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Monday, August 1, 2011

YA Scavenger Hunt (ONE DAY ONLY!!!)

The hunt is on!

What do all these amazing YA authors have in common???  Besides books everyone is *drooling* over?

That's right, the YA SCAVENGER HUNT!  Unless you went temporarily blind, have not been stalking their most favoritist awesome YA authors, or don’t have internet access (in which case, you probably won’t be reading this either)—I mean, I've been on the road for the last week and even I knew about this!You might not have noticed that these 23 YA authors have hooked up to hook us up with the ultimate swag and reading material (i.e. books).

Colleen Houck, author of Tiger’s Curse has rounded up all (or at least a fairly sizeable amount) of YA authors for a YA Scavenger Hunt.  And not only is there a massive grand prize that includes something special from all the participating authors, but each author is hosting their very own giveaway on their very own site!!!!

Translation=lots o’ loot!

Basically you hop around from site to site (via the provided links), collecting the coveted RED words.  Once you’ve collected them all, go to the google form, fit your words into the puzzle, and submit.

Sound too easy?  The catch is that the YA SCAVENGER HUNT is TODAY ONLY.  You have until MIDNIGHT, AUGUST 1 (PACIFIC TIME) to collect all the words and submit your answer!

What’re you waiting for?  I’m already finished, so you better hurry!!!  Good luck!!! :D

(\__/) and p.s. it’s worth checking out just to see all the awesome excerpts of upcoming books, just to tide you over until those books are in your  hands! 


Must Love Books said...

Already did it and sent in my paragraph! The only word I was confused by was smoldering. Probably would have helped if I actually read the posts instead of just looking for the red words. haha.

nymfaux said...

Yay!!!--Good luck!!! :)
--I think I put "smoldering" next to "heroes."--but I kind of guessed as to which order to put "tiger," "wolf," and "minotaur."--I think I got it, but they seemed slightly interchangeable. #crossesfingers ;)