservative and inimical to change." p87 (digitized, 1912 ed.)

Daddy Long-Legs, Jean Webster, 1912

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!!  Learn something new, and link it up!!!!


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