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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sweet Venom

Grace.  Gretchen.  Greer.

Triplets.  Separated at birth.

Monster-fighting descendants of Medusa.

Super powers of mythical proportions.

Thane.  Milo.  Nick.

That’s what I would say if I had to put my love for Sweet Venom into cryptic mono-syllabic fragments.

Sweet Venom has officially been on the shelves for 24 hours.  I’ve already read it twice.

Ok, I should clarify.  I have been in possession of Tera Lynn Childs' mythical Sweet Venom ARC since April, when it appeared in a swag bag of awesomeness at a certain Romantic Times 2011 Book Lovers Convention I was attending (I am under no obligation to rave or gush or ramble about the awesomeness of Sweet Venom.  But I simply can’t help myself).  Perhaps, I should preface this by mentioning that I’ve had a huge author-crush on Tera Lynn Childs since forever.  Anyone who’s read any of her Oh.My.Gods. books or her Forgive My Fins series knows that Tera has a fresh, fun, and magical way of re-imagining mythology.  Not to mention a contagious sense of humor.  So when I first heard Tera’s concept for Sweet Venom, pictures of amazingness started dancing in my head.

When I actually got that long-awaited Sweet Venom ARC in my hands?  Yes, my head nearly did explode with fireworks and confetti.

I didn’t read the book, so much as INHALE it.  There might have been a conference going on, but I tuned everything else out as soon as I opened to the first page.  It was one of those moments where osmosis would have come in handy—As fast as I can read, it wasn’t fast enough.  I was simply breathless with anticipation.

And when I was done?  Well, I wanted to read it all over again.  But it was three o’clock in the morning, so instead I went to sleep dreaming about Sweet Venom, and woke up in the morning to meet the author for coffee and gush about her complete amazingness.  (Yeah, I’m that cool.)

I was on a complete reader’s high.  That was back in April, and the funny thing is, I still haven’t gotten over that high.  I kept my sweet little Sweet Venom ARC on my night stand, but every time I saw ARC giveaways or blurbs, or reviews, or interviews, I would get excited all over again and my mind would shout, “I WANT THAT!!!!”  And then my eyes would look next to my elbow and remind myself that I already have it, and my mind would sigh contentedly.  *sigh*

Still, as the official Sweet Venom release date started inching closer and closer, I kept getting more and more excited, for absolutely no rational reason.  And so, with the eve of Sweet Venom’s official release date mere days away, I set this past weekend aside to reread my newest epic favorite.  But this time I didn’t rush.  I languished.  I RELISHED. EVERY. SINGLE. WORD.

Gush?  No, not much.

But I have to say, as good as Sweet Venom was the first time, it was even better the second time.  For me, that’s a hallmark of a good book, when I can reread a book with the same energy and excitement as the first time I read it (a certain Madonna song comes to mind)…When the characters are just as engaging and endearing as the first time I met them.  When I can know what’s going to happen and still find myself picking up new little morsels.


Grace, Gretchen, and Greer are triplet-monster-fighting-descendants-of-Medusa-separated-at-birth.  But they don’t know that yet.

Underneath the busy San Francisco city-life, Tera Lynn Childs has interwoven her fresh outlook and witty humor with a gripping mythology and a dangerous destiny to be undertaken.

Sweet Venom is the first installment of Tera Lynn Childs’ new trilogy.  And because Tera is an overachiever, we see the story unfold from viewpoints of all three girls, in alternating chapters.  Tera does a magnificent job of creating unique voices for each of the girls.  Gretchen has had the toughest life, and develops the thickest skin toward the outside world; while inwardly she tugs at your heartstrings.  Grace is timid and optimistic; she’s afraid to stand up for herself, but will protect her sisters at all cost.  Greer is…  The first time I read Sweet Venom, I had a harder time liking Greer as much as the feisty Gretchen and the sympathetic Grace.  But the second time, I fell in love with her.  Greer hasn’t had it as rough as Gretchen, but she hasn’t had it easy either.  Greer may never have wanted for material things, but Grace had a loving family, and Gretchen had her mentor, Ursula; so in that respect, Greer has been on her own for much longer.

Thane.  Milo.  Nick.  Sweet Venom does not lack for hotties!!!  But no worries if you’re not into insta-love, there aren’t any eternal bonds being made here, just some flirting with potential.  Though the story revolves around Grace, Gretchen, and Greer; their finding each other and discovering their legacy, I can’t help thinking that there is *a lot* more to these guys.  They are mysterious and charming…and I’m not 100% positive they aren’t up to no good.  Hands down, my favorite is Thane, Grace’s adopted brother.  I love the way Tera describes him, his relationship with Grace, and the way they communicate in a Vulcan-mind-meld kind of way, knowing each other so well they can practically read each other’s thoughts.

Even the side characters—the school friends (Vail, LuLu, Jax, Miranda), Grace’s mom, Kyle, the monsters—all pop off the page.

Sweet Venom is action-packed epic awesomeness.  Tera Lynn Childs has completely outdone herself.

How long until Sweet Shadows???

(\__/) p.s. totally adding this to my Read Me Baby, 1 More Time challenge!

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