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Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer of The Monkees (45th Anniversary Tour)

Ok, with summer coming to a close (ish, because honestly, it’s felt like summer ever since I moved to CA…), but the memories will last forever!—And since it’s Friday, I thought I’d share one of my favorite summer adventures!

Even though this is completely un-book-related, it does tie-in nicely with yesterday’s review! ;)  Because like Jay Berry in Wilson Rawl’s book, Summer of the Monkeys, I never would have thought I’d ever get the chance to see Monkees out in the wild!!!

As a kid, The Monkees tv show I remember racing home after school to  watch the zany antics of Micky, Davy, Peter, and Mike—it didn’t matter that they had long been off the air, the reruns totally captivated me—Not to mention the music was completely fun and full of awesome!!!!  The show was about four guys running around, getting girls, getting in and out of mischief, and playing music—Think of an I Love Lucy meets Hannah Montana kind of vibe.  It was a totally unique kind of show, where four actors turned into the characters they were playing on the show—They used their real names as their characters’ names, sang their characters’ songs, and before long, they were playing their characters’ instruments, and touring as a real band, interweaving their real-life selves with their characters’ personas.

And I LOVED the music—The Monkees Greatest Hits is one of those cds that I could put on repeat and listen to the whole thing over and over.  Also great for cardio. ;)  I even bought the soundtrack to the Brady Bunch Movie—just so I could listen to Davy Jones sing Girl from his cameo.

So I was ridiculously excited when I found out that they were doing a 45th Anniversary Tour and making a stop near me!!!!  I mean Spinal Tap, aside, I never thought I’d actually get the chance to see a real/unreal/real band like The Monkees on tour.  How often does that happen????  These days marriages rarely last 45 years…let alone bands.


The concert was everything I hoped for!!!!  We even lucked out and got seats about 10 rows closer!!!  3 out of the 4 original members, Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, and Peter Tork were touring—they were older, but no less lively or energized than when I remember watching them on tv, which was long after they were actually on tv.  And they forever put to rest any questions about The Monkees playing their own instruments—All of them played multiple guitars, the tambourine, and drums.  Peter Tork also played keyboards/synthesizer, the synthesizer as a harpsichord, a banjo, and a French horn!!!!  It was such a surreal experience—The entire concert was a multi-media awesomeness—The Monkees didn’t just play music; they really put on a performance with music and choreography in sync with a photo array on screen behind them displaying footage from the tv show and other performances.  It was kind of trippy.  And superbly awesome!!!!


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