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Thursday, November 3, 2011

NaNoWriMo Day 3

Is it just me… or the harder and harder I try to work, do I inevitably find newer and more interesting ways to waste time?

Things that seemed useful, but were actually unconscious (or consciously suppressed) methods of procrastinating:
(besides this post)
—making sure to get lots (and lots of sleep)…how much sleep do successful authors get, anyhow (makes note to email successful authors about sleep habits)
—deciding whether to use the word “anyhow” instead of “anyway,” and going with “anyhow” because it is underused and sounds more fun
—editing/updating blog layout/sidebars
—updating NaNoWriMo profile
—deciding whether eating breakfast is *really* necessary or just another diversion
—cleaning out my inbox (dirty dirty inbox)
—organizing my documents and folders in Word


Not even pretending these aren’t total timesucks:
—trying out gmail’s “new look” and then deciding I need to spend as much time as possible with the “old look,” before it is forever ripped away from me
—then posting about my dislike of gmail’s “new look” on facebook and google+ (reminder: need to tweet about dislike of gmail’s “new look”)
Slaughterhouse 90210 (It's like Failbook or Awkward Family Photos for literate people)
 google images "time suck"

NOT a timewaster: WRITING
Why?  Because nothing else is WRITING, ONLY WRITING IS WRITING.




Chey said...

Everything is distracting me! I'm supposed to have a LOT more done than I have at the moment, yet when I woke up an hour ago, I wasted time checking blog updates and playing with my blog sidebars, too. I wanted to get some writing before my boyfriend woke up (because I definitely can't concentrate then), but I make some bad decisions. Also, for some reason, waiting for the mail to come is more important than continue writing. *sigh* I need to be inspired.

nymfaux said...

Yes!--I *COMPLETELY* understand--I had a project I started last year for NaNo, that I had trouble focusing on...meanwhile, I had a couple half-way started projects and my ideas were spinning for them--and I went around in circles wondering what to do.

But don't get discouraged about being behind...Just try writing a *little* bit...and coming back to it for *little* moments--or try telling your bf to sleep longer, take more naps (I have a sister who can be harmlessly distracting and enabling)...

The biggest thing is to remember not to stress. This doesn't have to be your masterpiece--perhaps that's the NaNo secret--teaching yourself how to write when you're *not* inspired???