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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Full-Length Trailer: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1

When does a person become a Twihard?  I wouldn’t necessarily put myself in that category, but I’ve certainly gone to my share of both midnight book releases and midnight movie releases…

But I’ve also gone to plenty of non-Twilight movie releases…And the midnight book party???  Well, the thought of any book that builds enough clout to keep a bookstore open ‘til late, well, I’m totally there!

Have I been bit?  Well, I wouldn’t say I’m obsessive—but I do enjoy the books…and the movies.  And I keep a special place in my heart for Stephanie Meyer's Twilight, because it reminded me of the books I used to love reading way back when…and with the momentum of Twilight’s popularity, I’ve also noticed those books I used to love?  Like L.J. Smith’s and Cate Tiernan’s?  They’re being re-issued and re-published and re-released, The Vampire Diaries, and now The Secret Circle, have even sprouted tv shows.  And that makes me glad, because I really missed those books and authors, and I’m glad for more.

But lately, I’ve been hearing some wavering voices…people don’t seem to be as amped up for Breaking Dawn (book or movie), as they’ve felt before.  Also been hearing a lot of comments about Edward’s wedding hair.

Me?  I LOVED the book.  And I’m REALLY looking forward to the movie!!!!

Especially after seeing THIS trailer!!!!—While I know Breaking Dawn is supposed to be split into two movies, I haven’t heard exactly where they plan to leave off the first half and take up the second…However, this is the first trailer I’ve seen where it goes beyond the *honeymoon*!!!

Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 is scheduled to be released 11/18.
So, how ‘bout you?—Planning on seeing the movie?  Or are you over Twilight?



My anxious life said...

OK I hated the forth book. I will just say it! Have you seen this?



nymfaux said...

lol--I had not seen that. WOW. Ok, now I don't feel remotely obsessive.
--I hope she warns her parents/roommates/neighbors before watching/reading anything Twilight related!
--reminds me a little of when I went to see HP7 part 1; there was a girl who was sobbing hysterically after Dobby died.

hmmm...so curious, now--did you like the other books, and just don't like the fourth?...is it something specific you didn't like, or the whole thing just didn't do it for you?

and...do you think you'll still see the movie anyway?