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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Hunger Games Movie Preview

Ok…hear goes… I haven’t read Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games [insert gasp].  Yet.

I hadn’t heard any of the hype until I started blogging…at first I didn’t pay any attention to it, I had plenty to read at the time…But the hype didn’t go away…It just continued building

Finally, after reading glowing review, after gushing review, I planned to read the books.  But I wanted to try and see if I could get them through the library first.  Wait list=surprise.  Ok, I wasn’t too surprised.  And I tried waiting, but when I get interested in a book, well, I don’t like to wait…And I had finally decided to purchase the books.  I was ready to read them all in one gulp.

And then…

I heard they were making a movie based on The Hunger Games.

[sound of screeching brakes]  Well, if I’ve learned one thing, no matter how awesome and amazing a movie is, I’m 99% guaranteed to be disappointed if I’ve read the book first.  But, the other way ‘round, and I have a capacity to develop an undying love for both.  So why purposely set myself up for disappointment???  And thusly, I backed myself away from the bookshelves, and the library shelves, and my nook-shelves, and have been anxiously twiddling my thumbs ever since.

Now, the movie won't be out until March 23, 2012, but looks like the wait is coming to a close, because last night at the MTV Video Music Awards, they launched the much anticipated preview for the much anticipated Hunger Games movie

Worth the wait?—I can’t wait to find out!!!!!!


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