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Thursday, September 22, 2011

I heart Barnes and Noble

The affiliate thing hasn't really been working for me, actually I'm not even sure it was working at all, or even that I was using it correctly in the first place--because even when family members or I tried to use the links for personal purchases, no activity was ever credited to my affiliate account.  It's a nice idea, and I don't rule going back to it again at some point, but for right now, I'm back to being unaffiliated. 2/9/13

BarnesandNoble.com Logo - 125x125FYI, (after some consideration) I have decided to pimp out my blog…kinda.  Forever, I’ve noticed people becoming associates, affiliates, or adding sponsors.  I’ve thought about it.  I’ve seen the debates on the pros and cons—Is having advertising selling out?  Does it turn people away?  And frankly, it’s not like anyone is claiming to be making oodles of money from their sponsorships…quite the opposite, although some do comment that it helps fund their blog giveaways.  And so I thought about it some more…and set it aside.

Personally, advertising has never affected how I look at other blogs.  As a reader, I’ve subscribed equally to blogs with and without advertising.  But as a consumer, I’ve never really used anyone’s advertising links.  And previously, that has been my main deciding factor in not pursuing sponsorship.—Because if I didn’t use it myself, who else would?  I’ve mainly seen other bloggers who are Amazon associates.  But I never use Amazon.  However, I always thought to myself, that if it were Barnes and Noble, I’d jump on it in a second.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t gravitate to Barnes and Noble.  I was a member for over half my life…and if the closest store weren’t an hour-and-a-half drive I’m sure I’d still be a member.  I’ve always felt at home in a Barnes and Noble.  Geographically, I’m hopeless; I have absolutely no innate sense of direction.  But I’ve been in Barnes and Nobles across the country, and as soon as I step inside those doors, and inhale that fresh book perfume, a feeling of serenity washes over me.  I’m like the book-whisperer with words from pages calling to me from the far reaches of the store.  Or I’m a divining rod with pinpoint precision to find that long sought after tome.  If it’s there, I’ll find it.  And more often than not, I’ve come away with much more than I intended.  *sigh*

So when I was reading Unputdownables post on how she decided to become a Barnes and Noble affiliate—Well, I jumped on it!!!!

Now I’m not expecting to make oodles of money…But I’m hoping that at the very least, I can offset some of my own purchases that I would be making anyway, which is enough to make it worth my while.  I don’t plan for there to be any major changes with how I blog; I’ve often used cover pictures and description links from Barnes and Noble in my posts.  Now it’s just official.

How it works:  If you make any purchases from Barnes and Noble through a link from my blog, they give me a small percentage.—From what I can tell, all Barnes and Noble purchases (except for gift cards) qualify, which means books, ebooks, music, dvds, etc…

And as for you, my readers—This absolutely doesn’t cost you anything extra.  And there is absolutely NO PRESSURE.  I may let you know if I see any awesome specials or deals—But I would do that anyway.  If you choose to support my blog through purchase that you were going to be making anyway—YAY!!!  Then feel free to click on the links and do so.  If not, I will still love you just as much!!!



Reading Inspired Writing said...


Amy @ www.bookgoonie.com

Anna said...

Okay so question: How do I do this??? I absolutely LOVE Barnes and Noble! I'm a member, but I don't shop in the store. It's more worth it to become a member and buy online. Books are usually %40 automatically, plus as a member you get free shipping on any order. This is why I do it. Also, I want to become a Barnes and Noble Affiliate. How do I sign up? Seriously.. this sounds awesome!

nymfaux said...

@Amy :D Thanks!

@Anna--It was really easy. At the bottom of the BN website, there was a link titled Affiliate Program--this link will take you straight to the page:

The page has all the info about how it works. But before you can actually sign up to be an affiliate, you have to sign up with a program called "LinkShare." Then, once you're signed up with LinkShare, you "apply" to be a Barnes and Noble affiliate--I was a little nervous when I first saw that, and figured I'd have to wait a couple days or weeks, but I think the whole process of signing up, applying, and getting approval, only took about a half-hour! Good luck and happy shopping!!! :D