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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Carrie (the movie)

To get into the Halloween spirit, all October long, I’m watching, reading, and blogging about as many scary movies and books as I can dare (or bare) to read and watch.

Carrie=hands down, WORST. PROM. EVER.

*gasp* I hadn’t seen the movie before, or read the book by Steven King, but I *thought* I knew what to expect:  Prom.  Pig’s blood.  Craziness.

Yeah, but I had NO IDEA how much craziness lay in store!

For those, like me, who haven’t read the book, or watched the movie, here’s basically everything I knew before having watched the movie or read the book:

Sissy Spacek plays Carrie White, a shy high-schooler, socially awkward, and almost backward.  Carrie’s been raised by a single mother, in a very strict religious upbringing.  And Carrie’s mother has neglected to teach Carrie about the changes of growing up.  So when Carrie suddenly sees blood, she’s terrified that she’s dying—Carrie runs to her classmates for help.  But instead, they laugh at her.  They throw things at her.  They taunt her.  And they don’t stop, until a teacher sees and finally puts an end to it.  Oh, and a light bulb explodes.

The teacher explains things to Carrie, and calms her down.  But of course that isn’t the end of it…it’s just the beginning.

Carrie’s teacher, Miss Collins, is torn between being as appalled as Carrie’s classmates at her obliviousness to the facts of life, and being horrified by how Carrie’s classmates attacked her.  Maybe if Miss Collins had let it go, things would have blown over.  Maybe the pot was just about to boil over anyway.  But of course Miss Collins can’t just leave it alone, can’t allow students to get away with such vicious bullying.   So the teacher gives the girls an ultimatum—a week’s worth of detention, or no prom.  Suddenly revenge plots are being hatched.

Meanwhile, if Carrie expected any comfort at home, her mother is quick to rectify that notion.  Carrie=seriously traumatized.  Oh, and Carrie breaks a mirror.  With. Her. MIND.

Of course Carrie is suddenly suspicious when she gets asked to the prom, but with a persistent suitor, and the encouragement of a patient teacher, Carrie decides to accept.

Prom doesn’t go well.


Prom doesn’t go well.  Understatement of understatements.

As Stephen King movies go, the ones I’ve seen have been pretty hit or miss.  Even though I pretty much knew what to expect…I still wasn’t sure which way it was going to go.

But Carrie definitely goes on the GOOD pile.  Carrie captured my attention and held it to the very end.  And I was pleasantly surprised to see some familiar faces, like John Travolta, Amy Irving, and Piper Laurie.  Still holds up—Definitely a classic!

Scariness factor: Nail-biter
More intense and suspenseful than scary.

Coming from the ‘70s, some of the clothes and the language might be a little dated, but not enough to be a distraction.  Not just a classic, but a classic horror movie complete with all the staples:  nudity, sexual situations, adult language, violence, and supernatural/paranormal occurrences.  Nothing super-graphic; probably fine for teenagers, but definitely not for young audiences.


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