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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011

Happy NaNoWriMo Everybody!!!!

For those not in the know, NaNoWriMo stands for NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth, which goes all the way from the beginning of November (TODAY) to the end—A month-long excursion to find out if you’ve got some writing in you!

This is a chance to try something new, to have fun, to experiment—All starting by just putting a few words a day to a page.

Here’s the math:
50,000 words=1 month—daunted?  Don’t be, because you have ALL MONTH, you don’t have to write it all in one day.
50,000 divided by 30=1666.6666666666666666666666666666666666 (or approximately 1667 words a day)

Now there, doesn’t that sound a little more reasonable?  For many of you bloggers, you’ll notice that your regular posts are often as long, or longer—See, totally doable!

Last year, I tried NaNoWriMo asan experiment, and here’s the biggest thing I learned:

Don’t worry; don’t stress; don’t obsess.  Just WRITE.

Last year everything was new to me; I looked around and saw other people discussing which writing programs they were using and I wondered what writing program I should use.  I thought of an idea, then spent hours researching, before I would let myself write.  I got caught up in all the little things.

But NaNoWriMo isn’t about the little things.  It doesn’t matter if you use paper and pen, a typewriter, a computer, or your good old-fashioned IPad.  You can worry about formatting IN DECEMBER; for November, JUST WRITE.

I read an article recently, and I wish I could remember where it was, but the author totally blew my mind and put things in perspective when he said,

“Research isn’t writing.  WRITING is writing.”

Someone else really smart (I think it was Meg Cabot?), said, (yes, it was Meg I was thinking of, but I'm kind of paraphrasing from her FAQ page.)(and by kind of, I mean, I am)

“The difference between writers and people who want to write, is that WRITERS WRITE.”

And that’s what NaNoWriMo is about.  You can do all the research you want.  IN DECEMBER.

And as another unknown smart person (because I’m totally blanking, here), once said,

“You can’t edit a blank page.”

For one month, just for November, JUST WRITE.  Just put words on a page.  Come December, you can format ‘til the cows come home and research to your heart’s content.

The point of NaNoWriMo is to give everyone who ever wanted to do something, the chance to prove to yourself that (in the voice of Rob Schneider from TheWaterboy,)


November is all about GETTING IT DONE.

Best of luck to everyone!!!!



Amy said...

Woot! This is one inspirational post! Thank you so much ^__^

nymfaux said...

:D You're very welcome!!! :D

I hope you have fun!!! --I'm really looking forward to it!!! :D

Jessica S. said...

“You can’t edit a blank page.”

Love it. I may have to put this somewhere on my blog. :)

nymfaux said...

Glad I could share! :)